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Peyvand Khorsandi

Axis of Evil in Washington DC show

May 29, 2002
The Iranian

Little fun
By Jahanshah Javid

This coming Saturday, June 1, Peyvand Khorsandi, Saman, Setareh Sabety and I will be taking over Washington DC. Yes... The best and brightest of the Axis of Evil will be paying G.W. a visit. George Washington University that is.


I was going to write something grand about the importance of the show. But the truth is, of course, there's nothing grand about it. We're just a bunch of (largely) irresponsible individuals who like to have fun by making fun of a world that tries very hard to take the fun out of life.

Screw the world. Join us for a little fun.

Peyvand with extra sauce
By Sheila Radmand

Comedian Peyvand Khorsandi, who is traveling from England to perform at the event, said he was "slightly apprehensive". Not about the show, but "the sheer amount of cheeseburgers I start consuming as soon as I hit American soil, " he said at a press conference at London's International Media Center.

This is Khorsandi's second show for the website and said he is a "big fan". When he did the Berkeley show in March he said he was worried about how people would react to his material. "I never thought I could do an impression of George Bush as a chimp and get away with it, " he said. "I never planned it, it just happened."

Having followed this website's letters page for a few months, he had expected the audience to be "made up to no small degree of right-wing nutters". He was, however, "pleasantly surprised".

"The audience was phenomenal, " he said. "People handed me their cards after the show. They were all PhDs, nuclear physics scientists, and car mechanics. Anyone could think it was a bomb-making seminar." So he is "eager to meet the Washington 'massive' as we say in London".

"That's the good thing about these gigs, " he said. "It reminds you that Iranians are so utterly diverse and talented and it's like they can think what they want outside, we have our own little secret."

Need a baby sitter?
By Setareh Sabety

The comedy night is approaching and I was asked to write a piece urging all you good readers, who can get to Washington DC on June 1st, to buy your tickets and show up to support this netzine.

As I was thinking of what would be a good way to approach this open invitation I remembered that Mr. Reza Pahlavi, who just became this netzine's Iranian of the year, lives in the DC area. I thought it appropriate to use this opportunity to extend an invitation not only to all of you, on behalf of, but also to our new man of the year, Reza P.:

Your Majesty,

I am writing to invite you to's June 1st comedy night to be held at George Washington University÷

I urge you to give us the pleasure of your company because we have many of your vocal supporters amongst our readers and even writers. You were recently chosen, by a clear majority, as the Iranian of the Year by the readers of our netzine. Should you choose to accept our invitation we will honor you that night.

Since you live so close to the location of the event, I am hoping, it would not be of great inconvenience to you to show up and make your followers happy.

How democratic a gesture your appearance would be to show us once and for all that you put your actions were your words are and you mingle with other compatriots, exiles and émigrés of your own generation. It would be worth canceling any other obligations you may have to seize this opportunity to show your real human side.

We know that the price of the tickets may be too steep for you, considering your tight. budget. It will be an honor to extend two free tickets to the show for you and your beautiful wife. They will be waiting at the door under your initials only (RP and Baanoo - for security purposes).

Also, should you need a ride please email me and I will arrange that as well. Should you need baby sitting I can share mine with you provided your girls are not too uncomfortable in someone else's home. They can bring their favorite video and we will order them pizza.

So please, Your Majesty, consider this invitation both as a sign of our appreciation for all your valiant efforts and as a great opportunity for you to show us that you, like all of us, are up for a good time.

Sincerely Yours,

Setareh Sabety

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