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FaridParsa Farid Parsa

I Know What's Best For You

  Some of my worst childhood memories are from my school years in Tehran.  Having been sent to  ‘a good, private school’ in order to equip me for a better future, instead it sapped the love of learning out of me and blunted my sense of wonder for the world.    I experienced bullying,  harassments,  ...
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alimostofi Ali Mostofi

Iran: Umbilical

"Ali, you might be a complicated person, with all that Astrology rubbish, but you have a gift for simplyfing things."   I did not know whether to take that as an insult or as a compliment.   It is true, but it is not by choice. It happens out of blue. You are sitting there clicking away on the news, ...
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FarahAfshari Farah Afshari

The man with vacant eyes

  I climbed the stairs door opened behind it standing a man with vacant eyes from which life had departed in anger  expecting none at his door where I stood wondering why?   And the man turned away from me walking aimless between  living and leaving searching so late in the dusk for answers to confu ...
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ShivaMahbobi Shiva Mahbobi

TO: ‪‎Jeremy‬ ‪Corbyn‬

 TO: Jeremy Corbyn      RE: The death of jailed labour activist Shahrokh ‪Zamani in Iran       Date: 27/09/2015   URGENT: the death of jailed labour activist Mr Shahrokh Zamani in Iran!   Dear Jeremy Corbyn   I would like to appeal for your urgent action and demand that the Islamic regime in Iran op ...
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JahanshahRashidian3 Jahanshah Rashidian

Asylum Seekers

There is no boat on the coastTo take our children away No boat crosses the Black Sea When the prancing waves approachNobody takes them wherever they goSoldiers of revolts with sublime manhoodDetermined to save children and women.   Each voice cried, but no boat stoppedEnigma of the cold autumnTraced ...
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M.SaadatNoury M. Saadat Noury

The Booklet of Garden / Baagh Naameh

Definitions1. Garden: A ​piece of ​land, usually near a ​home, where ​flowers and other ​plants are ​grown:.. Gardens are also ​public ​places where ​flowers, ​trees, and other ​plants are ​grown for ​people to ​enjoy. 2. A garden is a pla ...
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FaridParsa Farid Parsa

Perhaps in Our Twilight Years

In a few months, I’ll be visiting my uncle. The tyranny of distance doesn’t allow us to see each other enough. He is my favourite uncle and I don’t think I could have made it through life in one piece without his input and influence. Uncle is a monarchist. We don’t talk about politics much when we ...
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