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I long to feel some connection

I was born in Teheran, Iran. I don't know the exact date but records from an orphanage state that April 22, 1960, was the day that the police found me; a newborn baby girl weighing very little, on the sidewalk and brought me to a local orphanage. A few months later I was transferred to the Shah's sister's orphanage.

As you may sense, I am ignorant of names and locations for I was adopted and raised by an American family since the age of two, at which time I was brought to New Jersey in the United States. They were an American army family, stationed in Tehran, living on a military base. Their names are Marie and Norman Kimball. They had a son, age seven, also named Norm. Their neighbor was a relative, Carol and Joe Sobiech and their three children; Patty, Bobby and Dennis.

I give all of this detailed information with the hope that the maids that worked for these two families might read this and remember. My motivation for sharing this life-story is to locate any Iranian family or friends of theirs. Recently I met with a psychic (for the fun of it) who informed me that I have a sister who is looking for me and that my biological mother's parents forced her to give me up possibly due to my father not being of the same religious belief. I need to believe....

I was greatly discouraged by my adopted parents to research my origins based on their fears and perceptions of unknown political strife and mistrust. In the eyes of a young child, I knew I was different and continue to feel that something is missing and that someone is out there wondering where I am. I do not have plans to impose on others' lives but at the very core of my existence, I long to feel some connection to a family member.

Unfortunately, I did not have this connection with my adopted family. Yes, I am grateful that they came forth to love an abandoned child as best as they could, but that is in the hands of a power greater than ourselves, therefore I accept my life as it unfolds. I do not however look like the Irish-American couple that adopted me, nor do I share many characteristics or traits with them, including their prejudicial thoughts and beliefs. It has only served to further open my mind and enlighten me to what good there is in all persons.

I have been told by them frequently that they hated Iran and that I look like a Jew, therefore they would not display pictures of me in their home. I have often felt like an outsider, waiting to be united with my blood relatives, hoping they would find me beautiful; inside and out. Since I was young and to this day, I am approached by other Iranian-Americans, of their initiative. This is extremely validating to my soul. I have also been told that I more resemble a Jewish Iranian, which I find ironic because I have been drawn to Judaism since I was young but was raised in a Catholic family.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to have this published. I am an honest, intelligent and passionate person who longs to know her real family. I have loved them my whole life and have always felt that something was missing. As I get older, I would like to have medical information from my family of origin as I just turned 39 and work as a social worker in a medical center where I am constantly asking people about their family's genetic disposition to better treat them, but know nothing of my own.

If there are suggestions or directives that may be available to me in my search, please inform me. I can be reached by email at: Or by calling me at: (732) 222-2215 (my work number where I spend many long hours!). Thank you.


Debbie Kimball-Ritter

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