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reorient REORIENT

Whose Gaze is it Anyway?

SHIFTING PERSPECTIVES THROUGH ARAB POP CULTURE EPHEMERA IN LONDON Photograph by Mark Blower (courtesy the ICA)   Although far from being homogenous – a fact well-known to readers of this publication – the ‘Middle East’ is still viewed as such, with alternative notions having yet to trickle into the ...
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JahanshahRashidian3 Jahanshah Rashidian

Son Combat

Il résiste au viol et à la torture Pour que ses idées vivent en pleine future Pour qu’il ne soit pas une fin d'histoire Pour rien que dégommer les déboires Il s'en fout que la mort attende son tour. Les douleurs accablantes, il refoule Sa foi reste invincible si le corps brûle Le souffle d’amour ...
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SofiaM SofiaM

My Open Letter to Ann Curry

Dear Ann,   I've looked up to you for a while, I feel like I know you, and so I'd say we're on a first name basis. You are without a doubt impressive, inspirational and smart. You’re a role model for women around the world, especially for American women of immigrant and mixed backgrounds.   You hav ...
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UN High Commissioner, concerned about imprisoned Iranian journalist, Heshmat Tabarzadi, assures of taking appropriate steps

PRESS RELEASE Human Rights Committee - Iran Democratic Front:    In response to three petitions signed by 1000′s of signatories, including hundrdes of well recognized Iranian and other human rights, civil and political activists  and organizations , academics and artists demanding the release of th ...
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