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The farce

Mehrdad Sanandaji
April 8, 2006

'What is man that Thou art mindful of him?'

The monkey-clowns of the Cosmos

Fleeting fallen grotesques

Power-lusting, Midas-cursed,

Vile concretions of mud & Evolutions accidents,

Self-flattering apes seeing God in their self-images,

Aspire to be god-like & are so grossly fatuous,

And are destined for Hell, where they'll burn,-

You'll see - ever so luminously!

'Reasoning the unreasonable',

Rationalizing the irrational,

Analyzing opaque obscurantisms,

Trying to force The Great Mysteries

Into the narrow dogmas of their asinine ignorance,

And fitting all that Wondrous Grandeur

Into petty spaces of their tiny apish 'brain/minds',-

They'll surely burn in Hell,- you'll see - ever so luminously!

Hey, don't you get it?

The Joke's on them,- THE APES:

They're THE FARCE!

And God can't stop laughing!

-- Nowruz 2006

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Mehrdad Sanandaji


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