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I find myself standing by this road again



Hedieh Sajadi
January 1, 2006

I find myself standing by this road again
helpless ......lost..... so insane
love drags me here
where your presence can be felt more than ever
on the road to ecstasy
i see no one but you
i hear no one but you
i want no one but you
oh ....believe me
i am so desperately in love.....
in love.....
in love with you

how can I break these walls
that prevent me from reaching you?
how can my caged eyes reach the blue sky
and fly.....
fly to you?

you are the only companion i have
on the road of love
my heart is aching
and i am feeling so sad
cause this road is hard.....
is hard......
oh.... so hard to pass

i am not just any other
the story of my love
is the story of a lost lover
on a road soaked with rain.....
rain and thunder.....

oh....once again
I find myself standing by this road
so helpless tired
but I am not going to give up
as long as i am passing through this road with the power......
the power.....
the power of love......

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