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March 12, 2001

Martin Luther King: No chance in Iran

I read Fariba Amini's "Thy father's sins" and the great advice she has given Reza Pahlavi.  Then I read responses to her article by Khosrow Moniri and H.M. Jalili.  Frankly I had to re-read Amini's article and could not see any of the points the two responders' are raising.

Amini has rightly indicated that the revolution was hijacked by the mollas.  She has correctly pointed to the grave mistakes made by the Pahlavi regime.  While Jalili seems to be very knowledgeable about the history of civil rights movement in America, he fails to recognize that if Martin Luther King was in Iran during the Shah's regime, he could not stage any of his non-violent demonstrations for a minute.

All I have to say to the people who are still in denial is this: "Wake up. There was a revolution in Iran 22 years ago. The monarchy is gone. Mollas stole the revolution but the movement is going forward."

As for calling the people who scarified their lives during the revolution "animalistic"; that is an insult to millions of Iranian men and women who took to the streets to fight for their freedom.  They might not have gotten what they asked for, but their struggle and sacrifice at removing the Shah's regime is unfairly ridiculed by people like Moniri whose view  of democracy is so obvious when he says:  "In my view, people like Fariba Amini have no right whatsoever to make any comment about the future of our country!!!"

The current mollas in charge of the country in Iran are indeed bad and evil but so was the Shah's regime. By the way Mr. Jalili, Americans also have another famous saying " Two wrongs don't make a right".



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