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March 18, 2006

As I build a boat and contemplate the capture of beauty of other worlds
Far off like the one who wears the pride is power emblem in translucent sticker across the auburn and rustic blue windshield
Beyond the seas where the sunset finds me in its orange and starlit concern
I wonder if beauty could make this life again worthwhile, and lift me from all my concern…

Flutter after a poem by Sohrab,
The life found in the translations only mothers find forgotten from their youths

The vast laundry of love drying on the sleep of your companionship
The flutter after a poem by Sohrab and I remember my mother’s words and pride that I could read both translations
Remembering as it stands, lest you’re gone far away on the boat of usurpation,
Beauty is the defiance of loneliness and I remember it well
Remembering is the beauty of space and lost in the bowl of strange and bitter winds on an oar-less barge
Destined for the sky lacking concern and color
For all other beauties

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Arash Daneshzadeh


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