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And the winner is... Qom
While Mr. Bush publicly denounces the IRI and promises to help the opposition, he has in fact done everything imaginable to reinforce the regime in Tehran

February 16, 2005

It's Grammy, Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe ... award season straight after big wins in the U.S. presidential race and elections in Iraq and Afghanistan. And, now for the winner... let's open our eyes... is ... Iran! The mullahs in Iran, to be more precise.

It simply could not have been delivered more efficiently to the mullahs even if they tried! In Iraq, the newly elected party is the Shia, Pro-Iranian political alliance with long-standing ties and past residence in Iran. And in Afghanistan the big winner has been "the Northern Alliance" (long supported by the mullahs in Iran) with large sections of the country under their direct control. Shia factions in both Iraq and Afghanistan are taking over - with direct US assistance.

Wow! US taxpayers spent all this money ($150+ billion), shed thousands of lives and yet Iran has come out a clear winner and attained strategic success beyond the mullahs wildest dreams. They have achieved more success than they could have achieved on their own. Consider after all what they invested in their own brutal and bloody 8-year war with Saddam Hussein with over a million casualties (on both sides) and wasted billions of Iran's dollars.

And more importantly it seems the U.S. has foolishly foiled itself. After all its effort and pain, the U.S. is squarely despised more than ever before in the Middle East... and handed power in the region to the mullahs. It's so amazing!

Consider how America's great ally - Mr. Chalabi (who provided false intelligence details on Saddam's weapons of mass destruction) - has ended up being identified as a double agent working for Iran's mullahs all this time. He has suckered the U.S. taxpayer and is now turning out to be a key leader in the new Pro-Iranian Shia political faction in Iraq. This is AFTER he was finally identified as a double agent handing over very specific information about U.S. intercepts of Iranian communications.

Or consider how immediately after the invasion, when there was no one patrolling the borders, thousands of Iranian agents penetrated Iraq, and began organizing crowds and insurgents in Iraq - leading to rebellion in Najaf and Karbala... and secretly delivering aid to the insurgents in Iraq. This effort has now led the United States to plan its exit with its tail stuck between its legs.

Everyone's talking about an exit strategy with a frightened, tired and weary military dying to get home. Any more military action by the United States in the region is simply unthinkable in today's dark climate with regular news of US service men's deaths.

Meanwhile another unthinkable event has occurred. Iran's mullahs are closer than ever to a nuclear weapon. It's so humorous - before they agreed to a stoppage of their uranium enrichment effort they worked day and night to produce enough purified compounds to build a good number of bombs. In effect their agreements to stop further enrichment have no meaning or value. The mullahs are doing everything they want to do. Soon, they'll play Mr. Kim's game and declare they have the bomb.

And also meanwhile the mullahs have steadily lined their pockets with record revenues from oil and drugs. The Iraq invasion brought instability to world oil prices, which resulted in significant increases in oil prices - which in turn provided serious increases in revenues for the mullahs. Iran's supreme leader receives 1/7th of every Iranian oil dollar directly into his bank account!

And meanwhile the mullahs have also been working with their long-time friends: Afghanistan's Northern Alliance to produce and transship a record 3000 tons of Heroin (and a hundred times more Opium) throughout the world last year. Heroin has now become the drug of choice in Europe and North America. The mullahs boast of over 2 million opium addicts and 4 million more infrequent users in Iran. The Supreme Leader Khamenei himself is a user and pusher.

Khamenei is swimming in cash. No one is more grateful to George Bush than Khamenei ... everything George has championed has made Khamenei richer. He's spending the money well - buying not just drugs but influence everywhere. He's helping fund terrorists everywhere: Hamas, the Mahdi army in Iraq, Hezbollah in Lebabon ...and sheltering Al Qaeda ...

And the Supreme Leader has been quietly funding political campaigns and journalists in Europe and the United States too. Only God knows how far this cash has penetrated politicians and political opinion internationally. Editors are now penning op-ed articles about engagement, and dialogue... whitewashing torture, brutality and evil of these Islamic fascists. Talk of regime change is being carefully supplanted with talk of engagement.

Last month, I publicly advocated a stoppage to any appeasement of Islamic fascism and Iran's mullahs [Appeasing Islamic Fascism], and I explained how wealth and success by Iran's mullahs is a huge inducement to Islamic fundamentalists everywhere. But, I was amazed at the deluge of emails I received telling me "you're too late". I was given explicit details of current engagements between the mullahs and the United States government. "No one can stop it and it just hasn't surfaced publicly," I was told.

Interestingly, I was also informed that the mullahs have connected not just with the Republicans but also the Democrats (with Bill Clinton and Senator Joe Biden having meetings with Iran's foreign minister only a few weeks ago in Switzerland).

The news is out George. Everyone knows about it! So while Mr. Bush publicly denounces Iran's regime and promises to help Iran's opposition, he has in fact done everything imaginable to reinforce the regime in Tehran. All the talk about liberty and democracy in the Middle East is basically bullshit. The mullahs after-all stole Iran's elections last year and everyone sat idly by.

But then why does that not surprise me? After all it was his father (George Bush I) who on October 19th 1980 met with the mullahs to hand over money to hold the hostages through Carter's reelection campaign, and then quietly assisted the mullahs with arms during the Iran-Iraq war. The Bushes after all have long-standing ties with the mullahs. Why rock the boat?
Does anyone really expect any real opposition to emerge in Iran while the United States plays both sides of this game? Politics after all is not about what politicians say -- but what they do. And George Bush has done everything Iran's mullahs have wished for.

Shame on a U.S. public that is too closed minded to see this foreign movie... and read the subtitles. Shame on America's leadership - the house, the senate, and the intelligence community - that have funded and supported a virtual encirclement of Iran (everything from setting up U.S. bases in Uzbekistan, investing in a central command post in Qatar on the Persian Gulf, invading Afghanistan, invading Iraq) in the name of fighting terrorism ... to then just walk away without dealing with Iran's mullahs. The campaign is incomplete. Leaving now will leave the United States with a serious strategic loss.

And the winners are clearly Iran's mullahs!

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