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Photo: Atta Kenare/AFP

"My voice will not be silenced, for it is the voice of peaceful life, of tolerating the other, loving humanity, sacrificing for others, seeking truth and freedom, demanding democracy, welcoming different lifestyles, separating the private sphere and the public sphere, religion and state, promoting equality of all humans, rationality, federalism within a democratic Iran, and above all, a profound distaste for violence." Akbar Ganji in letter from prison quoted in Roya Hakakian's "Hungering for Reform in Iran"

Ganji's strikes alone

There is no trust whatsoever in those who pose as saviors
August 24, 2006

3 events, 3 implications
Same shit, different day...
August 15, 2006

Bedeh bestoon: Akbar Ganji at Stanford
Ari Siletz
August 2006

Progress at last
Photo essay: Following Akbar Ganji's footsteps in Berkeley
Jahanshah Javid
August 2006

Having a blast
Photo essay: Akbar Ganji at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Mohamad Navab
>>> Listen to audio
August 2006

Imam Ganji
It is time that we wake up, that we learn to omit our mistakes by not hearing of any person, organisation or group with the word “Islam” attached to it
Jahanshah Rashidian
July 2006

L.A. with a conscience
Photo essay: LA in support of Prisoners of Conscience in Iran
Shahla Sepehr Bebe
July 2006

London calling, for human rights
Photo essay & video clips: Akbar Ganji launching of hunger strike campaign in London
Nima Mina
July 2006

L.A. for human rights
Photo essay: Los Angeles gathering in support of Akbar Ganji's call for freedom of political prisoners
Bijan Pirzadeh
July 2006

Omidvaari va negaraani
I don't want my faith in Ganji to go up in smoke
Homayoun Abghari
July 2006

Compassionate, democratic & independent
Video clips: Akbar Ganji speaking at the end of New York hunger strike
Jahanshah Javid
July 2006

Ganji in New York
Photo essay: Akbar Ganji joins hunger strike in New York
Reza Mazaheri & Jahanshah Javid
July 2006

Change through civil disobedience
Video clips: Akbar Ganji answers questions at New York hunger strike gathering
Jahanshah Javid
July 2006

Feeding freedom
Photo essay: New York hunger strike in support of political prisoners in Iran
Jahanshah Javid
July 2006

From Gandhi to Ganji
Hunger strike
Ari Siletz
July 14, 2006

Maanifeste Sevvom
The Third Manifesto
June 7, 2006

Mr. Ganji’s ‘treasure’
Akbar Ganji should go free, but what he's advocating has long been thrown out of currency
Reza Bayegan

Civilized indifference
Akbar Ganji could have been in Istanbul and receive more public sympathy
Farrokh A. Ashtiani

Ganjure koochake milaad
For Akbar Ganji
Esmail Nooriala

Standing up
... against the corrupt system that has ruled our country for the past 26 years
Amir Nasiri

Around 250 supporters of Akbar Ganji, the Iranian dissident journalist who has been on hunger strike for 63 days

Rain in the middle of summer
Shokooh Mirzadegi

Aghaye Ganji, Salam
Poem: Beh naameh an kas keh ensaan raa azaad afarid
Mohammad Ali Heidari

Food for thought
For Akbar Ganji
Zohreh Khazai Ghahremani

Haghighat-e oryan
The plain truth about Akbar Ganji and my disrobing at the Berlin conference
Parvaneh Hamidi

Left out
Why is the liberal/leftist discourse of the West incapable of including Iranian voices of freedom and democracy?
Naheed Rasa

Dying for democracy
Akbar Ganji and the movement for freedom and an end to religious rule
Jahanshah Javid
August 7, 2005

Portland's hunger strike
... in honor of Akbar Ganji
Goudarz Eghtedari
August 7, 2005

Poem for Ganji
Massoud Vatankhahi
August 5, 2005

Far cry
Photo essay: Calls for release of Akbar Ganji at San Francisco's U.N. Plaza
Jahanshah Javid
August 3, 2005

And Ganji decides to die
Whatever happens next I have no doubt: Ganji never dies
Sa'id Farzaneh
July 31, 2005

What do you think about Akbar Ganji's hunger strike?

