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Sarbaz imam zaman
We are pass this training, and they are send us for fight and war with Iraqi

By Hossein Hajiagha
November 6, 2002
The Iranian

Virtually unedited text. -- Editor

Some times I write letter to Iranian news paper... but they never publish my letter or my cartoons as Iranian cartoonist. because some times or must times my letter or cartoons go so sharp about Iranian Government and those Fucking Ayatola. This is a one of them, and I am sorry if I have some problem in my gramer.

The time be for school, and I be ready to start a new class like new years, but I don't know why I change my mind and idea. Then I go apply to be as soldier, because at this times Iran and Iraq was having war together. I don't know why I go but one reason because I lost my mothers many years a go and I saw is so hard for family to they taker of my school food and... and others, a poor family.

Any way, they are was send me to be soldier in Sepah Enghabe Islame because I be a good tham young atist and they thinks I be good for them painting from the Ayatolah Khomeni face. they are send me and others soldier to Ahvaz were so fucking hot and some times bombarded by Iraqi.

They send us to small camp no washroom no drinking good water no no nothings, evrey they brean washing us by vidotape from Ayatola Khomeine, he talk on TV or others Ayatolah. This camp be in place called Haft-tapeh near Avaz and Andimeshk.

I remember on they they are take us to river which is closed to this fucking camp, because they want teach us swimming and we also have shover what is happed on of the soldier dive in river and never back. he die, because he didn't know how to swim. His body find ed weeks later by native people. they call this solder as Shahed. he die in river because no one be there to help them. The chife for this camp watching to he dive and disappear in river.

we are pass this training, and they are send us for fight and war with Iraqi. we go to place called Bahmanshir close to Khoramshahr were is close also to Faw Iraq, The Chife told us times is important now because soon we are ready to start attack on Iraqi, to night some of you are should came with me to we go for last training and test this nafarbar and machine gun go river, 15 soldier go for test this machine gun on river.

by mi ed night they are back and they are crying I ask them whats happed and I finded two others of my friends also dive and did in bahmanshir river, because the nafarbar and the machin gun didn't be fix by chife (farmandeh he tole them evrey things is right nothinks to be wory about.

they go on river, the nafarbar, or machin gun dive and in night times with no help from any were two solder die in river no one abel to find any body or were they are. they called this two solder Shahed too. too much Shahed here, but no one ask why this people die.

we not in war now they die because no one be there to help them. lets have break and I write and I tell you are a story of war you can't bilive. in next my letter were I be as solder in two years.

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Fly to Iran
By Hossein Hajiagha





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