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May 10, 2004

I sit in class and a friend shyly stares and asks:
"What is it that you're thinking Arash?"
And I calmly respond: "Nothing at all..."

When I watch the truth of words forming from far off
I know that this Nothing is as vast as only Everything
Can be...

The words of Everything are what I'm thinking
Words climb my heart like ivy
And I'm still thinking
She fills Everything...

The globes in her eyes I am thinking
Streams gliding over her neck and back, I am thinking

The compulsive blossoms in her hands,
Open and arise like civilizations

The impatience suffering from her legs I am thinking.

I am thinking of one who makes me laugh, one who makes me scream.

You know the one that spins me on the whim of an eyelash.
The one whose tricks are born on the other side of war. Far away from here. Far away from us.

Stolen from my mind, my dreams, are moved from my sight
Amongst her.
Amongst birds, lagoons and evergreens.

The secret caves behind her lips I am thinking, and her squiggly nose.
Her breath and her hair like roots expanding after a storm.

Her thighs and the blossoms of her laughter I am thinking
Braids threaded from her tears I am dreaming,

It is Her name that I am thinking...

But my words are stained with her love
And I am unable to move
Because she occupies all that I am.

She occupies Everything, within
A tall vase shaped like the sky of my soul
That compacts itself inside.

Everything I can hide to others but to her I can't hide.
She frees me from the clench of words
That fly
Till they are Nothing, but magpies, in the solitude of the sky

And life,
Is found in those spaces between raindrops.

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By Arash Daneshzadeh


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