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September 12, 2001

* How could you?

Following the tragic events in the US and the loss of thousands of lives by ruthless murderers, and with information about the perpetrators being so scarce, how could you go and blame it on Iranians or some Islamic fanatics? ["Holy smoke"]

It could very well be that in the end these acts were committed by the groups mentioned by you in your editorial. But has it occurred to you that the criminals who did these are some crazy Americans or other nationalities? Have you forgotten Oklahoma?

I don't live in America, but I can't understand why some of you Iranians who live in America are more American than apple pie and want to pretend that while you are Iranian born you are not really Iranian or at least not the terrorist type.

You are mostly worried about what your American friends, neighbours or business partners might think of you. You are not really concerned about the victims, your are only worried about yourselves.

Well I have some bad news for you, no matter how long you have lived in America or how educated, respected or successful you are, at times like these the so-called true Americans will always look at you as outsiders and source of danger. So no need to be more Catholic than the Pope.

Sorry I digressed. So let's be objective and not stir unnecessary hysteria. Accusing this or that does not solve the problem nor does jumping to conclusions. I am no great fan of Islam or those who represent it. I am a victim of it too, as so many of us are. I think the hunting down of the criminals should be left to the authorities who have the right tools for it.

The pictures were just unbelievable and Hollywood like, even the freaks in Hollywood could not have come up with this scenario. They were as disturbing as the pictures of American war planes bombing targets in Iraq or Yugoslavia. In those places too mostly civilians were targeted (Nato admitted that out of all the so-called precision bombings carried out by them only a very low percentage were on target) except that this time the scale was much more massive.

Th American officer who so proudly talked us through the highly technical and impressive bombing operation and expected us to shout HURRAAA did not think that Americans can also be on the receiving end of these technical achievements. The point being that these barbaric acts happen all the time in the world committed by Americans, Israelis, Taliban, Iraqis, Iranians. For a bystander they are all just as bad.

Let's wait and see if the Vali Faghih dares to rejoice and claim victory over the Great Satan. Maybe just for the hell of it people in Iran should pour to the streets and thank the GREAT LEADER for dealing such a blow to the "enemy", and I would love to see him taking credit for this act (I know, even mollas are not that stupid).

Offering my greatest condolences to the families of the victims,


* Rash feelings

I will agree that what took place yesterday is nothing short of ruthless murder of innocent people and even some of our own who worked in the World Trade Center towers ["Holy smoke"].

However, when Mr Javid portrays us as brothers and cousins of this very isolated group of murderers, whether in association with our religion or not, he is only as intelligent as the group of misguided and ignorant Americans who are looking at this as WAR of Religions.

Statements such as "Those with real power in Iran are the ideological cousins of those who murdered so many innocents in today's attacks in New York and Washington" is all the weapon an ignorant individual here needs to believe us all as being the same as these madmen! Are you Mr. Javid? Were you happy at first? I could assure you that a large group of Iranians, other Mideastern nationalities, and I were not.

Mr Javid's rash feelings with government of Iran should not blind him and others of the fact that we as Iranian people do not support such horrific acts of terrorism with feelings of gratification with outcome of this tragedy. We have to "as citizens of this country now" fight such ignorance at its source and not feed it more fuel by such insinuations that we would even be happy of such a crime.

I would hope that Iranian.com would be more responsible in allowing such garbage to be published on the Internet where not only understanding Iranians has access but the whole world. We have enough ignorance and hate towards Iranian and Mideasterns in the world. Let us deny that we are all the same as this group of murderers.

As you know, Internet has no limits and is a very powerful tool for media accessed by millions.



* Sentiments of most

Very well said ["Holy smoke"]. I just wished others in the US of non-Iranian ancestery and the world could have access / see / be exposed to Iranian-American's preception on this recent tragedy, such as the commentary that you had composed. I think that it encapsulated the sentiments of most if not all of the Iranians living in the US.

Thank you for your commentary.

Ali Ordoubadian

* Too early to speculate

It should suffice right now to say these were absolutely abhorent crimes against innocent people and no matter who committed them, they are a discredit to humanity.

But is it not just a little too early to declare the culprits and the guilty party as radical Moslems -- even if they are? ["Holy smoke"] Isn't there enough speculation in the air that you have to run an editorial with complete assumption that it was fanatic Moslems who did this?

I can also guess strongly who may be to blame and your guess is probably correct, but as a journalist you must not speculate. For heaven's sake let evidence and objective investigation take it's course.

