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Persian Chilly
May 29, 2006

why do i miss you
when it's been so long

why do i watch you
when you're so far beyond

why do i search for you
when you leave no trace

why do i imagine you
when i've forgotten your face

why do i listen
when the phone won't ring

why do i hurt
when it's more than a fling

why does the pain spread
when there is little care

why does it feel hot
when you're not there

why do i desire you
when i haven't felt you

why do i need you
when you make me blue

why do i wish for you
when the stars are far and few

why do i adore you
when you say adieu

why do i want you
when we´re no longer a team

why do i love you
when you're only a dream 

why don't my eyes see
when they fill with a tear

why doesn't my brain command
when the picture is clear

why doesn't my heart stop
when it's punctured by a spear


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