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Searching for friends and relatives

November 13, 2000
The Iranian

Messages received from readers seeking lost friends and relatives:

Aghdam, Masood
Ahmadi Fard, Khashayar
Air Force pilot

Armal, Mila
Assyrians in Urmia
Azanchi, Cousins
Azar High School
Azari, Afshin Hassan
Baghaei, Reza

Berenjian, Vahid
Bloch, Pamela
Buffalo & New Hampshire
Boromand, Firozeh
Boromand, Fereshteh
Bozorgzad, Hassan

Communitry School
Dadgar, Ali
Dehghani, Mitra
Faridani, Arshia

Farokhseresht, Yas
Fatahi Kasili, Homa
Feizy, Navid

Fereidooni, Afsaneh
Firouzabadian, Farshid
Friends from UK and Iran
Ghajar, Mansour
Ghotbzadeh, Sadegh
Haji Ebrahemi, Mojgan
Hekmat Yazdi, Seyed "Eddie"
Hojjat, Mehrzad
Hosseini, Shadman
Imperial Medical Center of Iran
Iranpanah, Assad

Izadshans, Frazad
Jahangardi, Markaz-e
Jahani, Soroush
Jamshidi, Maryam
Jalil, Lotfali Sardar
Jalali, Mir-Javid

Kamalzadeh, Kambiz
Karami, John (Jahanbakhsh)
Khaksar, Said
Khaksar, Sarah
Kharazmi High School
Khazaei, Kuros
Korosh Khodabandeloo

Khorashadi, Farhad
Khoshnevisan, Reza
Kiani, Mohammad Hassan
Kiani, Niloofar
Lotfizadeh, Mozhgan

Many friends
Massomi, Hatef
Mirdamadi, Hossein
Mohammadi, Niloofar
Moshrefi, Mansoor

Motia, Foad
Naseri-Zafar, Bahram
Nosrat, Amir
Partoazam, Mohsen
Radfar, Fariborz
Rahimzadeh, Ezatollah

Razzaghipour, Reyhaneh
Rezaie, S.
Sadeh, Ali
Sanai, Azizollah

Shakery, Reza
Sharevish, Syamak
Sharif Homayun, Mahtab
Shemirani, Abbas
Soltan-ol-Ketabi, Hossein
Tabriz High schools
Vaziri, Abbas
Villa, Melina Khatereh
Yasrebi, Elham

Zarifipour, Niloufar

Fariborz Radfar

My brother Fariborz Radfar vanished 15 years ago. If anyone has any information about him please Email me or contact me i the U.S. at (727) 772-0594. He is 37-years-old and medium height.

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Homa Fatahi Kasili

My name is Amir Massoud Fatahi-Kasili, and I live in England/Nottingham. I am searching for my sister (HOMA FATAHI -KASILI), who left Iran for U.S.A in 1964 to study,and since early 70's we lost all contacts with her ,her lost known address was in Houston Texas. I belive she married ,and her husband name was Joseph Ottum. Many thanks if you can help.

Amir Massoud Fatahi-Kasili

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S. Rezaie

This is going to sound like an extremely insane request and I am not sure how to even begin to explain. I am an American citizen who has fallen deeply in love with an Iranian man who is originally from Iran. Our love story is long and involved, as are most, but in a nutshell, there are circumstances beyond our control that keep us apart.

My need is to locate his family who reside in Tehran. What I know is that they are an affluent family that own and operate one of the largest companies dealing with the purchase and selling of raw copper. I know they also own a mine of some sort (marble or copper--not sure) and that the brothers of the family are in the final stages of fulfilling the deceased father's last dream of building a mall in a place that is near an old graveyard (I think or maybe an airfield) and the second half of their name is Rezaie. The beginning starts with an S.

It is my soul's desire to be with this man, no matter what the cost and somehow I just know that contact with his mother will be able to change our situation. If you can be of ANY form of assistance, I would greatly appreciate it: names, ideas, companies, etc. ANYTHING.

I know this has NOTHING to do with your line of work, but I am reaching out to any and all that might be of assistance. I appreciate and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time and possible assistance.

Malia Legros

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Said and Sarah Khaksar

I am searching for Said and Sarah Khaksar of Tehran, Iran. Sarah is my beautiful daughter that I have not seen in seven years. Her dad; Said was my lifetime love. Many times people make mistakes and when they do, they always hurt the ones they love most.