I know it is not easy to stay rational in times like this, but we must try.


* Extremely disapponted

I read with astonishment your editorial ["Holy smoke"], ["I'm afraid, pops"], ["Blond or bearded"] and with great relief ["Shamefully inappropriate"] written by C.S.

I watched the entire episode on TV and listened to many commentators on different channels.If the name of Iran came up, I must have missed it. No one knows who commited these terrible crimes yet, and even the goverment officials are holding their judjements pending the investigations.

I was extremely disapponted in you and Setareh for rushing to incorrect and inappropriate conclusions based on your feelings of self-guilt. As someone else said , the United States has many enemies all over the world and we "Persians" specifically are more victims than perpetrators of the international crimes.

How you and Setareh unjustly dare to point your fingers at us? At least wait until the results of the investigations. Isn't it partly because our name sounds and looks like Iraq and you choose to call yourself Iranian rather than Persian?

And how in the world you equate "us" with Hezbolah and Basijis, even if any of them are involved? Aren't we ourselves their victims? And why did you choose to publish another of the Khoursadi family's beemazah satire in such a terrible time?

One more comment: you need a balanced editorial board to prevent such a disasterous event like your Sept. 11 issue from happening.


* Not all of you

I have to say I didn't know what to expect on your site, but was heartened by your article "Watch out".

As an American who is ready to do some serious damage to whoever is responsible for this act, your article gave me pause to realize that not all people from your part of the world share in the hatred of the US. You have gone some way to mitigate the images of celebration shown on the TV yesterday.

Best wishes to you, and thanks for your kind words about America.

Doug Lee

* Fucking moron

For the millionth time . . . stop putting shit that makes Iranians or people in the ME look bad . . . ["Holy smoke"] you fucking idiot . . . are you trying to ruin our image - it's fucked up enough by CNN and BBC, we do not need your "contribution" to fuck it up even more.

Stop showing images or articles of hanging, flogging, stoning you fucking moron . . . magar to miekhay abroo-eh maro bebary ahmaghe bie-sho-our. Khak bar saret. Yadet nareh kuss kesh. Boro kune kharejieha ro belees ba ien karat ke dare abrouye maro miebareh.


Zal Bameri

* Withdraw article

I am dismayed to read your unsubstantiated, speculative, shoot- from- the- hips exposé "Holy smoke", which unjustly and prematurely points the finger at Islam at large for what happened in New York yesterday.

We Iranian-Americans hope and pray that no group, no nationality, no religion be branded or prematurely blamed before all the evidence is in; and it is especially troubling to see one of our esteemed own falling into this malaise.

I urged you to withdraw, reword, or revisit your article and allow cooler heads, and facts, to prevail -- lest your comments be taken out of context by willing perpeterators in search of retribution.

As a group so often the target of unfair finger-pointing, we must guard against doing the same.

Kindly yours,

Moe Maleki

* Let's be fair

"Let's be very clear: those who carried out these attacks have committed one of the worst crimes in history. Period. And all in the name of Islam."

That was what you have written in your editorial and many other things ["Holy smoke"]. I don't want to go thru all the parts of it but let's be fair, shall we?

1. Nobody till now has said it has been done by an Islamic group for sure. So why do you definitely blame it on Islamic groups?

2. I am still shocked on the grandeur of the tragedy and by no means I accept it from any group.

3. If you have been living for years in camps and not in your own home, and have been searched daily, and have been witness to the death, murder, of your friends, family, you might have turned into a DERANGED man as well. Believe me, it is not an excuse but insanity is not always a matter of genetics!

4. No matter how hard I try to differentiate the Americans from the acts of their government, I still mourn over the death of all the passengers of the Iranian commercial plane over the Persian Gulf, a few years ago. Do you still remember?

5. You have lived long enough in the U.S. to forget maybe, but I cannot forget how the American government overthrew our national government back in Dr. Mossadegh's era.

6. I'm not cultivating hatred but I wish you see my points and could be fair a bit more.

7. Those in Iran who would be happy of what has happened in NY, are those who have no place in our nation and believe NOT in Islamic values no matter what they say, and it is sad to see ourelves escaped from iran just because of them.

We have left a country behind to be ruled by those power-hungry soul-less people. Yet, there are all sorts of hidden support for them from the UK and US and I wonder why we don't see at least a bit how these governments have played our nation thru the years and have controlled our faith.

I don't want to go deep here but think a little bit, look back to the history, and look into all the fortune we have brought them and all the fortunes we have taken out of Iran (not only money, that is the least).

