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Or quite possibly just the beginning
Being made to eat your words can be a bitch


Behrouz Bahmani
October 8, 2006

Shahram Kashani's new album "Game Over" is a bit of a problem. Not for you, you and everyone else should stop reading this right now and open a new browser window and find a way to buy it.

And stop asking me for free MP3 files. Go ahead do it now, I'll wait for you to come back...Got it? OK here's why the album is a problem.

As someone who has had it with the LA machine cranking out the usual dull and boring 6/8 fecal matter, I had in fact lumped SK in that cess pool.

Now I am forced to face the embarrassing task of eating my words.At least with this album. Game Over is a radical departure for an artist better known for his LA party boy image.

Frankly I had grown tired of the look, and generally dull 6/8 music. I yearned for the original Shahram K fresh off the sinking Iran-boat, when he was the hottest talent of his new post revolutionary generation. It appears I was not alone, and it also appears that with this new look and direction, the original Shahram K might very well be back baby.

His new look is raw and edgy, which I, like many men, often like to think of as my own alter-alter-alter ego. Deep deep down, we all like to be this bad. For all the ladies out there who like their men girly, tweased and glossy, get ready to be disappointed.

But for those of you who like the bad boy with BO, get ready to get weak. I'm calling the new look, Bastardly Handsome. Those of you with (satellite) dishes, will begin seeing a different, and I will warn you now, disturbing direction in his music videos.

But I think it is a welcome and exciting new idea. Clearly designed to shake up whatever preconceived notions you may have had about Iranian music videos.This new shift in direction is part and parcel the result of a welcome creative collaboration with the rogue elan Productions out of the San Francisco Bay Area, and primarily creative directors Kaveh Nikpour, Daryoush Derakhshandeh, and Darya Gol, who rejecting the ridiculous propositions of Koji-ism, are single handedly (or tri-handedly since there are 3 of them), taking Iranian Pop music videos into a brave new world full of imagination and large questions.

Questions larger than LA often asks, which are usually how ultra long can an ultra long limo Hummer get, and how many Latino girls with boob-jobs can you hire for less, and then pose them off as "Iranian" go-go dancers.

"Game Over" Video

When I found out about all this wonderful Shahrum K newness, I was able to beg hard enough and it apparently works, I got us all a sneak preview of one of these new and disturbing videos.

Be sure to check them all out, because this isn't even the best (worst?) one.Game Over's music has a feeling of comfortable familiarity, but at the same time a freshness of direction, as impressive riffs and strong chording takes hold and infectious loops stick in your head.

Like Pop music is supposed to do. It's not a 110% perfect album, but it's pretty damn close, and this direction is definitely the right path, and I say, please make more like it.Shahram, if you read this, glad to have you back brother.

I was going to say don't be such a stranger! But now that I see you in this new strange and demented light, I kind of like you better when you are strange!

Shahrum K's official website:

File it under WTF!

"Pop music was a desert. One man has come to quench our thirst. AMOS is new. AMOS is the embodiment of mass hysteria. AMOS is the first true Imperator Of Pop. Hailing from Persia he’s bringing us electrifying beats aiming directly for your legs.
On his Single "I Can’t stop my feet"

Well, not exactly! I get a lot of music related emails suggesting I review an artist, and imagine my shock as I perused the latest gimmick, may I introduce for your disembowelment, Amos.

That's right, Amos. To be sure you heard it, I'll repeat it again, Amos.

I don't know if Amos has been kept in a German bunker by a sadistic 80's worshipping clubber, or if he is the sadisitic 80's worhipping clubber. I just wish he would stop moving his feet, or anything else. Forever.

Some sort of genetic mutation, Amos is the embodiment of every single fashion and musical mistake made during the 80's. I swear that is a jeri-curl reminiscent of DeBarge, Prince's tight ankle pants, dance studio shoes complete with legwarmers, and the whole gold outfit makes me wish James Bond hadn't killed Goldfinger after all.

Amos (sorry it's hard to say it without thinking of an obvious body part) represents everything that could be considered conceivably wrong with Iranians. Or to clarify, namely the complete and utter lack of knowing who you are. In this case who you aren't.

Amos, let me be the one to tell you, you are not now, nor ever will be the Imperator of Pop, not because of your obvious lack of talent or imagination, but more because there is no such word.

Second, Pop music is not a desert, and if you are the thrist quencher, I'd rather die naked in that desert then be subjected to any liquids flying off your hair or any other part of your body. And finally, if you are mass hysteria, it's not out of admiration, it's just everyone rushing to the door.

Dude, seriously, stop, no I mean it.

To induce vomiting by watching Amos' "I can't stop my feet" video Click Here

To see Amos' site for yourself so that you know for a fact that even I can't make up this Sh*t Click Here

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