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Ketab-e neek
Excerpt from a book on Zarathustra's influence on major world religions

November 26, 2004

I've been raving about this book here and there for a long time. I finally finished it last night. It took me almost three months to read Paul Kriwaczek's In Search of Zarathustra: Across Iran and Central Asia to Find the World's First Prophet (Vintage, 2002), even though it's only 230 pages. My bathroom (the only place I read when I'm not in front of the computer) breaks became longer and longer as I became more and more intrigued by this wonderful book. Very little is known about Zarathustra himself, but Kriwaczek follows clues from China to Europe to find traces of the "first" prophet in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It's a personal journey into the history of religion and I enjoyed every step. -- Jahanshah Javid

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