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Your little psychological misfortunes
I could write a book several hundred pages long about Iranians who have used us so called "non-minorities" and our compassion yet once they were done they turned out to be not even Iranians


April 27, 2006

I had prepared myself for getting nasty e-mails which I would have not answered but I am overwhelmed at how many supportive e-mails I have received and am truly amazed and in disbelief that so many Iranians share my sentiments. Many have had a great exposure to the minorities who thought they are better than Muslims or they did not consider themselves Iranians. It is for them that I decided to write a follow up.

Now, for the those few who resorted to one liners such as "do you know what narcissist" is? Or, "you have had a fucking break for 27 years enjoy it", or the third one telling me "you are not in a position to judge because the Bahais are blacklisted", I simply laughed. To clear any misconception for these cowards who think I wrote "Unworthy Iranians" based on my interaction with a few, let's finalize the subject of minorities which like a sour show up periodically at the site, once and for all. I will give you a bit more details so you can see that I am the most qualified Iranian to "judge" and express opinion.

By the way, I am sure the readers will find it hilarious that one Muslim who claims to be married to a Bahai has said that I even have bad taste in music (I suppose porting Iranian Masters is a sign of bad taste) and is certain that I mentally challenged. So let's rock.

Do you know why I am angry that this brat who wants me to sympathize with her because she got her face slapped for being non-Muslim (although I do not believe her)? Besides the fact that the whole thing is fabricated bullshit, I did not tell you that I have to attend a hearing for a domestic violence case next Monday where I will be the translator. What is the big deal? She is a minority Iranian! Now, you should all be feeling sorry for this one not because she is Iranian or minority but because she is the true "VICTIM".

In the beginning of March my girlfriend who is a doctor invited me to the grand opening of her new office and this quiet and barely audible lady had cooked the food. I noticed her 6 year old daughter was trembling. Being maternal by nature I asked what was the matter and she told me her car had been shutting off on the road a few times. I offered to have her car towed to a mechanic and take her home but she said if the car started it would be okay. I drove behind her to make sure she got home okay. At first, I could not understand why she was so shocked at my offer and when a non-Iranian lady (who speaks fluent Farsi) said in to her "that is Azam for you all heart and no thoughts", she worked up the courage and asked this non-Iranian how did she know Azam!

I was really puzzled and bothered but did not say anything. I asked my girlfriend and she told me later that Mahnaz (not her real name) is not a Muslim and she ventured to tell me that her husband has killed her confidence by verbally abusing her so she is shocked when people are nice to her!.

Well, I was outraged to find out that while breastfeeding her few months old (third child , the 6 year old had asked to be fed and the wonderful husband (also an Iranian so-called minority) had called her names in front of the child and then slapped her really hard. As she had reached the phone to and dialed 911 he had leaped across the room, grabbed the phone and knocked it on her head. Thank God for having one of the best domestic violence response team in this area without even hearing Mahnaz speak, the team leader with 20 years experience in this area, arrived at the house in less than 10 minutes. I will spare you the details of how abusive the idiot was even to the police as well.

Let's just say that the organization that supports them as a religious minority paid his bail but chided her to drop charges! Guess what she was ready to do so until my girlfriend (who has given her a part time job) told her to count on me. That was when I got the call from my girlfriend. You see I am not only an Iranian but, my parents have taught me to be a compassionate human being so I am taking a personal day which I could spend going to lunch with a friend or shopping, going to the court house, and pray that nobody knows we are Iranians.

The point is that when I talked about Jews being ungrateful, I just gave Mahvash (my friend who was rejected by the Jewish community after I helped her with her divorce and with my huge belly at nine months I went to see prospective landlords and places for her to start an alteration business. That business at $500 a month rent, with one sewing machine and all my old bank customers going to her shop paid for a son to be a top notch lawyer in LA and the daughter to graduate UCLA and be hired by one of the best accounting firms. That is just one example.

You did not know about the other 250 members of her extended family who would brag about their Iranian servants and how they thought they were better than others and how I constantly defended Iran. One family had a live in help who had been with them for 10 years and and raised their three kids. Yet, when she left (the help was Muslim) because they had begun to beat her) the poor lady was given nothing and because she did not speak English they shipped her back to Iran before she could get someone to help her). That is a compassionate Jew for you. If you think that is an exception you have been living in a cave.

You do not know that I live a community of more than 25,000 (God knows how many not documented are here as well). Because I have no personal life (my kid is a sophomore in a university 500 miles away) and am not into the dating or having a boyfriends, I spend most of my time promoting awareness about my cultural heritage and helping anyone I can be helpful as well. I also help raise funds for Iranian causes and I assure you that I know all the minorities in this community (even though some will not admit) and I get flattering e-mails from them but not once have I seen a check for $1.00 being donated to any of the cultural events and if anything they complain.

As for the Bahais, let me tell you that I know a family for the past 20 years and they claim to be Iranian because thanks to the generosity of Iranians their restaurant business and grocery store flourished. But these wonderful and god fearing Bahais, have gone and bought a huge store a few blocks away selling Middle-Eastern and Spanish groceries and food. Meantime, they have put their current business for sale at the asking price of $500k. What is wrong with this picture? They are not telling the prospective buyers that they will be their competition just a few blocks away. I doubt very much they would be selling their business to another Bahai. Do you understand now why Bahais are "khaens" or traitors?

