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Akbar Showkatian
March 18, 2006

Patience the jewel of life
Precious of its kind
Everywhere it goes
Lasts long and right.

People learn to live with it in crisis
It cannot be cut, like a piece of cake,
By knife.

It does not recognize boundaries
Compromises with harmony
Establishes in concrete
Rewards you with sweet.

Patience is universal
Has a beautiful smile
Embraces you and I
Black and white, short and tall.

Its' price does not change
It isn't subject to global economic chain
Maintains its' independence
In all regions.

Patience never dies
Available all the times
Rejects all the lies
Guarantees joy days and nights.

Patience can be the best companion
Makes sure all the troubles
Will exit.

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Akbar Showkatian


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