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Dark (70 percent cocoa)

April 18, 2006

oh no corazon
that room again
lights are on
angels are flying
but it's dark (70 percent cocoa)
and they cant see where they're going

black hearts on the walls
crumbled Lindt paper in the trash (bittersweet)
a torn heart somewhat mended
embraced by an angel 
is busting at the seams

making way
for the once passion
twice yearning
like an addiction (chocolate)
to endless pain

remembering only
the touch
and caresses
and of course the kiss (hershey)

the swelled heart is bursting
lots of pain
and heartache

pouring everywhere
the bloody sunday (hot fudge)
doesnt stop

tough to bury the past
bad and good
soft and rough
bitter and sweet (morsels)
agridulce y amargo

because almost always
in the end
the heart
regardless (cocoa mass)
lets down its guard...

for love

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