Said's parents are Javad Khaksar and Tayebeh Rastegar of Tehran, Iran. I do not seek too do harm, but to make peace with Said. I want to be a part of his and Sarah's life. I would like for them to either come to the United states for a visit, or allow me to come to Iran to visit with them.

This is what I want more than anything in the world. If Said has found a wife, I would only wish him happiness, and I would not seek to destroy what God has joined together, but we are both parents to our daughter Sarah, and she deserves to have both parents.

I pray that you would publish this, and that by some miracle from God, Said will read it and respond.

Terry Mcmahan

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Azizollah Sanai

I would greatly appreciate it. I am looking for Mr. Azizollah Sanai. He used to be my teacher and school principal in Tehran when I was 10 years to 14 years old. I used to go to Afrand elementry school in Tehran. I don't remember the name of the street but the famous Andre sandwich shop was at the corner of our street (with the famouse Olivieh sandwiches!). Mr. Sanai was my mentor as a child. The moral values and principals I have today all came from him.

I would very much like to find him and see him, no matter where in the world he is. I just hope he is still alive and well. I had many dreams about him over the years and went back to Iran twice just to find him with no success. If anyone knows about him please tell him NAHID DEHGHANI still remembers and loves him and would love to hear from him. My e-mail address is:

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Assad Iranpanah

I have been living in Australia since 1983. I am looking for a friend Dr Assad Iranpanah, who is residing somewhere in the U.S. I would appreciate an email from him or from anybody else who knows him

Iradj Yassini

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Abbas Vaziri

My father's name is Abbas Vaziri and in the early 70's (1973-1975) was stationed at Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas thru the Iranian military. My mother's name is Alice Hernandez and he first met my aunt on the base Lilly Hernandez when she brought him home to meet her family.

After my mom became pregnant, my father was going to marry her, but for some reason he was put in prison in Tehran and was supposed to be released July 2, 1975 and in his letters he expresed how much he loved my mom and me. He says in his letters that he was going to meet my mom at the airport on July 2 at 8:30 pm. My mom's address that he wrote to was 1515 Lamar St San Antonio, 78202 USA.

I believe he continued to live in Tehran or maybe he stayed in prison longer. The only kind of address I have is Iran, Abadan. I am now 23 years old and was born on Feb. 15,1976. My father would be around his mid 40's and about 6 ft.

It would mean everything to me if I could find him or anyone who knows of him.

Michelle H Martin

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I am looking for an old friend of mine from 1977. His name is Massoud. I can't remember his last name, but he lived in Smithers, West Virginia in 1977 and went to school at West Virginia Polytechnic Institute, located in Montgomery, West Virginia. I have searched for many years but can't find him. He lived in a small mobile home on the same street as me. My name is Marie Fair. I was 17 when we met and his daughter who is 21 now would like to meet him.

Marie Fair

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Fariba Nadimi

My name is Jochen Leffers. I'm living in Bochum, a city in Germany. My girlfriend Hamideh is looking for a former school friend named Fariba Nadimi. They both visited school in Narmak which is a part of Tehran. In the year 1982 or 1983 Fariba left Tehran with her whole family. As far as Hamideh knows they probably moved to London but this is not really sure. Fariba Nadimi must be about 27 or 28 years old now. Her family is rather large and she's probably the youngest child. We would be very thankful for each hint about Fariba Nadimi. If anybody has informations don't hesitate to contact me!

Jochen Leffers

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Mohammad Hassan Kiani

My name is Summer Tatone and I live here in Dallas, Texas. I am trying to find my Iranian father. I'm sorry to make this so short and quick but I hope that you will take the time to respond. My father's name is Mohammad Hassan Kiani and I belive he is from Isfahan. He served in the Imperial Iranian Air Force in 1975/76 stationed in Millington, Tennessee USA for training. My mother's names is Patricia K. Jones (Kathy) if you have any information that will help me in my search please contact me. Email: Phone: 972-871-2980 or 214-287-4055.

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Air Force pilot

My name is Nancy and I am 22-years old. I am searching for my father who was a pilot stationed in America in 1976. My father's first name is Mohamed and last name starts with a Sajmi but, I am not sure on the spelling of the last name because my mother did not know the exact spelling. I do know he was in the air force stationed in Big Springs, Texas in 1976-1977. He was a pilot and he was in the 42nd precint.

Please, if possible rely this information to the Prince Reza Pahlavi. I have reason to believe that he may have information about my father. I hope he can help me retrieve the last name and/or his family back in Iran so that they may know of his whereabouts. If you have any more questions or need further information please contact at 662-349-9548.

