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Shrieks! Greeks!

March 4, 2007

In anticipation of the movie
"Three Hundred"
which I probably won't see
unless forced of course..

It struck me that the current elite
all come from the "University",
Triangular and columnar,
mathematically clean,
the perfect child of Mr. Temple
and Miss Always Right.

Where you are separated
from your family, or society
and thrown into the know-how
without the wisdom of the past,
for these are not your father's words
(from his humbled personal heart)
but a gathering of what works
for any particular task.

That's where the plans come from,
from lonely little offices
filled with books to the top,
away from the warmth of the sun.

That's where you meet
fellow-minded citizens
bound to bring the new
one thousand years of fun.

And when it doesn't pan out,
you can just shrug your shoulders
and move on to the next subject,
insect, or country, or loon.

This is what the Persian Wars were for,
Truth versus Lie. What is truth you ask?
You won't find it in a book.

Not even that one..


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