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The Zip Tie Project
Plastic cable-ties

Farsad Labbauf
April 5, 2006

Installation at Jersey City Museum, New Jersey (Feb 2 -- August 20, 2006)
These works are abstract and spontaneous formations that occur in the making process of each piece.  There is no direct narrative to the zip tie works.  From micro to macro, they are open to interpretation as lyrical formations evoking references in and around organic structure and growth patterns; it being the geographical layout of a landscape to cellular growth patterns.  On a more abstract level, they are also references to ideas of connectivity in time and space (Synchronicity). Lastly, on a more ceremonial note, they are playful explorations of the theme of Connectivity, which has embedded roots in a number of rituals in my native Persian culture. The word Dakhil, translated as "Object of Interference" is used in Farsi to refer to a piece of fabric or ribbon tied around a holy shrine by individual seekers who wish for a resolution to their life obstacles, hence connecting (wo)man and heavens through this simple act of connection. 


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