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For Esmail Khoie, Iranian poet in exile


December 10, 2006


I am talking to you Esmail.
When was the last time you had a sip
From the Caspian Sea,
For dreams to come true?

When was the last time
Your heavy shoulders
Warmed up with a dreams
While walking across Persepolis?

Tell me Esmail,
When was the last time
Your laughter splashed on your poems,
On those cruel, lonely days?

Did I see you crying, quietly
Walking across King's Cross
Remembering your country
And the ones you left behind?

Tell me Esmail,
Your heart could not take
Lovelessness,loneliness, in search
Of a love that feels your empty palms.

Tell me Esmail your heart could not
Tolerate life without
Back to back, cup to cup, the toast, the feast
When you lost all the loves you had, back to back.

Where is this road ending Esmail?
Read me your longest poem
In brief moments left to us...


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