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Standing up
Against the corrupt system that has ruled our country for the past 26 years


Amir Nasiri
August 14, 2005

I was sitting in front of my computer and browsing the internet. Like every day I try to catch-up with the latest news around the world and of course, Iran. Today when I browsed I came across the Ganji's archive link and I told myself I will read every single article and try to make sense out of this whole thing.

Nearly every article either sympathized with Ganji's cause or identified with it. It seems like all of us feel what Ganji has felt about this government for a long time. However, none of us had the courage to do something about it as Ganji has.

Ganji first started to write about serial murders by the Iranian leadership, specifically pointing at Rafsanjani and Khamenei's involvement in the assassination of dissidents and intellectuals. Ganji wrote about all of these in a system where free speech is considered a taboo and speaking out against the Iranian leadership means death.

Six years ago Ganji was arrested and sent to that hell hole known as Evin prison. And for the past two months he has embarked on a long journey of agony and pain only to win his freedom.

But is this the only message Ganji is trying to convey to us? Is he trying to give us courage? Is he trying to let us know that Iran is falling apart? Or is he telling us something different that we can not comprehend?

Ganji is trying to let the Iranian nation know that we should not be afraid of the Iranian regime and must continue to speak out against the mullahs and their corrupt system. Ganji is letting us know that nothing is more beautiful than a man who stands for what he believes.

He is trying to tell us that we should have the courage to stand up against the corrupt system that has ruled our country for the past 26 years. He is trying to tell us that we should find the courage and expose the cruel acts and atrocities committed by this regime. He is telling us that we should speak for everyone in Iran, who is suffering in the hand of the mullahs.

Ganji is telling us that the country is on the verge of collapse. As oil prices are near $70 per barrel, over 60% of Iranians are lacking basic survival. Ganji is telling us that Iran is not Tehran. If you travel across Iran you will see the mess this corrupt regime has created. You will see how primitive our country is compared to the rest of the world.

Ganji is trying to convey to us the message that our Kurdish, Baluchi, Azeri and Arab Iranians are being harassed and brutalized by this government. Ganji is telling us that the mullahs are stealing our natural resources.

Ganji has seen it all. He worked for this government believing that the system will bring equality and prosperity for Iran. He was let down like millions of others by the same system that they fought for. He has exposed them all and he has more to tell us. Ganji is the man. He is the man of the century. He is doing all these by giving up his life. He is our Gandhi and our hero.

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