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Jaat khaali...
Searching for lost relatives, friends

May 17, 1999
The Iranian

It is not easy to find lost loved ones - friends or relatives. But the Internet has a global reach and, you never know, someone somewhere might see your message and voila! F. M. Paknejad posted a message and found her father after a 23-year search. There are countless others, such as Debbie Kimball-Ritter, who are still searching.

Are you looking for someone special too? Send your message. We will post lost & found messages once every few months. You never know...

Here are the latest lost & found messages:

- F.M. Paknejad: You completed my life
Debbie Kimball-Ritter: Longing for connection

- Father: Mehrzad Mostashari
- Friend: Roya Mortazavi

- Meican niece: Rosa Ixchel
- NIOC: Maryam Jamshidi
- San Diego: Yahdollah Attar-Nezhad

- Community school: Nahid Rad
- Uncle: Mohammad Daneshzadeh Tabrizi
L.A.: Bahman Tirgan

- Did you attend: Hadaf #2 for girls?
- Father: Ghulam Hussin Ahmadi
- Kerman: R. Shadravan & M. Shahbazkhani
- Manila, Philippines: Karim Rad
- Germany: Amir Rahvarian

- Friend: Hossein Soltani
- New York: Lida Nadimi-Rezaie
- England: Daryoush Tahmasebi
- Canada: Morteza Sotouhi
- Old friend: Ahmad Ahkavan

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I long to feel some connection

I was born in Teheran, Iran. I don't know the exact date but records from an orphanage state that April 22, 1960, was the day that the police found me; a newborn baby girl weighing very little, on the sidewalk and brought me to a local orphanage. A few months later I was transferred to the Shah's sister's orphanage.

As you may sense, I am ignorant of names and locations for I was adopted and raised by an American family since the age of two, at which time I was brought to New Jersey in the United States. They were an American army family, stationed in Tehran, living on a military base. Their names are Marie and Norman Kimball. They had a son, age seven, also named Norm. Their neighbor was a relative, Carol and Joe Sobiech and their three children; Patty, Bobby and Dennis...

I have been told by them frequently that they hated Iran and that I look like a Jew, therefore they would not display pictures of me in their home. I have often felt like an outsider, waiting to be united with my blood relatives, hoping they would find me beautiful; inside and out. Since I was young and to this day, I am approached by other Iranian-Americans, of their initiative. This is extremely validating to my soul. I have also been told that I more resemble a Jewish Iranian, which I find ironic because I have been drawn to Judaism since I was young but was raised in a Catholic family ... FULL TEXT

Debbie Kimball-Ritter

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You completed my life

I would like to thank you for everything. In January [1999] I found my father, thanks to a man that had seen my ad in your lost and found page. I had been searching for my father for 23 years and finally out of the blue I find him. He lives in France and is married with three boys. I went to France at the end of January to meet him and his family. It was the best time of my life. Well I just wanted to write and thank you so much for completing my life.

F.M. Paknejad

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Roya Mortazavi

I have a friend I would like to find. Her name is Roya Mortazavi. She went to the University of Montevallo during the 70's. Her father was a doctor in Tehran. I'm sure she is married now. She also had a brother who went to school at UAB in Birmingham, Alabama.

Pat Ebrahimi

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My father's relatives

My name is Phil Mostashari Mena' and I am seeking information on my father who was a colonel in the Iranian air force. His name was Mehrzad Mostashari, and he supposedly died in a plane crash in 1982. He trained here in my city, San Antonio, Texas, back in 1968-69 when he met my mother.

By unknown circumstances, they were unable to marry, and he returned to Iran where he married and had two daughter, one I believe named Negin.The source who provided this information was unable to provide any more information and could help me no further.

What I am seeking is to meet and connect my father's family. This is of the utmost importance to me, especially when you consider that I have never seen my father nor know what he looked like. If you can help me with this endeavor I would be eternally grateful.

You can email me at or if you prefer to write, my address is Phil Mostashari Mena', PO BOX 15561, San Antonio TX 78212-8761, U.S.A.

Phil Mostashari Mena'

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Mohammad Daneshzadeh Tabrizi

Hi there ! My Name is Mahdi Daneshzadeh Tabrizi, I'm searching for my uncle Mohammad Daneshzadeh Tabrizi, I've been searching for him on the whole web. Your site is my last try. Maybe he'll find a massage or something like this. If you know him or his email address, send it to me! Or give him my email adress.

Mahdi Daneshzadeh Tabrizi

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Hadaf #2 Girls High School

Did you attend Hadaf #2 Girls High School in Tehran? Please contact Ladan Ehteshami at 909 387-6287 or 909 824-3156 for information and renewal of friendship.

