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My little girl

Akbar Showkatian
April 18, 2006

You are the last angel in my life
The perfect gift to me and my wife

The sunshine of our spring
Enticing birds to swing

The music, lightens our souls
Moves and fills all the holes

The best sound of voices
Melody of all choices

Running around with joy
Playing freely with toys

Eager to learn language
Free of any anguish

Your hands are tiny
Your eyes are shiny

Your hair is straight
Your expression is great

Your walk is beautiful
Your talk is delightful

Your sisters adore you
Never imagined so attached to

They hate baby sitting you
But never avoid kissing you

Your mother can‚t even sleep
She wishes take a nap so deep

Every week she goes shopping
Buys dress or shoes to get you hopping

When you grow feverish and sick
The house loses all its magic

You are indeed the angel among us
Though at times you cause some fuss

We pray for your health everyday
Our happiness depends on you in everyway

We could never find you boring
Our love for you is overflowing

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Akbar Showkatian

Akbar Showkatian


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