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(for Maya)



May 8, 2006

Behind me on this sea of granite, tin flash and etiquette

I find soap bubbles—

I’ll send them off to you

And flowerpots you left in our apartment—

I’ll water them as reflections

I’ll come and I’ll recite and spread myself in your devotion like water and reason—

As the light that rushes like soft flutter beside your heart, and today I saw

A deeper shade of red than I had ever seen

And immediately I swelled with song

And the Leaves began falling and the memories made their calling

I was whole again

A memory of you rattled the dark shelters of my silence with warm cups of light

With the smell of urban poets and thoughts, as lifeless as friendship

Caged by my crafty pigments of you

Excavated by my illuminations of you

I was a boy throwing the decay of my lead into the unthinkable

You were my unthinkable name

The silence in every crevasse of my dampened cell

And now whole again

You set off passed the stillness of the sky

Into the garden of my prayers and I

Hear the throbbing of my heart, my secret wishes-those windows

Witnessing the fingertips of dawn

Clinging its cool breath over my hands for space

To keep the logic of Creation’s Instinct


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