8. I reiterate, I'm not justifying what happened yesterday but I'm only trying to see HOW a human being could be so brutal! The American media are talking about Japan and how they ended the war BY KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE and how they have to act this time. That is what is killing me, they are being as savage as whoever has caused yesterday's tragedy and you are not mentioning a word about it, exactly as if you were repeating CNN, ABC, NBC's views.

NOTHING JUSTIFIES THE KILLING OF INNOCENT PEOPLE unless it is done by Americans, I guess! (this should be in 1984 novel) 9. After all these, I still believe it has been a shameful and brutal act of violence against the innocent people and nothing could ever justify it. BUT I hope you could be more fair and that you would not have repeated what American media are telling us 24/7. May their souls rest in peace and may peace be in the mind of all the governments for humanity and not exculsively for some nations.

Mahtab Matlab

* Too quick to decide

I am an Iranian who is living in Iran. I feel sad about the the attacks on the Americans. But don't be too quick to decide that Iranians or Bin Laden have done this. ["Holy smoke"] This thing was too big for a small town terrorist like Bisn Laden to carry out. Also, Iranians are too divided to implement such big projects.

Besides these days Iranian terrorists have become businessmen and are making a lot of money and have gotten out the killing business. Remember the Oklahoma federal building bombing? Almost everybody said that it was the job of Iranians, and it turned out to be the American themselves.

So, please wait. Don't write editorials about Islam and condem ourselves; give the boys at the FBI and CIA a chance to go to work and find the real people.

From Tehran

* Wrong to immediately assume

I was driving to work this morning thinking that if a gas station gets robbed and the attendent is shot, a lot of people in my community would think it was a Black man whot did it, but no television station, no respectable or accountable newspaper would say or print that in all likelihood the act was committed by a Black man, or make other comments about the Black community or Black people.

Different rules apply to Muslims and Arabs (and we Iranians are included in this category by most Americans).  I am not saying that it was not a Muslim extremist group that comitted yesterday's atrocities in New York and Washington, D.C.  It may have been. 

But I am always dismayed at how the print media and the television commenetators quickly start talking about Muslims and Arabs.  AGAIN, it may have been an extremist Muslim group that did this but why judge before any evidence is brought forward?

At times like this, Muslim and Arab and all Middle Easterners are targeted as suspects.  There is something wrong with this picture.  No other community in this country can be treated as such without legal consequences.

These were my thoughts this morning as I read your editorial "Holy smoke" and I was surprised.  Because you too thought it was a "Black man" that robbed the gas station.  AGAIN, that may be true, but it is wrong to immediately assume so.  It insults the whole community.

Best regards


* Remember Oklahoma

I read your article "Holy smoke" and I agree with what you have said, exept the fact that you just jumped to a conclusion so fast. I remember the morning of the Oklohama boming, I was having my morning coffe in the cafeteria where I used to work while watching the news when a co-worker came in and said "Iranians bombed Oklohama!"

It's now over 14 hours since what happend in the eastern United States and I have been following the news constantly, no one has claimed responsibility for these terrorist attacks so far, nor the US officilas have pointed any fingres at any one group or country. Then why are you so quick to blame Islam and Muslems and Middle Eastern people for it?

In fact, I'm surprised why no one has yet brought up the possiblity of some American right wing groups being responsible for these crimes, after all they have a history of it too, like other terrorists from the Middle East. Let's wait and see.

And no, what happend today is nothing to be proud of for no one.

Ray Irani

* Object to your assumption

Dear Jahanshah,

I am not a Muslim, but I object to your assumption that the terrorist crimes were done by Muslims and in the name of Islam ["Holy smoke"]. I hope you are not a victim of Western media propaganda. You should NOT pass judgment before investigating the truth for yourself.

I know it is an Iranian "feature" to assume, judge and accuse others. But please let's be fair and avoid being hasty in accusing others.



* What if you're wrong?

I understand your point and agree with everything you said ["Holy smoke"]. But what if this action was not really done by Muslims?! Then all you said would be in vein!

I think you are pre judging just like the rest of the Americans. Maybe it was some domestic terrorists. Like an organized White group. Maybe it was the Israelis. Anything could be true!

As a Muslim, I do agree and if it is the Muslims or Bin Laden's act (most likely it is), then Islam's reputation would really be hurt. But what if it is really not? Have you thought about that?

