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Never ending love


May 20, 2006

This poem was written by 11 year old Leila Register, the daughter of CNN Senior Writer Asieh Namdar, who read it at the Ecyclopaedia Iranica gala at San Francisco's Ritz Carlton on May 13th. Everyone was so moved by this poem, which is full of love, innocent nostalgia, and a reflection of our inner feelings. -- Bahram Javid


I often wonder what it looks like.

How tall are the trees?

Are there any mountains,

How strong is the breeze?              


I long to visit Iran,

Paint a picture in my mind.

So all of my questions

Will then be left behind.

My Mom told me about the smells,

The games she used to play.

It is different now,

Her stories from another day.

Iran has been home

To our family and friends.

The love we all share,

Will never come to an end.

I know that somewhere,

Underneath the sadness and tears,

It is not the Iran,

That everyone has come to fear.


The Iran we once knew,

Has not faded away.

She is inside our hearts,

And that is where she will stay!


Thanks to Abbas Atrvash for forwarding the poem & photograph

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