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Hang in there
Why should you surrender to the notion that your heart will "break a thousand times"?

By Kourosh Saghafi
May 3, 2004 unedited

In reply to "Damn you!":

Dear Mitra,

It was a very well-written piece filled with traces of your emotions and feelings towards the love of your life. however, to this point i am not sure and can't really tell whether it was based on what had actually happened to you in real life or was it just the product of wonderfully-talented mind of a brilliant author. In any case. congratulations on your seemingly hard-gained victory in this battle, or is it a victory yet to be gained?

i am not sure how old you are, but if 25 is the magic number, then i guess that justifies and explains how you surrendered so fast. i am sure you fought very hard through it, you missed him, spent those long and cold nights listening to "age ye rooz" and remebering him, but for all the love that you had for this gentleman do you think your being fair to yourself, and i want you to think about this carefully, to just put down the weapons and thank him endlessly for what he has brought in to your life? don't you think your love for him deserves an all-out war, instead of fighting tiny and mind-consuming battles here and there?

I am sorry but you will never going to find a passionate love like that (as passionate as you claim your love was for him) no matter what your family or closest friends want you to believe. it is just something that will not realistically happen. and why should you surrender to the notion that your heart will "break a thousand times" and "maybe this is how it is supposed to be" and if so, why falling in love in the first place?

I do believe in Kismat and faith, but i also believe in giving it your more than best. I know a lot of iranian men and women disagree with me(don't worry. i have plenty of space for each and every one of your emails:) and go to the farthest logical and illogical! extent to make it look not worth fighting for and MOVING ON, but come on, do you seriously think they mean what they say? if you delve into most lives and people with such lifestyles and beliefs, what kind of truth do you think will come out? isn't it a real fact in most cases, if not all that facing the past is such a dreaded concept that makes people run for the future and embrace it, even though the future might give them a raw deal?

I'd encourage everyone who reads this to please just take a moment and reflect upon that. When it comes to relationships, unless we are caught in a cycle of violence and abuse, Our displeasure with our choice of partner in life and our huge excitment into MOVING ON explore furhter options, is indicative of lack of a deep and careful analysis of our feelings. Hang in there girl. fight tooth and nail if we have to. don't listen to no one but your heart's voice and let that be your guiding light in your love life. Good luck.

Hang in there. fight tooth and nail for him if you have to

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By Kourosh Saghafi



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