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Dec 22, 1997
Ho ho no more -- Kissing Christmas good-bye. By Hamid Taghavi

Dec 18, 1997
So what gives? -- The confusing business of Christmas greetings. By Nersi Ramazan-nia

Dec 12, 1997
My fantasy dinner with Reza Pahlavi -- "So, how have you been?" I asked. By Bruce Bahmani

Dec 11, 1997
Merry Mitra -- Celebrating Mitra's birthday on Chirstmas. By Hashem Farhang

Dec 9, 1997
Islam in America -- A personal search for an identity leads to a larger look at Muslims in America. By Nasser Sagheb

Dec 2, 1997
For the record -- A detailed report on the Iran-Australia match. By Hamid Taghavi

Dec 1, 1997
Merci Hamshahri -- Mahdiyeh Javid describes her brief meeting with football sensation, Khodadad Azizi (Persian).

Nov 28, 1997
The boys are in Melbourne
The national soccer team arrives for Saturday's fateful game against Australia. A report from Melbourne...

Nov 18, 1997
Room-full of fans
Japan scored the winning goal in over time, sudden death. Are we finished? Are we out? By Hamid Rafi

Oct 24, 1997
Oh sweet rebellion -- Watching (and admiring) girl rebel over techno music. By Ramin Tabib

Oct 22, 1997
Children of booq-o-shaypoor-- Soccer and Iranian national identity in an Irish pub. By By Ali Diba

Oct 6, 1997
What a wonderful life -- World Cup soccer fever: "Ali-e Daie... Jam-e Jahani..." By Hooshyar Naraghi

Oct 6, 1997
Might have, could have -- Mansoor Bahrami is a tennis genius, ten years too late. By Robert Phillip

Sept 8, 1997
Home: Everywhere and nowhere
Searching for Home from Iran to France to Holland to... By Shahram Sharif

Sept 4, 1997
Jasmine that takes me to places where I have to leave words behind. By Farzaneh Milani

Aug 29, 1997
Spy: Agent Sharp
Diaries of a top secret spy in Iran. Kheyli seri!

Aug 27, 1997
On loan to the world
My daughter joined the Peace Corps. To carry out my world vision. By Kamran Seyed Moussavi

Aug 13, 1997
Kenaar kooh, raahat raa gom nemeekoni (Persian)
An interview with playwrite, director & actor Farhad Aeesh. By J. Javid

Aug 9, 1997
Smiling through airport security
What to do when you're treated as a terrorist at the airport. By Mazloom Qoli

Aug 7, 1997
Hakem-e Ask (Persian) == Go figure (English)
A chat with the "queen" of Ab-Ask village, east of Tehran. Really. By Parivash Berenji; Parisa Tashakori

Aug 5, 1997
Bandeh Shaahedam (Persian) == I was there (English)
Mohsen Makhmalbaf says sale of Iranian films to Israel had official approval.

Beema'refat (and proud of it)
Will not play host, driver, lawyer, tour guide to any more family members. By Ramin Tabib

More than a country of Ayatollahs
Interview with Roxane Farmanfarmaian, co-author of "Blood & Oil: Memoirs of a Persian prince".

The inside story
An excerpt from "Blood & Oil: Memoirs of a Persian prince". By Manucher & Roxane Farmanfarmaian

Diling diling communications
dAyi Hamid is back, with a vengenece!

Aqa Ne'mat
Aghassi: Looti, khAki and javoonmard. By Aref Erfani

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