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News July 2005
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Day 46: Akbar Ganji hunger strike (4 pix)

the worst interviewee ever
NPR: Iranian Political Prisoner on Hunger Strike Nears Death

give me a break
Ganji lawyer arrested for giving away "nuclear secrets" -- Judciary spokesman
* AP

campaign for ganji

better than 2 days ago
Radio Farda: Ganji's wife says he was feeling better on Saturday but still demands unconditional freedom

light a candle
Saturday night at Ganji's home
* SharghOnline
* BBC Persian Audio--Text
* Photos:
Farhad song for Ganji

academics for ganji
Letter to Judiciary chief Shahroudi by 113 Iranian academics. (PDF)
English - Persian

azadeh moaveni
LA Times: Ganji "Playing with death" in Iran

Free Ganji
Candle on my desk
Jahanshah Javid

Farda deer ast: Tomorrow too late for Ganji

* Ganji must be free: Milad Hospital, Tehran (6 pix)

chief "justice"
ISNA: Ganji's recent comments has made his case more difficult -- Shahroudi

more pressure
BBC Persian: Former Majlis Speaker Karrubi joins call for Ganji's release

lawyer arrested
BBC Persian: Ganji's lawyer Abdolfattah Soltani has been arrested

* English translation of Ganji's letter to Soroush

* Rafsanjani has appealed to the judiciary to free Ganji

radio farda
* Interview with Ganji's wife after her 5-minute hospital visit

bbc persian
Audio: Ganji's condition


* Ganji hunger strike

free the man!
AP: Hunger-striking Iranian dissident close to death

Rooz: Gathering outside Ganji's hospital

doctors worried
Iran Emrooz: Ganji too weak to open his eyes

Concert for Ganji & Zarafshan: Folkets Park, Kisa, Sweden, July 30

ganji's letter to soroosh
"I seek to remove Khamenei"

tehran prosecutor in action
Raid on home of lawyer representing Akbar Ganji

save ganji!
Plea to U.N. secretary General published in New York Times, July 27th (pdf)

Rafsanjani urges Ganji's release

jebhe melli
... calls for Ganji's immediate release

appeal to lawyers worldwide
Petition: Concerns for human rights in Iran

thank you mr. president
Khatami criticises Ganji's hunger strike

day 47
Radio Farda: Efforts to free Ganji intensify

BBC Persian's Mehdi Jami: Akbar Ganji's situation since being taken to hospital

She'ri baraaye Akbar Ganji

ganji hunger strike day 46
* Radio Farda: Wife says Ganji condition seriously deteriorated
* BBC Persian: Judicial chief seeking mediation
* Ganji profile

aghaye khamenei bayad beravad
Abar Ganji in a letter to Montazeri: Khamenei must go, just like the Shah
English -- Persian
* News

no visitors
* Reuters: Ebadi says Ganji in poor health
* Kayhan: Ebadi 'caught sneaking' into hospital to visit Akbar Ganji

AFP: Family of Iranian dissident protests hospital conditions

tehran university this sunday
Gathering planned to defend political prisoners & civil rights

fear of repression
The Guardian: Police attack peaceful protesters as hardline president prepares for power

ganji still on hunger strike
Colleagues visit Ganji in hospital, say his condition is worsening

ganji was "unconscious"
Akbar Ganji still on hunger strike, his wife says

letter to supreme leader
Free Akbar Ganji

hunger strike
* Family visits jailed Iranian Ganji in hospital
* Judicial chief: Akbar Ganji pardon under consideration

ganji in hospital
* Health concerns mount
* Radio Farda: Will be returned to prison
* BBC: Hunger striker in hospital

nearing 40 days without food
BBC Persian
* Ganji has lost 22 kilos
* Audio: Issa Saharkhiz on Ganji's condition (Monday)
Radio Farda
* Judge Mortazavi: Ganji is "fine"

ganji in hospital
Jailed hunger striker Akbar Ganji has been taken to hospital

free him you sobs
Jailed Akbar Ganji will continue hunger strike: wife

death is near
Pressure on as jailed Iranian dissident Akbar Ganji hints death is near

international support
Calls for Ganji's freedom

ganji's letter from prison
* Persian
* English

state department
U.S. disturbed by reports that peaceful protesters treated brutally by Iranian police

Iran judiciary says hunger-strikingAkbar Ganji must serve out term

Kofi Anan must act to save Akbar Ganji

special medical treatment... inside evin
Iran says hunger-striking Ganji being treated

Ganji hunger strike photos compel Khatami to lobby for his freedom

u.s. pressure
Iran says U.S. should leave Ganji alone

prison visit
BBC: Five Iran MPs plan to visit jailed Ganji
* Persian
* English

human rights watch
Leading Dissident Akbar Ganji's Life in Danger

Ganji raa rahaa konid!

Bush Administration urges release of jailed journalist Akbar Ganji

tuesday in tehran
Pictures of demonstration for Akbar Ganji
-- Ali Shirkhodayi (4 pix)
-- Fars news (9 pix)

ganji's wife
Radio Farda: Interview with Massoumeh Shafiei, Ganji's wife, on Tuesday's protest in front of Tehran University

shirin ebadi
Radio Farda: Every hour Ganji gets closer to death

peek at protest
Today's demonstration in support of Akbar Ganji seen on webcam?

tuesday tehran university
Gathering in support of Akbar Ganji who's nearing 30th day of hunger strike

Mardaan-e maa zendaanand!


letter to shirin ebadi
Take the case of Iranian political prisoners to international forums
-- Mirzadegi & Nooriala

akbar ganji
Letter to the Free People of the World

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