I would greatly appreciate anyone who can help or direct me in the right direction to find him. I would like to start by locating his family members in Iran. I would like to place an add in nationwide Iranian publication in hopes that someone can give me some clue as to his where abouts. If this publications is interested please email me back at the above address. I sincerely thank you and am anxiously awaiting to hear back from someone.


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Firozeh & Fereshteh Boromand

I hope I will be able to find you after more than 20 years. I am looking for Firozeh and Fereshteh Boromand who are sisters and both used to be close friends of mine. They both left Iran for further education in Rome, Italy. I have tried to find them through their father in Iran, but unfortunately with no luck. Fereshteh and I used to work at the Kanoon Parvaresh in Tehran. I would be delighted to hear from them.

Shekoofeh Sussman

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Cousins Azanchi

I am looking for my cousins: Reza Azanchi, Javad Azanchi, Roya Azanchi, Ali and Masoomeh Azanchi. If you see this please contact me.

Ali Dae' Jon

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Azar High School

I am looking for anyone who attended Azar High School in Tehran in 1973/4. In particular a Mr. Shahrestani who was good at math and who followed his university studies in the U.S.

Ahmad Sadjadian

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Hossein Soltan-ol-Ketabi

I have been searching the net for a long lost friend of my sister. If any body out there would happen to have his last known where abouts would you please conact me at His name is Hossein Soltanolketabi, or Hossein Soltani for short version.

He came to the States for his study. He lived in Burlington, Iowa, and done some studies there. He then left and went to the University of Iowa. This was around 1978 to 1981 or so. He was going into the medical field. I lost contact in 1979 to 1981. He then later on moved to Texas.

He could of went back to his country. He was from Isfahan. He also had another older brother who was also in the medical field.

Brandon Belton

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Afshin Hassan Azari

I have been in search of my father and/or his family for the last eight years. I was hoping that I might be able to receive some information from you. My father was Afshin Hassan Azari and he was in military training in the U.S. at Vance Air Force Base during the early 70's. Any information that you could provide would be greatly appreciated, even if it is only advice on where I can seek help locating his family.

E. Azari

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Sadegh Ghotbzadeh

I have great interest in finding a man by the name of Sadegh Ghotbzadeh. This was a man, who during the 1980 Hostage Crisis, was the Spokesman or Negotiator for Khomeini. He handled a lot of Khomeini negotiations with the US. He was also assassinated or killeded somewhere around this time. Could you please, help me find any information on this gentlemen, what he did, and ( would be greatly appreciated ) a picture of him.

Derek W. Pruitt

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Reza Baghaei

Dear Reza, this is Khashayar Shams. for several years I am looking for you. As you probably remember me in Technical high school in Taghiabad of Mashad. And I remember that your father was working in Pakhsh-e Hejrat. Email me at

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Khashayar Ahmadi Fard

Dear Khashayar, this is Khashayar Shams. You certainly remember Razi High School and our education. (1364/65). I am eagerly looking for that period. If you see this message (I guess you are in Sweden) please reply to this address:

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Mehrzad Hojjat

This is Katayoun Shams. I am looking for a very good friend of mine, whom I've lost for years. Her name is Mehrzad Hojjat.We had been clasemates in Asadi High School. I will be very glad if I can find her. Email me at

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High schools in Tabriz

Is anybody anywhere on this planet who has attended Anoushiravan or Mehr Highschool in Tabriz from 1971 to 1977.

Karim Ghazi Wakili

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Maryam Jamshidi

My name is Ziba Babajanian and I am looking for a long lost friend. Her name is Maryam Jamshidi. Her dad used to work for the oil company in Tehran. The last time I heard from her was 20 years ago, telling me that she wants to travel to America. Please, if anyone knows her or her whereabouts, contact me

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Bahram Naseri-Zafar and Foad Motia

My name is Hamid Davoodi. I am looking for two college friends of mine: Bahram Naseri-Zafar and Foad Motia. We shared the house at 231 Grimsby Road, Cleethorpes, South Humberside, England from 1975 to 1977 when we studied at Grimsby College of Technology. Bahram moved to Louiville, Kentacky and Foad to Chicago. I am very keen to get in touch with them. I live in London. Email

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Vahid Berenjian

I am looking for Vahid Berenjian (aka Jason Berenjian). He has a sister, Azita in Boston, MA. Any info please email me at

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Seyed "Eddie" Hekmat Yazdi

Please help me get in touch with a friend. He left the Philippines more than eight years ago and we have not heard from each other since then. I would only want to know how he has been. He's such a nice guy and worth keeping as a friend.