July 28, 2005

Shekastkhordegaane baaziye siyaasi
Looking back at the reaction against Akbar Ganji at the Berlin conference
Shahla Sharaf
July 24, 2005

Standing tall
I cannot but admire Akbar Ganji for the fact that he is standing so solemnly in face of dictatorship
Azad R
July 23, 2005

The President and Akbar Ganji
Khatami has ordered an investigation into the sheer variety of Persian dishes of which Ganji has been deprived
July 21, 2005

Wasting away in Evin
The UN must work to free political prisoners NOW
Amir Nasiri
July 17, 2005

Give it up comrade
Ganji should go home, down a huge chelo-kabab with gigantic onions, relax, take a shower, have great sex and apply for Canadian citizenship
July 16, 200

Day 35
More photos of Akbar Ganji
July 15, 2005

Last days?
Photos: Akbar Ganji in day 33 of his hunger strike in Evin prison
July 13, 2005

Poem: Teacher of politics and ethics
Mohammad Ali Heydari
July 15, 2005

IRI cannot be reformed
The regime is a sultanate and incapable of reform, says jailed journalist
Akbar Ganji
June 15, 2005

I've done nothing wrong
Open letter
Akbar Ganji
June 10, 2005

Strip tease-e ajooz
On Akbar Ganji's hunger strike
May 25, 2005

Rumi dar barabar-e Molla Omar
A critique of Akbar Ganji manifesto
Mahmoud Sadri
December 4, 2002

The republican manifesto
Full text in Persian (pdf file)
Akbar Ganji
December 2002

Still alive
Varieties of religious reform in Iran
Ahmad Sadri
February 4, 2002

Kimiaye Azadi
Includes documents related to trial following the "Berlin Conference" in April 2000
Akbar Ganji
December 21, 2002

Iranian of the Year
People see courage and vision in Akbar Ganji

April 11, 2001

L'Eminence Rouge
(Alijenab-e Sorkhpoosh: His red-robed highness)
Book exposing Iran's dirty secrets
February 2001

Making a hero
Heroes are neither self-selected nor eternal
Ali Akbar Mahdi
November 27, 2000

Defiance vs. regret
Reformists on trial
Mehdi Ardalan
November 16, 2000

Dictators create heroes
Heroes appear when there is no way to stop the oppressor
Amirali Baniasadi
November 20, 2000

Dethroning Akbar Shah
The genie is out of the bottle -- almost
Mehdi Ardalan
January 26, 2000

4th place: Iranian of the Year
April 5, 2000

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News 2006
free thinker
Washington Post: Iranian Dissident Akbar Ganji, at Liberty to Speak His Mind, at Least Until He Goes Back Home

in berkeley
Akabar Ganji will give a talk on gender apartheid, August 10

iranians of the day
Akbar Ganji & Abbas Milani: Philosopher Richard Rorty

NY Times: Money can't buy democracy

thanks, but no thanks
BBC: Iranian dissident Akbar Ganji turned down an invitation to the White House when in Washington

hossein derakhshan
Is Ganji joining Sazgara?

iranians of the day
Ganji & Fakhravar: Old friends, different views (6 pix)

foreign interference
Newsweek: ‘The Regime Must Change’: But Iran’s most prominent dissident warns against foreign interference
AP: Akbar Ganji says Iraq war not helping Iran democracy push

NY Times: Rights Advocates Raise Pressure on Iran

hunger strike
New York July 14th to 16th, in front of the UN with Akbar Ganji
* Statement & petition
* Press release
* Komiteh hamaahangi

* Akbar Ganji in America
* Akbar Ganji in America (2)
* Ganji's peace coallition

BBC Persian: Iranian leaders are out of touch with reality, Ganji says

Radio Farda: Akbar Ganji in Moscow journalism conference
BBC: Iran dissident allowed to Russia

free man
BBC Persian
-- Akbar Ganji leaves Iran to receive free speech awards
-- "I will go back"

Six years ago
-- Nader Davoodi

sweet freedom
Photos: Akbar Ganji at home

Akbar Ganji released from prison
* Radio Farda
* BBC Persian

i bet they won't let him go
Radio Farda: Akbar Ganji's prison sentence officially ends in less than a month

remember him?
Radio Farda: Akbar Ganji in deteriorating health after more than 150 days in solitary confinement
Audio - Text


AFP: Health of jailed Iranian dissident deteriorating: wife

Baraaye Ganji
Motefaavet zibaast
Homayoun Abghari

prison diaries
Radio Farda
* Latest on Akbar Ganji
* Latest from Rajaie Shahr prison (1) (2) (3)

no visits for two weeks
Radio Farda: Interview with Akbar Ganji's wife following public letter condemning judiciary chief

fpa award
* Foreign Press Association Media 2005 Award
* UK Foreign Secretary on jailed journalist

mesa award
Akbar Ganji receives Academic Freedom Award from Middle Eastern scholars
-- English
-- Persian

