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Week of July 23, 2001

By Faalgir

Farvardin: Aries
Remember the good times. There will be more.

Ordibehesht: Taurus
Few can become one with nature. You're blessed.

Khordad: Gemini
Don't deny who you are.

Tir: Cancer
Be patient. Feel your way forward.

Mordad: Leo
Are you in love? Are you sure?

Shahrivar: Virgo
Isn't it great being independent? Enjoy it.

Mehr: Libra
Clear the voices in your head.

Aban: Scorpio
Your kindness and generosity is well appreciated.

Azar: Sagittarius
You are loved, dearly.

Dey: Capricorn
He will not come back. But he is among you.

Bahman: Aquarius
Your a child at heart. That's what makes you beautiful.

Esfand: Pisces
You CAN do it.

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