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I am one

Niloofar Nafici
April 7, 2006

I am one...
seeming small and insignificant
in what i believe in
I become strong
I am one...
standing up for what is right
deciphering from what is wrong
Recognizing the oppression has gone on too long
I am one...
As i raise my voice
Alone or with a crowd
Realizing that the truth is not an choice
But an obligation to halt all lies
And through truth and justice make all the fallacies drown
I am one..
Reading of a student struggle
While 30,000 jailed
Seeing a government that has failed
And freedom now on a ship long set sailed
I am one...
With two hands to write
And in the darkness of loss hope of my countrymen
I shall shed into every mind
A humanitarian light
I am one...
with a conscience
Of keeping the spirit of Iran alive..
I will fight
I am one..
As I walk pass hypocrites who advocate word of hate
I confront them, with simply the pure truth to state
Asking, do they care of their children's fate ?
I am one...
Seeing my country wither away
Making it safe to say
It is being manipulated by fools like a lump of clay
I am one...
Saying "I AM AN IRANIAN!" loud & proud
but as things escalate and demographics fade
slowly it reaches a softer sound
I am one...
Now coming face to face with a reality
Cruel beyond definition
Now with a new mission
Knowing freedom is the only true destination
I am one..
Seeing tears, smelling the stench of lies, hearing our countryman's
nonstop strife
For in Iran they are already dead in hope and there is no sign of life
Watching the toxins of corruption unleash itself like open gates to a flood
children my age abandoned from love
Resorting to drugs & prostitution
What is to become of the conclusion?
I am one...
With a country wounded and torn
While a referendum is waiting to be born
To heal the wounds & scars
I am one...
That from Azerbaijan to Fars
I can still hear through the voices of the youth
They are Iran's pure surviving heart
I am one and now:
I must.. fight,
I must.. stand up against what is wrong,
I must... take my place and do what is right
I must... pull away the black shroud
I must... reveal the truth
I must... use my voice to say the words:"Referendum, Referendum, Een
ast shoaare mardom"
I must... keep that weak heart alive
I must... put all differences aside
I must.. put together all my strength for my countrymen and give them
a true life
I must... close the gates that unleashed hell
I must.. know that as history will tell
All because of one, an evil empire fell...

~Member of the National Union for Democracy in Iran

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Niloofar Nafici

Niloofar Nafici


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