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O morning


Akbar Showkatian
May 5, 2006

The cause of opening the eyes,

Presenting the rays of sun,

Dazzling daylight through the woods,

Lighting the infinite blue sky,

Energizing the movements in cities,

Creating hope and freshness in minds,

Reviving life in our spirit,

Reminding us of the sounds of new born babies,

Ending the reign of darkness,

Spreading the smell of coffee, toast, and cheese,

Making birds sing, soaring the wings of our imagination,

Refreshing romantic moments.

O morning,

Your mission is accomplished,

You are irresistible,

Life is beautiful.

I do not know how to hug you,

How to be part of you,

How to compensate you,

How to be dissolved in you,

Your picture is so immense.

I do not know how many people,

Around the globe, wish

To see you.

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