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May 30, 2007

There was a video
of Persepolis
not done well, even with
the deep voice-over,
for who can remember it all?

The sadness of the loss,
and the folly of those
who let it be known
where the riches might be,
rang so much like today.

This is a thieves' world.
As it always has been.
As it was for us who took
and us who sat, tired of the run
or more precisely
tired of what can be taken.

You're asked:
Aren't you ashamed of being
stepped on, and on?
The true answer is no.
The truth lies in the void,
and the path of the foresaken.

What we have is nothing.
It is light enough just
to carry our heavy life,
the heartfelt chuckles,
and the dear memories
(not too many, perhaps ten).


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