Ali Taleghani

* Iranians NOT Arabs

One thing should be clarified about "Holy smoke". If somebody is happy because of some dead innocent people he or she is certainly sick.

Some Arab people around the world are happy not because of those innocent deaths, but because they understood that injustice does not only happen in their lands. It can happen anywhere in the world.

Terrorism is wrong. This is a war between different governments not between religions or Arabs and others. However, we, Iranians, are NOT Arabs.


* GET OUT!!!

I agree with the majority of your article ["Holy smoke"], particularly the part about how good you and your Muslim brothers and sisters have it in the United States. But even hinting that there are reasons to dislike or hate America somehow justifies these fucking animals actions.

Your problem in general is trying to convince other Americans why you even live here. All we hear from Muslim groups are complaints about how our country acts in the Middle East. Well, if you don't like it; GET OUT!!! ALL OF YOU!!!

You are all complete hypocrites. You will live in this country because it is safe, allows for open religious expression and provides a standard of living that is unsurpassed anywhere in the world. If you do not like our policies then move somewhere else that supports your views on how the US should act in the Middle East.. like Lebanon. How would you like that?

* Premature

I just read your editorial "Holy smoke". I agree with you in some extent, ONLY if we know for sure that this is done by an "Islamic" group and in the name of Islam.

While everything is still under investigation, isn't it premature to label this act of terrorism with "Islamic fanaticism" and ...? We can condemn the killing of innocent people, but let's wait and not jump to conclusions (like what the US media did in Oklahoma City case). Let's wait until we know more about all of this.

Best regards,

Massoud Ruhany

* No evidence



* How do you react?

I stared at my computer screen for a few moments after I finished reading Peyvand Khorsandi's exercise in creative writing ["I'm afraid, pops"]. I was confused.

How do you react to a person whose first instinct in the face of mass murder is this? How do you react to a web site that publishes it, not even waiting for a few days to pass?

I want to get angry but what would be the point? I guess some people are always funny and all situations appropriate for "satire". I should feel sorry for myself for not having the sense of humour or the intellectual capacity to appreciate the cleverness of it all.

A. Shahmolki

* No sense of timing

This is for Mr. Khorsandi:

I read this "I'm afraid, pops" and I didn't find it funny at all! There's never a good time for making fun of something that is NOT funny!

Come on, thousends died today. If one of your friends or family was among them, do you think you could write such a thing!? No fans but you should really work hard on your work and talent!

I read a lot of your work but they are not good as it should be. You don't have a good sense of choosing a right time for the right thing. Hope to see your work better than before.


* We don't like you

TO PEYVAND KHORSANDI, ["I'm afraid, pops"]


BUT make no mistake about it. We don't like you Mr. Khorsandi. Come here you PUSSY. Come to the US. The citizens want to talk with you. PUSSY, COWARD, JERK, CRUMB, PIECE OF SHIT, trash AND FINALLY FOOL THAT YOU ARE AND BRING YOU ANTENNA WITH YOU.


* Americans will go after them

I like to thank Setareh Sabety for her wonderful article ["Blond or bearded"]. She is right on by saying that those Iranians who escaped Iran and have migrated to the West because of fundamentalism can't help but be associated with the same people who have ruined their lives, have taken over their country, and have forced them into exile! Thank God at least the Iranian government has distanced itself from the horrible atrocities in New York.

I have been watching the World Trade Center towers stumble on the ground at least 20 times on TV today and I can't possibly ever justify the actions of those who were behind these atrocities!

Also, if Bin Laden is really behind this for the cause of the Palestinians he has failed in his purpose! This will not by any means help the Palestinians. On the contrary, it will generate even less sympathy for them. As for those responsible, Americans will go after them with full revenge on mind now.

As General Yamamto said after the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7 1941, " I fear we have only awakened a sleeping giant." I was thinking about that and I felt as the attack on New York has only awakened America once again. Unfortunately, this time Americans don't know yet who to fight.

Ali-Reza Kasra

* Work harder to solve conflicts

This afternoon, I'm scheduled to join our Honors Program students in a discussion of "Beowulf." This evening, I'm scheduled to talk about the life of the Prophet in "HIST 113: Islamic Civilization to 1500." I don't expect we'll get very far on those topics in either class.

In both classes, many of my students are Arab-American and Muslim-American and they'll be sitting beside middle-class White Americans -- the curious few who wish to learn about another culture. As America's attitudes harden, as our enemies are named and as the call for vengence rises up, I feel as though I am watching a huge tidal wave coming into shore.

