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I created a love


October 22 , 2005

I created a Love

That doesn’t humble itself

That does not regret

That doesn’t freeze

That does not need

I created a Love

Because I deserve Love too

That does not guide hidden feelings

That doesn’t stone the wet blanket of healing

That will not pave the path of labor through an empty shell of man

That will find me in all objects

I created Love in every consideration

From the corpse of your New Year’s fish

To the particles of truth and sorrow

Blessing the meaning for generations

To a dawn prayer

Running like the levees alongside the country road

I created Love

And perhaps it borrowed its loveliness

From a simple stone

Or the revenge of a new day,

Maybe the burial of a jealous night; every submissive dance and every desirable eye

One stroke, a splinted talisman of luck

Created my Love

And its echo.

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Arash Daneshzadeh


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