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My double life



Salomeh Mohajer
February 12, 2006

You may see me everyday, standing, smiling, and no hint of despair

Yet did you know my smile hides my tears and near to the surface are my fears

The door slams I jump, a shout, and I cower

Didn't you know I live a double life, not by my will but under someone else's power

My bruises aren't visible, but they're not quite invisible

Instead of a broken arm, my spirit is splintered

Headaches, heartaches, and mental trauma are all caused by his drama

Didn't you know I live a double life; my disguise is that I look like the perfect wife

I fear for my children, like a good parent

But what if my cover becomes transparent

I must stop them from seeing any pain

This double life... it might be too late they may already be pawns in this game

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