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See the angels fly away
On September 11

September 4, 2002
The Iranian

Raise me high,
raise me high above your heads,
and I'll protect you from the rain,
from the terror and the pain.

Wrap me in your finest linen,
carry me through the empty streets,
take me to the neighborhoods
of broken dreams and stolen childhoods.

Take me to my mother's arms,
away from death, away from harm.
Take me to my father's table,
let me sit there at his feet,
kiss his hand this one last time,
feel his strength ward off defeat.

So raise me high,
raise me high above your heads,
and in the ocean of your hands,
let me sail,
let me drift,
aimless, carefree and bereft.
I'll be feather in the wind,
sailing towards its resting place.

Once we get there set me down,
hold my hand and gather 'round.
Bring some flowers,
play some music,
just pretend we're on a picnic.

And when I look down and see my self,
see my brothers' cursing death,
I'll smile at them,
bring out the sun,
make the darkness go away,
and reinvent this sordid day.

And when you pass me on the way
to see your loved ones one last time,
I will be there at their side,
to guide them through this final journey,
out of harm's way,
into safety.

Don't cry for me,
don't shed a tear,
I'm always with you
... have no fear.

I'm the ocean,
I'm the sea,
I came here to set you free.

I'm the warmth of summer days,
I'm the glimmer in the snow,
I'm the breeze that strokes your hair,
I bring you love, and not despair.

So raise me high,
raise me high above your heads,
let me go home to our Father,
and offer him your silent prayer.

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Borzoo Elahi

By Borzoo ELahi

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September 11
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