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O.K Omid.k

Dead In Tehran

Your days are as dark as the sorrow in your eyes Digging your own grave, pondering tommorows sunrise The young become old with the heavy burden of timeTaking refuge to the heavens for a discerning sign     Electing mosque's to replace the loss of mind Dead but breathing for an entire lifetime A mere ...
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bparhami bparhami

Book review: Off the Radar

Copeland, Cyrus, Off the Radar: A Father’s Secret, a Mother’s Heroism, and a Son’s Quest, Blue Rider Press, 2015.     This book tells the life story of the author, as he set out to discover the truth about his father, an American executive with Westinghouse, who was arrested in Iran for spying at t ...
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M.SaadatNoury M. Saadat Noury

Chain of Poems and Songs on Relief

1. Relief flows over you like an ocean breeze, cool, refreshing with a lift... Relief lifts you up from the depths That have saddened your soul making you feel whole again…Relief now lifts youAnd gone is the emotional turmoil that blighted your being. Refreshed you feel a new wellspring In which yo ...
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alimostofi Ali Mostofi

Chomsky's Hypocrisies

"Your Shah is buying arms and kills his own people", was the sort of comment we students abroad, had to hear in the 70's.   On Sundays, we all used to go to Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, and see guys from "Confederation" blast the Shah.   None of us, really cared about what the radical or Communist ...
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FaridParsa Farid Parsa

Dogs Among Iranians

Many books, articles, essays in recent years have been written about dogs and their relationship to humans. They all testify to the strong bond between dogs and humans that goes back over many thousands of years. This bond is also unique for there is nothing like it with any other animal to this ext ...
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alimostofi Ali Mostofi

Iran: Scruples

"In agha ro mimini, nazdeek bood bendazasmesh too zendoon" said my dad in an 80's dinner party.   (You see this guy, I nearly had him put into prison)   "Why", I said.   Dad said, that the reason he was asked by the Shahanshah, to create the Petrochemical Industry of Iran, was to benefit from oil's ...
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FaribaAmini Fariba Amini

My Uncle, Dr. Mossadegh

We continue to live with the memory of the Coup of August 19, 1953. There are still individuals alive who have vivid recollections of that tragic day.     Farhad Diba is the nephew of Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh. The son of Abolhassan Diba (Saghat-Dowleh ), he is one of Dr. Mossadegh's closest living re ...
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KavehTaheri Kaveh Taheri

Iran: 11 Inmates Hanged by Gallows

  11 prisoners who were accused of drug-related and felony crimes executed in Bandar Abbas and Minab prisons.   The offenders who had been reportedly sentenced to the death penalty on the charge of posing 398 K.G drugs including more than 70 K.G Heroin, 200 K.G opium, 105 K.G Crack Cocaine (the fre ...
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