I have a family of my own now and I am sure he also has his. I just would like to keep old friends. His name is Seyed Hekmat Yazdi. We used to call him "Eddie". He finished dentistry here in Manila, the Manila Central University. Please give him my e-mail address. Thank you and whatever help you can extend to me will be greatly appreciated.

Marisol O. Guarisma

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Hossein Mirdamadi

I am looking for my friend Hossein Mirdamadi. We both attended Hadaf middle school together. Maybe you can help me find him.

Hamid Movahedi

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Pamela Bloch

In the November 30 1998 Cover Story "Where on earth?" there was an note from Pamela Bloch looking for her father Freidoun Pirzadeh. Her address was listed as I have been unable to send any mail to the above address. I would like to contact her. My address is

Parviz Moarefi

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Niloofar Kiani & Maryam and Niloofar Mohammadi

If anybody attended the textile engineering course at Isfahan University of Tech between 1985-1989, I would like to hear from them. In particular, the following: Niloofar Kiani, Maryam and Niloofar Mohammadi, give us a shout, won't ya!

R. Shamey, UK

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Shadman Hosseni

I'm looking for a Shadman Hosseni. I met him in Phoenix, Arizona during December 1998 and I'm wondering where he is now. My name is Sharon and can be reached at

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Dr. Mir-Javid Jalali

I am an Australian who met Dr. Mir-Javid Jalali in1994 in Irvine California. He was a great personal help to me in the business I tried to set up there. He is a geophysicist originally and had a company called Espex, I believe. It was in international bartering, the ship his company owned was the Espex, until his fourth wife got that, I believe.

He was setting up an Inkeeper Business which was doing well in 1996 last I spoke time to him. He was a Mason as well as The Air Force and Navy Reserve. All THIS AND I STILL CANNOT FIND HIM.

In 1973 thereabouts he won the Inventor Of the Year Award. I have filed a Provisional Patent on a totally new product and was giving him first look at there. He was a refugee from Iran I beleive with no money when he landed in Western Australia. He left in four years with over one million and as Aussies were so good to him he would help me. I would be grateful for any help in this matter Dr Jalali.

John Brennan

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Kuros Khazaei

I have been looking for many years for my lost father. His name is Kuros Khazaei and he is originally from Tehran. He was last seen in England in 1961. My father was studying engineering at Canterbury Technical College and will be 64 years old this year.

I am very eager to meet him, not so that I can profit from our meeting but so that I might become sure of who I am and where I have come from. I intend to visit Iran this year and I want to understand that of me that sets me apart from those who have raised me.

I do hope that there is someone out there who can help me. I have been adopted by my step father who was good to me but I have always hankered after an understanding my own.

Duncan Roy

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Assyrians in Urmia

My parents were Assyrians from the Urmia area. The name of the town they are from is Goulpashan. I am trying to learn more about the area and even locate some email recipients there. Can you please help. Thank you very much.

Ron David

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Reza Shakery

My father was deported to Iran on march 16, 1981. His name is Reza Shakery. His mother's name was Fatima, his father's name is Darvish. He owned a carpet business. His brothers name was Habib, another brother named Mohammad, and a sister named Marnush. He had a cousin named Mirani.Reza was born on August 10, 1946. I believe he is 54 years old today. If you know him or have information that may lead to him please e-mail me at or call me in the USA at 401-351-1929.

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Reza Khoshnevisan

My name is Ali Ansari. I am looking for a very good friend of mine, Reza Khoshnevisan, who I have lost contact with for the past 14 years. We both used to live in north of Tehran (Yousefabad) for nearly nine years. He is now 30 years old, with three sisters (Samaneh, Shima and Homeyra). I believe he might either be living in USA or Canada. If you know of him, please please email me to the following address:

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Syamak Sharevish

I worked with Syamak Sharevish in Potters Bar, Herts UK in mid ninetees. Please find him!

