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Week of May 7-12, 2001

By Mitra Faalgir

Full moon on the 7th... Be true to yourself. I mean really true to yourself. Contrary to popular belief, honesty and the expression of such will bring much more peace and happiness to the world than trying to constantly please others. There is your perception, there is their perception, and then there is the "truth"... only when you are truly honest to yourself will love, happiness and poetry enter your life. Only then will your life feel like a work of art. Mashallaa!

Farvardin: Aries
Could it be that you are SO agressive because you really are SO insecure? You hide it so well, you probably disagree...and you are so powerful that others may disagree as well...but there are a few people out there, who prefer to observe, rather than deal with you...and you CAN'T STAND their indifference...but maybe you ought to consider the possibility that perhaps, maybe, you are a human being, with typical passions and insecurities...whoever gave you the impression that you are a "demigod" was just stroking your ego to get along with you...don't kid yourself. Enjoy life, enjoy those around you. Stop devouring'll only get really bad indigestion.

Ordibehesht: Taurus
YOUR life is very nice at the moment...except these family pressures keep getting in the way. Relax. Take your much deserved break, follow your bliss, and let the family deal with themselves for now. Although it ain't your problem, be as kind as you wish; just don't get trampled on because you need to recuperate your energies before the next phase of business and success come pounding at your door in the next couple of weeks, which will mean fun AND money!!!

Khordad: Gemini
Family is getting you down. Responsibilities are getting you down. Unless you let go of some guilt, you won't be able to EVOLVE as nicely as you might, possible, with a bit of help from your friends...and family. Stop trying to please everybody, because it doesn't work. Try, try and try again to be honest with yourself, and do try harder to be honest woith others. Nobody wants to look at a plastic smile, day in and day out. You're only one week into the dregs that will be dragging you for the next two years...but when all is said and done, you'll be a much better, much happier and much more successful person. Do the deals NOW, before June.

Tir: Cancer
Take a chill pill...obstacles are in your way. Be sure to take care of your health, stop worrying aout money, and soon good things will come because you deserve them. By giving your love life a break, intimacy will actually grow. You'll never believe how much happier you could be...if you would only let yourself LOSE CONTROL!!!

Mordad: Leo
Changes are in the air...and as soon as you get used to them, there will be more changes, and then some. Don't worry, because you will benefit from the situation. Although you are so eloquent, your success is based more on HOW you say what you say, rather than WHAT you say...keep that in mind. What would happen if you focused more on the WHAT instead of the HOW? Don't worry about having to make an will do so whether you worry about it or not. DON'T WORRY!! BE HAPPY!!!

Shahrivar: Virgo
What in the world have you gotten into? Although there are gains to be made and lessons to be learned, there are a few messy situations to clear first. Remember, you never step into the same river twice. Keep the faith that you are so well appreciated for, and remember that all is happening because of the mere fact that, yes, you are indeed ALIVE!!!! Alhamdo'allah!

Mehr: Libra
It's not so bad as it seems...although you might be worried about "things", many people are backing you. Let's just say that there is a very good reason that you are struggling with these "obstacles", which in hindsite will be nothing more than stepping stones in the right direction. Try to be nice, to yourself and others. No sense in scaring people away with your negativity.

Aban: Scorpio
Are you tangled in a situation that you refuse to acknowledge is of your own creation? Certain issues may seem overwhelming right now. Perhaps you could try to LET GO, and focus on the issues that really do matter, in the long run. Sometimes you just have to agree to disagree. Rather than looking at the present tense as a "battle" to be fought, try to keep a healthy perspective and accept the fact that you are no worse a person by accepting the situation as is...We can always do better; put your pride aside for now or you'll find yourself spinning your wheels, expending a lot of time and energy . Humility goes a long way.

Azar: Sagittarius
Do I detect a crisis? Are you having a few more "panic attacks" than you care for? Stand up and assert yourself, after taking a few deep breaths, of course. Let people know how you truly feel...if they don't like it, thay can walk away...which will do you much good. Those who care will stay. Rather than concentrating on your fear of losing the (negative) forces around you, pay more attention to not taking the (positive) elements in your life for granted. The changes are big..and positive. Consider this to be a process of evolution; survival of the fittest. The best you can do now, is dig deep into yourself and discover what is really important to YOU...not what appears to be important, not what could have been...Trust yourself and yu will be surrounded by more trustworthy people. There are people who love to take advantage of your vulnerability. And the good won't approach until you weed out the bad.

Dey: Capricorn
Confusion, problems and misunderstandings a few misunderstandings are making you squirm, worry and indulge in some not so healthy habits. There is much more going on than you are aware of, and more support than you are willing to acknowledge. But, soon, all this will be history because of that BIG FAT PAYMENT that is on it's way to your doorstep. Try to maintain balance...look it up in the dictionary, because it might be a totally foreign concept to you. B - A - L - A - N - C - E.

Bahman: Aquarius
Take a deep breath. Take a walk in the woods. Don't worry about LOSING CONTROL, because that is exactly the remedy to your perceived problem. Let go...don't control the people and situations in your life. If you persevere in improving the quality of your own life, by making decisions that will benefit yourself and those you love you will be much happier. There is nothing more AGGRAVATING than an unhappy Aquarius.

Esfand: Pisces
Worry, worry and then worry some more. That's just the way you operate; always have and always will. Stay calm, detach if you must. Stay out of trouble, because it is your vulnerability that attracts trouble. Beat your own vulnerability by patience, rest and positivity. Things aren't as bad as you perceive them to be...but then that's just the way you operate; always have and always will. You would benefit from keeping a journal, only to realize that things do work out well, in the end, and you could have saved yourself and others much pain by having a bit more faith.

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