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alimostofi Ali Mostofi

Iran: Thorny Complications

"Oh, I want one of those as well." "Mine is bigger, than yours" "But mine is, much quicker"   It was the case, of me and a few kids, at my boarding school, in the 70's, arguing over a thorny issue, that is complicated.   The Shah had the biggest and the most powerful army in the world. The Jews and ...
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ZulqarnainSewag Zulqarnain Sewag

Saudi Arabia vs Iran and Pakistan

Muslims all over the globe are the victims of their own internal disunity, ideological and geo-strategic interests and hypocrisy. The key players in this arena are Saudi Arabia and Iran though the former is playing more negative and destructive role in the destruction of whole Muslim Ummah. The form ...
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FaridParsa Farid Parsa


  It was my first visit in a year. I have tried to see her at least twice a year. She is still living at home, capable of looking after herself.  She tells me she had a minor stroke not long ago and was at the hospital for a week.  She’s had small falls and other mishaps from which she’s bounced ba ...
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