2005 PEN award
Akbar Ganji
Radio Farda / BBC Persian

AFP: Wife of jailed Iranian dissident hopes for change

Amnesty International: Journalist Akbar Ganji reportedly tortured in hospital

severely beaten
Radio Farda: Akbar Ganji's wife says Ganji was severely beaten while in hospital

azar nafisi on akbar ganji
San Francisco Chornicle: From Iranian true believer to dissident
-- Azar Nafisi

where's ganji?

you must answer
BBC Persian: 169 prominent writers, academics and politicians demand answers about Akbar Gani, who has not been visited for almost a month

where is my husband?
Gooya: Akbar Ganji's wife Masoujmeh Shafeie writes to Judiciaty Chief Ayatollah Shahroudi

Reporters Without Borders: No news of Akbar Ganji for past 25 days

united nations
UN special envoy calls on Iran to pardon dissident journalist
* U.N.
* BBC Persian

no news bad news
Radio Farda: 20 days with no news about Ganji

BBC Persian: UN special envoy calls of Iran to pardon dissident journalist

Akbar Ganji has been placed in solitary confinement after being transferred back to prison from hospital
* BBC Persain

Radio Farda: Akbar Ganji's wife calls on Kofi Anan to demand Ganji's release from prison

Radio Farda: Ganji's wife not allowed to visit him at Evin

hell hole
Radio Farda: Ganji's wife not seen him for ten days; judiciary breaks promise of freedom

back in jail
Iran dissident journalist Akbar Ganji back in jail
* BBC Persian
* Reuters

thank you
Radio Farda: German Green Party to honor Ganji

still in detentions
* Radio Farda: Ganji's wife says officials have no kept their word -- yet

what about other prisoners?
AFP: Dissident Akbar Ganji may be released

ganji fund
Expenses: International Committe in Defense of Akbar Ganji

ganji's lawyer
Radio Farda: Abdolfattah Soltani's mother has not seen her detained son for 24 days

ganji fiasco
Zan: Paayaane yek maajeraa beh khoobiyo khoshi

solution soon
Interview with Akbar Ganji's wife on his improving condition and resolution of his case in "coming days"
Radio Farda: Audio-Text

end of hunger strike
Ganji's wife says hunger strike is over
* BBC Persian

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan demands release of Akbar Ganji
* BBC Persian
* Radio Farda
* AP
* Reuters

hungering for reform
Washington Post: Akbar Ganji Puts His Life on the Line
-- Roya Hakakian

AFP: Ganji out of intensive care, official spokesman says

in the dark
BBC Persian: More than 70 days after the start of his hunger strike Ganji's condition is under veil of secrecy

Radio Farda: Ganji in critical condition, being treated for blood infection, doctor says

hospital spokesman
Reuters: Akbar Ganji's health "improves", hospital spokesman says, though family still prevented from seeing him.

where's ganji?
Radio Farda: Ganji's mother, wife and hospital sources unable to confirm end to hunger strike

general appeal
BBC Persian: 120 top Iranian politicians and journalists call for intervention in Ganji case

akbar ganji & yves montand
Payvand: Hero similar in Costa Gavras' film "The Confession"

* Time running out for Ganji

ebrahim nabavi
Rooz: On Ganji, Ahmadinejad's cabinet, the nuclear issue &...

AFP: Akbar Ganji 'officially' ends hunger strike: judiciary

another hunger strike
Radio Farda: Prisoner of conscience Manoochehr Mohammadi on 38th day of hunger strike

ganji's mother
Radio Farda: Akbar Ganji's mother calls Prosecutor Mortazavi a liar

let him live
AFP: Iran judiciary wants Ganji to die: wife

not funny
Cartoon: Akbar Ganji: Candle in the dark

berlin hunger strike
Radio Farda: Iranian artists end hunger strike in Berlin

bogus charge
Radio Farda: Spy charges against Ganji lawyer are baseless

playing with death
Rooz: Ganji is a step away from death, doctors say

diary of a hunger striker
Forud Siyavashpour in Vienna has been on a hunger strike for 18 days in support of  Akbar Ganji

doctors worried
Interviews with Gani's wife
* Radio Farda: Audio-Text
* BBC Persian: Audio

have they no shame? none.
BBC Persian: Tehran prosecutor accuses Ganji of "acting" and says his lawyer was a spy

no news is bad news
Rooz: Total news blackout on Ganji, who has not been seen by his family for 2 weeks

ganji's plight lifts us
New York Daily News: The movement for democracy in Iran has finally found its voice. Political theorist Akbar Ganji
-- Ramin Ahmadi

medical report
Iran Emrooz: Doctor says hunger striker has lost more than 60 pounds

