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November 2, 2000

Primitives rule Iran because of the Shah

Dear and esteemed Lida Khanoom, regarding your rambling letter, I am a successful multinational industrialist with tremendous self esteem who has a nasty habit of always calling a spade a spade and not a shovel ["Shah should be fully blamed"]. I mourn for my country every minute of every day and when I conduct the final calculation of how it all went wrong, logic always takes my hand and leads me to the serious errors of the late Shah, his secular, self-centered and centralized regime. You need to read 'The Persian Sphinx' before you ramble any further using words like 'Imperialist'. That is a Communist word first used by Marx. Now, I know you are not a Communist.

It is true that Reza Shah began to modernize Iran, but don't fool yourself thinking that the Germany was the only Western country willing to help Iran. During the fifties, sixties and the seventies Mohammad Reza Shah gave as 'grants and gifts', tremendous sums of Iran's oil revenues to Western European and third world countries. One of those countries was France; remember how the French ultimately thanked him? The remainder of the funds were spent on purchases of advanced military hardware from the Americans. Those F14 jets really came in handy in the Iran-Iraq war, huh? Clearly these funds were needed to establish our own infrastructure, but strangers and foreigners were more important to the Shah than his own people. Remember the Persian proverb: the lamp needed for the home is forbidden for the mosque.

Now regarding how the Shah handed over Iran to the primitives that are ruling it today, obviously you need to study the factual history again, before you make any further presumptuous statements. I will give you some hints. In April 1978 Mr. Sabeti, head of the third division of Savak rendered to the Shah a list of 1,500 trouble makers, whom under Khomeini's command, were behind the riots and thus must be immediately arrested. Mr. Sabeti also advised the Shah that the masses were dissatisfied with the Rastakhiz Party and unhappy with him for changing their calendar. Savak in fact concluded that a National Front government loyal to the 1906 constitution would be essential in order to keep the support of the masses.

Had the Shah listened to his own eyes and ears, the Savak, and had he arrested those 1,500 so called revolutionary committee members, whom by the way are ruling our land today, and declared national elections immediately, Iran would not have been in the chaotic state that she is in today. Instead the Shah ignored Mr. Sabeti, fired him and exiled him to Europe. The rest is the ugly history.

The core of the fact of the matter is that the Shah was clearly self-centered, and completely out of touch with 'his' people; everyone knew it except him. Even those who were paying him lip service knew it. He was in fact the ultimate authority in Iran. He made all the decisions without consultation while ignoring essential information.

I could sit here and argue every one of your sentences, but it won't help anyone. We must all relentlessly work towards taking our country back and rebuild it. I assure you Iran will be the envy of the world.

Kambiz Ameli


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