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Who is the terrorist?


Malik Ashaq Raza
May 8, 2006

On everybody's tongue
From every media organ
These words common
Listen we like sermon
As from a holy priest
Terrorist, terrorist, terrorist

Every leader's slogan
East, West or the UN
The "war on terror"
The "war on terror"
Every nation's mission
Combat how to terrorism
But... Without knowing the gist
Without differentiating charity or interest
Without knowing supremacy and thirst
Without knowing who is the real terrorist
[One who invades, ruins others nation, makes colonies?
Or one who defends his land, fights injustices, tyrannies
One fighting with mere guns, stones
Or one with missiles, tanks, planes
One who already has nuclear bomb
Or one who tries to make to defend?
One, who oppresses, keeps others mum by its might?
Or one who fights for self-rule as basic human right?
One whose every right is treated wrong
Or one whose every wrong considered right
One, from whom whole world scares,
Or one who is forced, a terrorist
And so on, so forth ... Keep saying if we truth ... ]

Look how this world is engaged
In unnecessary conflicts, ravaged 
Imposed how "war of terror"
In the shield of "war on terror"

See if we other side of the coin
This play of goat and the loin
Go if we behind suicide attack
And try to know the fact
[Kill we others and life we expect
Use we force and others not to react]
Find we will every answer
Of all violence, all cancer
Alas! No body but goes
Tries to know or dares
The root cause of terrorism
And supports blindly heroism
So called "War on Terrorism"
Which utterly is revenge, egoism

Launching instead of terror campaigns
US, UN listen if Muslims' complaints
With respect, tolerance, and affinity
Without hatred, business and enmity
And solve them from the root
No body would be a terrorist?
No one will blow his body?
And end his dear life in dismay
No matter our world will be heaven
There would be no September 11

Otherwise we will continue to suffer
By jets, missiles or suicide bombers
And keep on producing terrorists
Out of greedy, selfish, tyrant acts

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Malik Ashaq Raza



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