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Change is inevitable

Image source    In a recent blog by Behrouz, some very interesting points were raised about optimism versus realism when it comes to what we (by ‘we’, I understand that the author meant ‘Iranian expats’) should expect or hope for.   One could sense deep frustrations gathered over three decades since a revolution that in one way or another made exi ... Continue reading »

طناب دار كن انبار و چوب دار را بشكن

  بيا در هر كجا هستى طناب دار كن انبار و چوب دار را بشكن تمام ذره هاى آن به اين انبارها  افكن لباس شيخ  بى دين و مروت را به تل انبار افزون كن سپس با بشكه اى بنزين يا باروت اين انبار آتش زن ... Continue reading »

Freedom of Speech: A matter of trust, a matter of funding

Iranians love blogging. No, like a lot. More than everyone else apparently. There are more Iranian bloggers than any other country. Every Iranian blogger also thinks they are popular. Older generation Iranian bloggers think their blogs are TV stations. They will sit at their desk in the back of the shop, prop up their lion and sun flag, forget to ... Continue reading »

Defence Mechanisms Against Dictators

Since people under totalitarian regimes, such as Iran's, are kept unaware of their rights, complicated set of mechanisms emerges against their own collaboration ending in passive attitudes because the ruling system cannot be directly challenged. Defense mechanisms, mostly unknown, characterize their unconscious refute of the ruling system.   Defens ... Continue reading »

ایرانیان درپهنه ی سرزمین نیاکان آریایی: ١٨ - نشانه های فرهنگی و هنری ایران در اوکراین...

پیشینه ی تاریخی اوکراینسکونت انسان در اوکراین به سال ها قبل از میلاد مسیح باز می‌گردد، زمانی که در دوران نوسنگی فرهنگ کوکوتنی - تریپلی در منطقه وسیعی گسترش یافت بخش‌هایی از اوکراین امروزی شامل تریپیلیا و تمام منطقه دنیپر و دنیستر را در بر می‌گرفت. در عصر آهن، این سرزمین محل سکونت کیمری ها، سکاها و سرمتی ها بود و بین ۷۰۰ تا ۲۰۰ سال قبل از میلاد نیز ... Continue reading »

Obama Refusal of Visa to Iran's UN Envoy is Illegal and Unwise

I do not support the regime in Iran. But, I believe the new law, signed by President Obama, refusing entry to the U.S. by Iran's UN envoy (Abutalebi) is illegal and unwise act.   It is true that Abutalebi was brought in as a translator for the so-called "students" during the Tehran (US) embassy hostage crisis. What is perhaps less known is that the ... Continue reading »

مسیح و مارکز و من

وبلاگ امیر فطانت گابریل گارسیا مارکز دیروز مرد، روز پنج شنبه مقدس. هر ساله مراسم عزاداری هفته مقدس در دهکده "گواتاویتا" (محل زندگی من در کلمبیا) با گرد آمدن روستائیانی که معمولا در این روزها، مثل تمام مناسبت ها، بهترین لباسهای خود را می پوشند تا در مراسم عزاداری شرکت کنند تکرار میشود. امروز، جمعه مقدس باز مثل هر سال مجسمه های مریم باکره و مسیح مصل ... Continue reading »

Draft Day staring Kevin Costner Captures NFL's Upcoming Epoch of Tension

If you asked a casual gridiron fan which day in the NFL calendar spews the most tension, the predictable answer: Super Bowl might be the most overstated. However, ardent football fans may reply that the first day of the NFL Draft is the most pressure-filled and possibly even its most important.  Draft Day starring Kevin Costner shines a realistic l ... Continue reading »

Free Iranian Speech: A matter of trust & anonymous funding

Most Iranian websites dedicated to providing a free speech forum for Iranians to freely discuss and expose what is really going on Iran, suffer from two main problems.   First, they suffer from a trust issue. We Iranians simply don't trust each other very much. Which is completely understandable if you add up the centuries of betrayals we have suf ... Continue reading »

بادۀ ناپخته

صفت جاذبۀ شمع ز پروانه بپرس آرزوی رخ جانانه ز دیوانه بپرس صعب راهی ست ره وادی جانان رفتن هول هر منزل این راه ز افسانه بپرس داغ دل بر لغت علم شمارش منمای شرح و درمان چنین درد ز فرزانه بپرس مایۀ مستی دل بادۀ انگوری نیست صحت این سخن از ساغر و پیمانه بپرس دل شکوهید چو از جوش درونش گفتم: جوشش بادۀ ناپخته ز خمخانه بپرس گفتمش سینه خراب گنهی شد, گفتا: جای ... Continue reading »

فرصتی دیگر برای ایرانیان برون مرز

  فرصتی دیگر برای ایرانیان برون مرز (محمد پروین) پیش گفتار:   پارلمان اروپا اخیرا قطعنامه ای را در مورد ارتباط با رژیم اسلامی صادر کرده است که در اَن مکررا به نقض حقوق بشر در ایران اشاره شده است. این نوشته در پرتو صدور این بیانیه در پی اَنست که یکبار دیگر نشان دهد که چگونه میتوان با استفاده از این فرصت های تاریخی راه کار عملی اَزادی زندانیان سیاسی ... Continue reading »

About Easter Celebrations: In English & Persian

Easter also known as Pascha or Resurrection Sunday, is a festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, described in the New Testament as having occurred three days after his crucifixion at Calvary. In Christianity it commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, described in the New Testament as ha ... Continue reading »

Meditation on Returned Merchandize

I bought the fancy new pair of soccer shoes under the illusion that they could improve my miserable game.  The owner of the sports shop knew his craft well, so I walked out of his store with the shoes, a new soccer ball, a special pump for the ball, a set of knee pads, sports socks, goalie gloves, and even a shiny referee whistle.  Don't laugh, I ... Continue reading »

Self Serving Articles can be Harmful to a Free Iran

In another recent co-opinion posted by ABBAS MILANI and ISRAEL WAISMEL-MANOR, entitled "Are Iran and Israel Trading Places?" (here's the mobile link, I couldn't actually find it anywhere on the main NY times website), once again the pitfalls of writing too much optimism into the news and information about Iran, could be misleadingly again to any r ... Continue reading »

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