Ladan Ehteshami

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Ghulam Hussin Ahmadi

Hello, my name is Gholnecsar Muhammad, and I am in seaech of a man named Ghulam Hussin Ahmadi. He is my father whom I never had the opportunity to meet. If anyone could help me or provide any information, I will be grateful. Thank you.

Gholnecsar Muhammad

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Reza Shadravan & Majeed Shahbazkhani

Looking for Reza Shadravan and Majeed Shahbazkhani from Kerman. My email address is

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Karim Rad

I'm looking for a friend and former schoolmate of mine named Karim Rad. We both attended the School of Architecture at Far Eastern University in Manila, Philippines. If you have any information please email me at Thank You,

Martin Saavedra

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Hossein Soltani

I am looking for a lost friend. His name is Hossein Soltani. He went to the University of Iowa, Iowa City. That was his last known whereabouts back in 1979. If anybody out there knows of his current whereabouts, would you please email me? Thank you.

Brandon Belton

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Nahid Rad

I am a graduate of Community High School Tehran, 1973. I have tracked down many of my dear Iranian friends. The only missing gem is Nahid Rad, class of 1974. If you know of her please let me know. I last heard she was in Chicago.

Asif Ahmad

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Lida Nadimi-Rezaie

Hi, my name is Behrouz Jahanmir living in Frankfurt since 1981. I am looking for Lida Nadimi-Rezaie living in New York with her sister Haleh. I lost the contact since she went to New York.

Behrouz Jahanmir

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Maryam Jamshidi

Hi, my name is Ziba. I have been in the U.S. for 20 years. I am looking for a long-lost friend who I think might be living in the the U.S. Her name is Maryam Jamshidi and she is about 39 years old. Her father used to work for the Iranian oil company in Tehran.


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Bahman Tirgan

I am trying to find an old friend I used to know when I was in Los Angeles. His name is Bahman Tirgan. He worked in computer graphic design. If you can help, please contact me. Thank you.

Anet Ghazarian

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Rosa Ixchel

Hello. I'm a Mexican. I am looking for my niece Rosa Ixchel, who lives in Iran. My sister Teresa Sanchez met Medhi Dagsheit (phonetic sound) in the U.S. They married and came to Mexico for two months and then returned to Iran. They have a child named Rosa Ixchel. My sister and Medhi had marital problems and she retuend to Mexico, but without Rosa Ixchel. I have been seaching for Rosa for more than two years through the Internet. Please help if you can.

Hugo Sanchez

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Amir Rahvarian

I am David Martirosians. I am looking for a good friend of mine by the name of Amir Hosain Rahvarian. We both lived in Weisbaden/Germany until I moved to United States. I would like to hear from him so please contact if you can provide any information! Thank you!"

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Daryoush Tahmasebi

My name is Richard Cheesmar. I am looking for someone called Daryoush Tahmasebi, and was wondering if there is any way that I may be able to use sources in Iran to see if he is there. He must be aged around 60-63. He was residing in the United Kingdom in the early 1960's was married in England at a registry office in Portsmouth in 1961. In 1963 he had a son whom he called Mark.

I have no record of him after 1963, and believe he may have gone back to Iran. I know that he was from Tehran orginally. His father's name was Ebrahim Tahmasebi. I think his wife's name is Azar. If you know of any way I may be able to locate him in Iran I would be most grateful. I realize that it is a long shot but it is important Thank you for any assistance you may be able to give me.

Richard Cheesmar

Tel: +44 1323 417782
Fax: +44 1323 417809

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Morteza Sotouhi

Salam! I am looking for Morteza Sotouhi in Canada. He is from Ahvaz and I want to know how he is. Jamshid Sayyadi wants to know where you are and why you don't call and send letters to him. This is very important for him, so please contact Ahwaz and tell him how you are.

Siamak Hashemi

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Ahmad Ahkavan

I am looking for an old friend from Iran, Ahmad Ahkavan. He owned a company called Tolito in the construction equipment business. He was a family friend who spent time in Wyoming with a couple named Burnetts. Ahmad worked as an engineer for NIOC. I met him and his family in Iran in the late 70's - near 1978 if I remember, when I was moving there to sell equipment.

Dean Johnson

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Yahdollah Attar-Nezhad

I am searching for a friend of my husband. Last known city of residence was in San Diego, CA. The spelling of the family name may be incorrect, but here I go. His name is Yahdollah Attar-Nezhad. One daughter's name was Laleh and son's name Ruzbeh. Who is interested? My husband's name is Ardeshir Farhang, my name is Lila (his wife). I know this is a long shot, but heh, what the heck, I'm giving it a try. We are presently living in Ottawa, Ontario, and our email address is Thank you for your time and keep up the good work.

Lila Farhang

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