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June 23, 2000

I supported Shah's return

In response to Mr. Forati's "We did not choose the Shah":

In a monarchy nobody chooses the KING. They are born that way, aren't they? All the ills you recounted about the Shah & Farah are one thousand times less bad compared to the last twenty years. Killings! War! Corruption! Prostitution! Foreign debt! Bankruptcy! Emancipation of women! Foreign Policy! Judiciary! Respect for the international community! I can go on and on.

You Mr. Forati and Mr. Rafat, both are prejudiced or rather blind. How can you compare the deeds of the monarchy with the so-called Islamic Republic? You two are spreading POISON.

I am not Shaban Bimokh. But I participated in the uprising to bring the Shah back. And I did not care who paid for it or who did it. But I was one of the crowd. Do you want to know why?

On one of the last days of the Mossadegh government, in Koocheh Berlin off Lalehzar Avenue in Tehran, the Islamic hooligans threw acid on the face of my eight-year-old niece and my sister, ruining their faces for the rest of their lives. My sister could not bear her predicament; she committed suicide. Do you or Mr. Rafat understand the pain in our family?



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