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A special blend


March 9, 2006

A poem my daughter Neda wrote for me for March 8, International Women's Day. I would like to share this with all women.
-- Shahla Abghari


Yes I am a woman...
........... ......... who has a voice
.......... .......... and is not afraid

to speak
to see
to think.

Yes I am an American
.......... .......... who has a heritage
.......... .......... and is proud...

full of color
full of soul
full of grace.

... and yes

it is because

I am also Persian...


I carry the stories of many in my heart.
Memories that I have never actually seen run through my blood.
Only in my minds eye does their reality take shape.

Others' words have become real, have become my memories. Their pain, passion, and wisdom have lead to my inspiration.

I am allowed to speak freely now.
Away from "home"

but once captured,

words and images become

Who will see Them?
How will they react and respond to Those whom I love.

My safety is not an issue,
my family's is.

do you understand?

subtlety is key.
cleverness is true.

and one day I will speak freely in my mother's tongue...
no worries
no fears
that beauty can do harm.

I should have the right to be Both equally.
Persian and American.

I should be able to walk the streets of Iran and experience life as Both.
To comment and create
to live and breathe...
to express my today.

No worries about
"who and how
when and where" whispers overheard by my parents.

A double edged sword.

Being both has brought with it an amazing life. One that I want to share with all.
Being both, sharing is not as easy, accepted, or understood.

It is beautiful contradiction in today's society to be Persian-American.

and Yes...
I am a special blend

both Worlds
both cultures
both spirits

into one

MARCH 8TH 2006

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To Shahla Abghari


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