Simon Englander

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John (Jahanbakhsh) Karami

I am searching for the family of my friend John (Jahanbakhsh) Karami. John lived in Queensland, Australia, until recently and had no family there. John married and had five children in Queensland. I need to get a message to his family in Iran that John is no longer alive due to unforseen circumstances. John was 33 years old. If you can help It would be much appreciated

Stan Glennie

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Imperial Medical Center of Iran

This message is to all students who had been admitted to University of Medical Sciences of Iran( formerly Imperial Medical Center of Iran located in vanaq square) between 1978 and 1980. We are some graduates from that school and we live in Washington D.C and we would like to find our friends in USA or all over the world. If you get this message, please contact Mehrdad at

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Amir Nosrat - Lotfali Sardar Jalil

I am compiling a family history since we have a book on our family history. In order to add to my novel , I am searching for information/history on our immediate family Amir Nosrat - Lotfali Sardar Jalil. I am enquiring if you have any information, I cannot find any through your website and am desperately seeking some information. Our family name is Golbadi from Sari, Iran the above being the grandfather. Please have you got any assistance? I am in the UK. Please email me with any help.


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Mojgan Haji Ebrahemi

I am looking for a friend of mine whose name is Mojgan Haji ebrahemi . If you have any information please

Mohammad Moradi

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Friends from UK and Iran

I am looking for friends from UK and Iran with whom I went to school.: Ali Sadeh, Hassan Bozorgzad, Korosh Khodabandeloo, Soroush Jahani, Mansour from Khoozestan, Javad, Mohsen Partoazam, Mansour Ghajar, If you know of any of these people, please write.

Nouri Badiee

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Please advise if you can assist me to locate a family in Iran, the Dalaeis. Mr. Dalaei, the head of the family worked for Iran Air in the late 1980's in the electronics department. I also remember the name of his daughter Mastaneh. I would be ever so grateful for any assistance I could obtain from you in locating this family or at least to know they are well.

Patrick Ng'oma, Jr.
Lusaka, Zambia

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Reyhaneh Razzaghipour

Ive been searching for a friend endlessly. We were neighbors in Simi Valley, Ca in the 80's (I'm 21 now) but her family left for tehran. We never exchanged addresses. Im in San Diego now and dont know how to seach!! Any ideas? Her name was Reyhaneh Razzaghipour. Please help me.


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Ezatollah Rahimzadeh

I'm trying to locate a friend whom I've lost contact with. Last I had contact with him was when he moved to Sweden in 1980's. I'll appreciate if someone help me to find him. His name is EZATOLLAH RAHEEMZADEH (spelling may be different). We used to call him Raheem. He was an employee of National Oil Company during Pahlavi Dynasty in Tehran, Iran. If anyone has any information about him please email me.

Fereidoon Delfanian

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Melina Khatereh Villa

My name is Melina Khatereh Villa, I live in El Paso, Texas in the United States. I'm writing in regards to a satirical poem you have in called "Worship thy husband". My father's name is Mohammad Pouladi, and I am really hoping it is the artist you featured. Would there be any way possible that you can get me in touch with this man or help me find a way of knowing how to find him? It is very important to me and I beg you to please respond, I would really really appreciate it. You can't even begin to understand how much I want to find him, and please do not think this is a prank.

Melina Khatereh Villa

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Markaz-e Jahangardi

I was a UN volunteer in Iran in 1971 and 1972; the greatest two years of my life! Returned in 1976 and left in July 1979, also very great years. Returned for a one week visit in 1994 - guest of the government (some irony here). I attach a scan of a letter I once received from the then Minister to the Imperial Court. Would really welcome any contact from people I knew in the Markaz-e Armouzeh-e Jahangardi and later in the Madresseh Alii Khademat-e Ettelaat-e Jahangardi.

Christopher James Linney
Now living in Belgium

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Ali Dadgar

Mr. Ali Dadgar, my name is Mansoor and I was looking for your phone or address for so many years. Your first and last name is matched with the friend I am looking for. I knew an Ali Dadgar in Oklahoma City. But the person I knew was not an artist. Anyway, I am in California to find out if you are the right person I am looking for. SEE BELOW

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Mansoor Moshrefi

My name is Ali Dadgar, and I have been searching for my good friend Manssor Moshrefi for the past few years. I saw that Mansoor had posted a message for me in Kojaaie, but he had forgotten to include his e:mail or phone number, so I can contact him. Mansoor, when you get this message, send me an e:mail to the address below. SEE ABOVE

Ali Dadgar

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Mila Armal

I am looking for a friend of mine called Mila Armal. She used to go to Anooshiravan Dadgar High School 1978-1982. She was in the basketball team If you have any information about her please contact me.

Shirin Moalie

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Buffalo & New Hampshire

Could you help me ocate some long lost friends from Iiran who have been in the U.S. school at Suny Buffalo and teaching at the University of New Hampshir? We lost track. Their names are Mohsen, Shahrzad, Naseem, and Saba Bazargan. Mohsen and Shahrzad were students at Suny Buffalo and Mohsen was a statistics prof at the University of New Hampshire.