The rugged and sandy shoreline I am standing on with my studnets is the hope that we can discover our common humanity through learning and discussion. But the wave that is rushing toward our fragile harbor promises little else but suspicion, retribution and hatred expressed with martial expertise and patriotic ferver.

I am going to work hard today to keep my students focused on learning and discussion even as they process their feelings about our generation's Pearl Harbor. And we'll see. But we also have to reach our political leaders with the message that raining hell down upon our enemies is not the way towards fashioning a world safe from terrorist evils; rather, it will sustain a world in which such evil thrives.

Let's rebuild the World Trade Center and repair the Pentagon. Let's work harder to solve the conflicts that create propaganda for the tyrants and terrorists of our time. Let's bring those responsible to justice and do it without setting the stage for the next cycle of hatred. THAT is the test before us.

If there is anything we as Iranian-Americans have learned from our history, it is that violence can find a cause and a logic of its own all too easily.

Camron Amin

* I get a little mad

I have read a lot about how many people hate Americans -- that we interfere in the politics of other countries... Perhaps we do. But it is important to remember that it was the United States -- my father's tax dollars, and my grandfather's tax dollars -- that re-built all of Europe after World War II. It is the United States which rushes in after every major disaster with food, medicines and expert help.

Llet there be an earthquake, flood, famine, and there we are with our arms full of aid, feeding the very hands that will later pick up a pen to denounce us. Why isn't the world rushing to OUR aid? Where are the troops coming to help us? Were they there after Hurricane Andrew, during the floods in the Midwest? No,

We give and give, and the world takes, and takes. I work five months out of the year to pay taxes, some of which goes into other countries to feed their poor, and medicate their ill. I don't begrudge this work, but I get a little mad when I hear the United States aid programs being referred to as "interference".

This tragedy in the US will have very far reaching effects. It IS going to plunge the world markets into a deep recession (remember the expression, "The U.S. sneezes, and the world gets the flu?").

It is very important to remember that the US is the only country in the ENTIRE world that can grow enough products to feed it's OWN population. No other country can. We are the leading exporter of food in the world. And there is not a country in the world that we have not sent aid to in one form or another.

Frankly, the only support the U.S. needs right now is moral support. We need it, we deserve it, and I for one, will NEVER EVER forget the Palestinians rejoicing at the sight of the death of INNOCENT CIVILIANS. And as God is my witness, woe unto the politician that EVER EVER sends another dime of aid to the Palestinians.


* There is a limit

In the last 30 hours since the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, I was glued to the TV set and the radio to see or hear what had happened and who the perpetrators of these despicable acts of terrorism were.

I am sure that most of us agree that targeting innocent men, women, and children does not serve any purpose regardless of what the political grievance is. It is a shame that some people do not learn.

But I am not writing this to register my unbelievable outrage at this mind-boggling act of inhumanity. I would like to discuss anti Islamic Republic sentiments. We have to understand that there are limits.

We all have our gripes with the IRI regime for one reason or another. But our dismay and disagreement is not with Iran. ONE MUST NOT, BY WORDS OR DEEDS, PUT IRAN AND IRANIANS IN A PERILOUS, AND POTENTIALLY DEADLY, POSITION TO ONLY FOR THE PURPOSE OF HURTING THE IRI GOVERNMENT.

Last night in my search for more information, I was going through all the channels of my cable television. On one of the Spanish speaking channels I saw Reza Pahlavi's picture and stopped and listened. He was being interviewed about his opinions about the potential culprit(s) of these terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Mr. Pahlavi shamelessly put the blame on the doorsteps of the IRI. He said, and I am para phrasing, that the IRI supports these terrorists morally, financially, etc. He said all roads end in Tehran regardless of where you find and see its tentacles.

Mr. Pahlavi either does not understand the impact of his words or is so irresponsible and selfish as to be ready to potentially sacrifice the country and great many Iranians for his goals, whatever they might be.

He should know that the American public and the government are justifiably angry and are going to retaliate very harshly. He must know that this cannot go unpunished. He must know that the punishment must be proportionally severe for the perpetrators and the country they reside in.

He must have heard President Bush saying in his speech last night that he is not going to distinguish between the perpetrators of these inhumane acts with the country that harbors them. And yet, he, without much investigation of any kind, puts the blame on the IRI. How do you know Mr. Pahlavi? Shame on you.