Do you know they have never given a dime for any of Iranian cultural projects? They have businesses and yet their mother brags that she gets help from the government because she became a citizen. Do you think I go around and hang this embarrassing laundry for others to see? Absolutely not.

I am not defending Muslims but in my own family I have uncle Solomon, aunt Sara and a cousin Hager so for the most part, Muslims respected other religions and yet even as children (if you were bright enough to observe and notice) the Armenians had non-Iranian names,and in their houses you only saw a cross or pictures of Jesus and you never heard them talk about Iran as their homeland.

The Jews (who should be eternally grateful for Cyrus the great for granting 40,000 of their ancestors freedom to go to their own promised land) have always been loyal to Israel first. I lived in Bay area for three years and at the time most of the shops in Fisherman's Wharf were owned by Iranian Jews. These ungrateful people openly claimed themselves as Jews not Iranians. They act as though they are better than the rest of Iranians and their damn blood is better quality.

The Bahais are blacklisted my foot. I know Bahais who travel to Iran on regular basis (to bring Iranian hand crafted items and sell them at a huge profit to non suspecting Americans).

People are being tortured in jails and harassed in the streets every day but you expect me to feel sorry for the Jew who continues to live in Iran go to his synagogue and pray but is all huffed and puffed because a long time ago someone said something derogatory to them umpteen years ago?

Let me tell you a story that should outrage you. When I was 7 years old, a Jew with lots of different rolls of fabric came to our house. My timid and soft spoken mother simply said "thank you but I do not need anything". I was too young to realize that this ugly man with pointed face was a Jew. He frightened me as he began to rip out the fabrics and yelling "okay, you are not buying because I am a Jew".

My mother was really embarrassed and ended up buying a few rolls and gave them to Agha Saleh our cook to give them away. I was so angry as a child , I followed him in the neighborhood an realized he did this a few times. I was puzzled and really bothered with this behavior. Well, you guessed it. The little Jew was pulling this stunt to force people to buy his merchandise. You think that was a unique experience? You are wrong.

Jews were the money lenders in Iran and operated what is called now "pawn shops" and used to lend money at astronomical rates to poor people.

I challenge anyone to show in the history that Jews or Bahais or Christians helped any cultural cause, donated time or money to the building of any historical monuments or helped anyone. By the way, in case you did not grow up in Iran, almost all of the booze shops were owned by Armenians. You say that is an honest way of making money? You are insulting your own intelligence. In 1983 when I visited Iran in the midst of war, my step brother showed me the trunk of his car filled with wine bottles, courtesy of the local Armenian neighborhood.

By the way, they chose to live in their own neighborhood. Nobody asked them and as for Najes I absolutely agree that Jews are Najes because they stink. Those parties I told you about, you would see the women in expensive designer clothes but you had to hold your breath because their body odor was so strong (they do not take showers to save money). If you think that was an exception, think again. I worked from 1984 to 1988 in various branches of banks in heavily populated by Jews. They came every morning looking for free coffee and newspapers and had the audacity to ask you for envelopes, paperclips and rubber bands!

The only reason the Bahais gripe is because everyone knows that crown cannibal gave them important positions in the government and they long to have those positions to get paid the Iranian money so they can spend it abroad and gather sympathy by playing the martyrs. Millions of bright and wonderful "Iranians" have been killed fighting for freedom. The damn Bahais boast dying for a crazy and ignorant son of a bitch called Bahaullah who caused so much bloodshed. I hope I never find out where his damn grave is because I will make sure it is desecrated by me.

I could write a book several hundred pages long about Iranians who have used us so called "non-minorities" and our compassion yet once they were done they turned out to be not even Iranians.

Just two months ago an old man called me and claimed he was a retried army officer who had escaped Iran prior to the revolution and wanted me to help him with his paperwork to get his unpaid salary because the Iranian government now is paying back those dues.

I never ask what part of Iran or what religion you rae because to me if you claim to be Iranian and speak Farsi, that is good enough.

He left out one minor detail. I assumed this old man and his wife did not have anyone to help them so I was willing to drive to their place and do the paperwork and the calls to Iran and the embassy (out of my own pocket). Well, it turned out this poor man had a daughter who had been a doctor in Brazil. She spoke fluent Farsi, English and Portuguese. But I guess her time (she has to pass the bard here) was more precious than mine because she works and get s paid really well but oh well, the stupid me who has no life is the sucker who had nothing better to do but help them. She called me and I offered to introduce her to my friends who are Iranian and work in the hospitals she would like to work as an assistant.

The best part was after thanking me she stated "Azam Khanoum, I hope the fact that we are Bahais, does not affect your decision". I was outraged and the coin dropped in my head immediately. The Bahai lady who is in charge of their organization here (the wife of the doctor who does not give a dime to any Iranian cultural projects but gives thousands of dollars and all her time to the Bahai organization) had given these people my name so she did not have to waste her own precious time dealing with Iranian authorities.

We need to concentrate and work on more important issues that are affecting human beings (and Iranians as well). Who gives a damn that all your problems are solved and now all you want us to do is to play your therapists? Why doesn't anyone talk about the frustrated nuns who beat the shit out of kids in school (here and elsewhere in Iran)? Do you know what it feels like to get hit on the head and body with batons just because you did not want the sacred ground of university to have armed guards?

If you believe you are a Jew, a Bahai or Christian first, then please do us all a favor and be one. We are all perfectly fine but do not litter the precious pages of by repeating the same old stories trying to hold the rest of Us Iranians responsible for your little psychological misfortunes.

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