Eayna J Bosen

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Communitry School

My name is Pete Levine and I would like to encourage anyone who went to Community High School between '74-'79, or any year for that matter, to contact me. I am especially interested in particular students from the class of '79. . . Philip Martin (probably in Australia) Mark young (probably in the UK) Roshan Fouladi, and Babak Mogadam. Let me know. Thanks!

Pete Levine

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Farhad Khorashadi

Looking for a Farhad Khorashadi, S.I.U.-C'dale, IL, and UC-Riverside Graduate, last known living in Southern California, Riverside County. We once were friends, and I'd like to hear directly from him.-


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Masood Aghdam

I am looking for an old friend of mine. He was an undergraduate Air Force pilot at Reese Airforce Base during 1975-1976. His name is Masood Aghdam. Last I heard of him he returned to Iran and had to quit writing me. Any info will be appreciated.

M. Luna

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Kambiz Kamalzadeh

Would it be possible for you to run my message again? I was hoping to contact an old friend of mine, Kambiz Kamalzadeh, who went back to Iran in 1981. We kept up a correspondence for a while but I was moving around the country a lot and we lost contact.

Kamalzadeh lived in Karaj (near Tehran). This information is from 1982 and I know that a lot has happened in Iran during this time. I would be grateful if you could offer me some lead on this. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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Frazad Izadshans

I am looking for a friend of mine. His name is Frazad Izadshans. If you have any information, or know their whereabouts, please contact me.

Denamrk Vahid Ammari

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Farshid Firouzabadian

My name is Hamid Rasouli Sheydaye Karim, and I am looking for an old friend by the name of Farshid Firouzabadian last known to have lived in the U.S. We went to military service back in 1977-79 (Karkhane Babak). Also I want to get in touch with any of my old friends who remember me from Daryush High School (1971-73), Honarestane Tehran "sakhteman" (1973-77), and Hotel Beldeh, Istanbul (1982).

Hamid Rasouli Sheydaye Karim

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Niloufar Zarifipour

I am looking for my friend, Niloufar Zarifipour. We lived in the Myrdamad/Zafar area in Tehran and went to Zainab High School. I left Iran in 86 and still had contact till 87. Last I heard, She and her family had moved to Dubai. She should be 28-29 years old. I hope this will finally bring us back together as I have searched for her for over a decade now. Thank you so very much for your help.

Golboo Matinkhoo

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Abbas Shemirani

I am looking for Abbas Shemirani who attended Occidental College in Los Angeles during the late-1970's. We were very close for many years, and I am hoping to contact him again. If you can help, I would be very grateful.

Wendy Nelson Morical

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Hatef Massomi

I am searching for one of my old friend who is studying medicine in New York. His name is Hatef Massomi. Many thanks in advance to the people whom help in this regard.

Majid Hajatmand

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Yas Farokhseresht

I'm looking for one of my friends living in Canada, Yas Farokhseresht. I used yahoo and altavista search engines but i got no results, can you help me to find her?

Reza Heydarpour Meymeh

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Afsaneh Fereidooni

I am looking for Afsaneh Fereidooni. I know she moved to Canada, but that is it. If she could contact me it would be great. My email address is

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Mozhgan Lotfizadeh

My name is Pieter de Jager and I live in the Netherlands. I am searching for a woman with the name Mozhgan Lotfizadeh. She and her boyfriend/husband where immigrating to the United States in 1986. Her family (including her brother Mohsen) where already immigrated in 1981.

She was a good friend of an Iranian woman that I know and now live in the Netherlands. This woman wants to contact Mozhgan very much. If you can help with this search please reply this email. It is really very important for my friend.

Pieter de Jager

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Mahtab Sharif Homayun

I'm looking for Mahtab Sharif Homayun 29 years old . We were students in I.U.T (Isfahan University of Technology) she went to Paris more than seven years ago.

Mandana Asadi

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Navid Feizy

I am looking for one of primary school classmates, his name is Navid Feizy and we used to go to Kouros High School togeather.

Amirali Baniasadi

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Many friends

I have lost contact with a few people and would love to get back in touch with them. They are: Elham Yasrebi, Arshia Faridani Mohammadpour, Mitra Dehghani, and many more...

Fi Zahraei

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Kharazmi High School

Looking for good old friends in Kharazmi #1 High School and Pahlavi University.

Kaveh Bahar

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