Wife pleads to see Iran dissident on day 64 of hunger strike
* Radio Farda

Radio Farda
* Berlin solidarity with Ganji
* Cindy & Akbar

* Video: I made this clip for Ganji and his cause

if cindy could meet akbar
CS Monitor: How nice if Cindy Sheehan and Akbar Ganji could meet, even if via satellite

gangi gathering
* BBC: Rally to save fasting writer
* Reuters: Protest over Iran journalist on hunger strike
* Radio Farda: Authorities prevent Ganji supporters from seeting the hunger striker.

hospital gathering
* Radio Farda: Political and cultural figures gathering at Milad Hospital in Tehran Thursday to see Ganji
Audio - Text

* BBC Persian: Akbar Ganji's hunger strike strategy

photo Ganji on prison leave just before his hunger strike

hunger strike continues
* Reuters: Iran dissident Ganji still on hunger strike
* BBC Persian: Ganji's wife denies end to hunger strike -- 164 political and cultural reps will go to the hospital
Audio -- Text

los angeles times
Max Boot: A dying man's cry for freedom in Iran

hunger strike ended?
BBC Persian: Judiciary claims Ganji no longer on hunger strike, but lawyer cannot confirm

in tears
Rooz: Ganji's wife appeals to journalists in front of minister

ganji's wife
Radio Farda: Agents ransack Ganji's home and mistreat his wife

Ganji's home raided
Iranian authorities have raided the house of the country's best-known dissident, Akbar Ganji

ganji's home raided
BBC: Iranian authorities have raided the house of the country's best-known dissident, Akbar Ganji, supporters and relatives of the jailed writer say

he must not die
Radio Farda: Ganji's family not allowerd to see him
BBC Persian: Interview with Shirin Ebadi: Audio -- Text

end hunger strike
* Reuters: Shirin Ebadi
* Radio Farda: Akbar Ganji's wife calls for an end to his hunger strike. Audio-Text


* Ganji must survive

british ambassador
BBC Persian: UK envoy requests to meet Ganji in hospital

nobel winners
BBC: Eight Nobel laureates call on Iran to free Akbar Ganji, said to be close to death after weeks on hunger strike

ey baba...
On Swedish Radio P1, Swedish-Iranian singer Laleh explained that she had not received any threats against playing at a concert for Ganji. In fact, she had never been scheduled and she hinted that the sources of these rumors may have been the embarrassed organizers of the concert who had listed her as participating without confirming it with her. The Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter had earlier reported that the Laleh had cancelled her partisipation in the benefit concert after receiving threats from the MKO. -- p.

ganji's critics
German Radio's Persian service: Akbar Ganji serves George Bush

Khatare marge Ganji

doctors worried
Radio Farda: Ganji's wife not allowed hospital visit. Audio-Text

washington post
Robin Wright: Iran pressed to release journalist

reza pahlavi
Letter to UN secretary general to act on behalf of Iranian political prisoners, including Ganji


* Ganji: Vulture's shadow

stockholm for ganji
Iran Emrooz: Large gathering calls for release of hunger striker

who's listening?
Amnesty International urges new President to make human rights a top priority

kofi anan speaks out, kinda
UN Secretary General says he has spoken to highest Iranian authorities about Ganji

human rights watch
Iran intensifies its attacks on independent human rights defenders

refusing treatment
ILNA: Ganji refuses to cooperate with doctors

hunger strike? what hunger strike?
Shargh: Judiciary spokesman says Ganji "not on a hunger strike."

Ganji gathering in San Francisco
Interview with Bijan Pirzadeh
Jahanshah Javid

* AFP: Wife of hunger-striker condemns judge's murder
BBC Persian
* Ganji's wife condemns judge assassination
* Euro MP demands to see Ganji
* Journalists on hunger strike

action alert
Wednesday August 3
* In solidarity with Akbar Ganji (Persian text pdf)
* Pro-Ganji rallies in San Francisco and Washington DC

ganji judge shot dead
Massoud Moghaddas, the judge in the trial of Akbar Ganji, has been shot dead
* BBC News
* ISNA photos (1) (2)

gesture of support
Iran-Emrooz: Journalists in hunger strike in support of Ganji and all political prisoners

in tears
Radio Farda: Ganji's wife: "I beg everyone with a conscience to hear my cry"

wednesday >>> u.n.
Radio Farda: Ganji's wife calls for gathering in front of U.N. office on Wednesday to demand his release

shirin ebadi
Rooz: Iranian media muzzled over Ganji

yeh shabeh mahtaab
For Ganji: Flash animation by Kamyar Hobakht

waiting for bad news
Rooz: Hameh montazere tek khabare badand

>>> Ganji news July 2005


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