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Snow in San Francisco
Photo essay: 2005 Icer Air Ski Jumping Event


Salim Madjd
October 18, 2005

These are photos of the Icer Air Ski Jumping Event. The event was flawless. Our hats off to Icer Air and Jonny Moseley for pulling off this historical event in San Francisco and my thanks to Sian Parry for giving me press access. Snowboarders in finishing order: JJ Thomas, Travis Parker , Chris Rotax, John Jackson, Brent Meyer, Greg Bodecker, Yale Cousino, Silas Standard, Shane Reed. Skiers: CR Johnson, Simon Dumont, TJ Schiller, Tanner Rainville, Sean Field, Andy Mahre, Kye Petersen, Corey Vanular, Rory Silva, Chris Benchetler.

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