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Food for thought


August 10, 2005

Somewhere across the oceans
a man is dying
to give other men’s lives a glimpse of hope.
His silent scream echoes over the mountains
his feeble arms break down walls
his starvation, food for thought!

Somewhere across the globe
a man speaks without a voice
cries without tears
and aspires to free others through entrapment

I want to send his hungry soul a morsel of hope
before sundown
before it is too late
so I wrap my admiration and prayers
in a package of dream
and send it via a distant wind

The attached note says
Ganji: you are my last hero
each breath you take prolongs my survival
each minute of starvation
a fight for what was stolen long ago
a promise of recovery
and food for the world’s famished soul.

Zohreh Khazai Ghahremani is a retired dentist and a freelance writer. She lives in San Diego, California. Her latest book is "Sharik-e Gham" (see excerpt). Visit her site

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