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This week, let's try something different. I have picked the appropriate Persian proverb (From Simin Habibian's 1001 Persian Proverbs) for each month. Mitra Faalgir

Week of April 30-May 4, 2001

Farvardin: Aries
Az bozorgaan afv baashad, az foroodastegaan gonaah.
Inferiors sin, superiors forgive.

Ordibehesht: Taurus
Aadam-e gorosneh sang ham meekhorad.
A hungry person will even eat a stone.

Khordad: Gemini
Khaahi aziz shavi? Yaa goor sho yaa door sho.
If you want to be endeared, either die or go far away.

Tir: Cancer
Aamad zir-e abroosh ro bardaareh, cheshmesh ro ham koor kard.
Trying to pluck her eyebrows, she blinded herself.

Mordad: Leo
Aankas keh beh eyb khalq pardaakhteh ast / zaanast keh eyb-e kheesh nashnaakhteh ast.
He who speaks of others' faults does not know his own faults.

Shahrivar: Virgo
Az beekaari magas meeparaanad.
The dog that is idle barks at his fleas.

Mehr: Libra
Een kaar-e del ast, nah khesht o gel.
This is a work of the heart, not of mud and mortar.

Aban: Scorpio
Ey man fadaa-ye aankeh delash baa zabaan yeki ast.
I die for whom his heart and tongue speak the same.

Azar: Sagittarius
Asb v khar raa keh yek jaa bebandand, agar ham boo nashavand, ham khoo khaahand shod.
A horse and an ass tied side by side become of the same temperament, if not of the same odor.

Dey: Capricorn
Baazgardad beh asl-e khood har cheez.
Everything goes back to its origin.

Bahman: Aquarius
Beh shirin zabaani o lotf o khoshi / tavaani keh feelee beh mooee keshi.
With gentle words, kindness and joy, you can pull an elephant by the hair.

Esfand: Pisces
Otaaqi keh aaftaab dar aan vaared nashavad, doktor vaared meeshavad.
Where the sun enters, the doctor does not.

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