Hamid Zangeneh

* US economy flourishes under war

First of all I wish to extend my condolences to all the survivors (including families, relatives and the friends) of the victims of New York City's human tragedy on 11th September 2001 . My heart goes to all of those who perished as a result of such a barbaric and cowardly act.

However, I can't stop wondering (as I was born and grew up in Iran and therefore am fascinated by conspiracy theories) whether there is any possible connection between the event and the slowing of economy in America.

History shows that the US economy flourishes under war. If there is no war around the US government creates war. The current vibes we are getting suggest that there is the tendency to use these barbaric acts to wage war on some supposedly external terrorist "nation".

The US government has already suggested that it consider this an act of war thus relieving itself from the responsibility that is bestowed upon them in accordance with the constitution (preventing the government to assassinate their suspects around the world).

Don't get me wrong. I full-heartedly support the idea that those behind the horrible and barbaric act should be brought to justice. However, I despise the suggestion of an eye for an eye. I strongly believe that violence breeds violence and can't see how we can get out of the cycle of fighting. Palestinian and Israeli conflict is testimony to this. With deep sorrow for the survivors I wish I am totally wrong.

J. E.

P.S. : Please do not release my name.

* Shovel your own garden

I get unwanted emails from guys who introduce themselves as Fedayee Guerrilas. I always blame these kind of guys for sitting their asses in their coach and talking forever. I also blame them for bombings and other form of terror that gave our beloved fundamentalists more pretext to spank our poor nation.

In their email yesterday they were putting the blame of the air attacks on the Iranian regime. I'd like to send these guys a very clear message through your site: We, Iranians are trying hard to gain back some of our lost respect and credit. Why don't you do something more useful. Even selling corn on Pahlavi Ave. is more productive than what you are doing now.

I love our culture that has everything to be proud of, like this words "If you are a shoveler, shovel your own garden."



* Bad religion

Another horrible example of Islam and what it stands for and is capable of. Muslims did not want to accept the truth when I wrote "Snow ball". They did not want to accept that this religion has brought nothing but misery, murder, destruction, and tyranny since its start.

Iranian Muslims, still defending your precious Islam? I don't know how you can hold your heads up. The World Trade Center destruction is just an example. There have been many more in the name of Islam and there will be many more to come as long as this religion exists.


* Ragheads

Fuck you RAGHEADS!

James Thomson

* Disgrace

After reading this article ["I'm afraid, pops"], I demand that you remove my email from your list. For such a serious and horrific matter to be the "joke" of the day is a disgrace and speaks very poorly of the people who wrote such a thing and the people who sent it out.

As I pray for the innocent children, women and men who were killed and the grieving families and friends, I will also include a prayer that God will touch your hearts and souls and give you the wisdom to understand the essence and respect of precious life.

Again, please remove my email address from your mailing list.


* Why we are here

This is in response to Erik Gasner's disgusting comment about immigrants in the U.S. ["Get out"]. Where the hell do you think you came from?!?! Are you Native American?

Do you wanna know why we left our country and emigrated to "YOUR" country? Because the U.S. screwed up our country by allowing the revolution to happen, by buying our oil at the cheapest price possible, by making war between Iran and Iraq to be able to sell weapons, and by interefering in every single thing happening there.

So if we're living here and you don't like it, blame it on your government!

Persian girl

* Can't get out

This is in response to your letter to t "Get out". I can't get out. I am an American "immigrant" of Middle Eastern origin, the same way you are, although your ancestors were probably Europeans. They moved West from the Middle East.

So you are a Middle Eastern immigrant citizen of this country too if you go back only 4000 years. But, I will not call you a terrorist and ask you to get out of "my country" just because Tim McVeigh (Oklahoma City bomber) and Ted Kezinski (the Unibomber) were White as probably you are.

Please remember you are a human being who abhors victimizing innocent people. Right?

Moji Agha

* Khab e Shah

I have been looking for the satire that came out in late '78, right before the revolution. The name was "khab e shah" and it went something like:

khodA yek shab beh khAb e shAh Amad

khomeini bA khodA hamrAh Amad

shahanshAh e javAnmard e javanbakht

beh vahshat zamin oftad az takht

Do you know where/how I can get a copy? It was 70-80 verses and I think I had it memorized after reading it over 2-3 times. The continuation was:

beh sad zahmat dobareh raft bAlA

chenin farmood ba baretAlA

nemidAni keh mA hastim dar khAb

cherA in vaght e shab gashti sharafyAb

to gar lotfi beh shAhanshAh dAri

khomeini rA cherA hamrAh dAri

Mack Hashemi

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