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September 5, 2001

* More and more irrelevant

Excellent article by Maral Karimi ["Beh jaaye monologhaaye faryaadi"]. About time someone reminded our smug, self-righteous "elders" what a mess they made of things. This goes for individuals who worked within the previous regime as well as anti-monarchists.

Those who worked for the Shah are guilty because of their corruption, sycophancy, cowardice, etc. Those who fought against the monarchy, abdicated their responsibility to think for themselves as individuals. Instead, meaningful thought was suffocated by blind belief in ideology and ideals (armaan).

When these people start boasting about their glories, with the results of their handiwork in full view of the world, all we can do is give thanks that with the passing of each day they are becoming more and more irrelevant.

A. Shahmolki

* Zionist International

To whom it may concern,

Please take my name and email address off your black list. You are part of Zionist International which I do not care for and afraid of. So please, I do not wish to be contacted by you.



* No democracy

Moji Agha! ["Real transformation"]

Why don't you go back to Iran, and live under the "democracy" you're so fond of? How dare you talk about democracy and reform, when poeple are being killed, tortured, flogged in Iran every day, while you live in this paradise called "America"? I beleive you are the one who's blinded by the forces of ideology, and can not see reality.


* Worst name

Try having a name like Iran in America! I identify with everything that Sepehr Haddad ["Sepehr to Zip"] and Shireen Ahmed ["SHE-REEN!"] wrote in their articles, but I think specially in the U.S., the name most doomed in America is Iran. Not only is it pronounced totally wrong, like Shireen said, but all the negative things associated with Iran is immediately pictured, i.e., terrorist, hostages, extremist, etc., etc. It's unfortunate but it happens-believe ME!

Iran Javid Fulton

* Historical fabriucations

I have been following your arguments ["Where's the evidence?"] with Mr. Kaveh Ahangar ["By the sword"], and some other fellows, regarding the invasion of Iran by Arabs about 1,400 years ago. It seems that you are interested only in facts, and always ask for hard proof for any statement, and reject most of the well-known historical events due to lack of proper documentation.

I do not know what kind of a proof you are looking for to accept all the barbaric and cruel acts of Arabs to Iranian population in their holy war against Majooses. Aerial photographs of the concentration camps? location of the mass graves exposed to UN inspectors? Geographical coordinate of the mill that was supposed to run by Iranian blood? Four just, male eyewitnesses?

Tell me what kind of a document you are looking for? No British books. No Russian books. No American books, either. We can neither trust Bayhaghi and Tabari, because they couldn't pronounce Valla-Zalleen correctly.

And then, tell me what kind of a document or proof do you have for your statements? The baked chicken will laugh in the middle of the dish with your fake claim that Imam Ali has said " Iranians will preserve Islam, and return it to Arabs again". Where did you find it? In Helliyatol-Mottaghin? But fortunately, there is still another book that I hope you believe in. In more than 50 occasions the Quran directly orders killing of pagans and non-believers >>> FULL TEXT


* Simply adorable

This story ["Loving an Iranian man"] was simply adorable. I enjoyed it tremendously and would encourage you to keep such stories such as this under your command. Thank you!


* Bijan Mortazavi

My name is Shahin Mehrabanzad. I'm 13-years old and take violin lesson at my school. I am very interested in playing "Fire on Ice" by Mr. Bijan Mortazavi. I can not find the notes for this piece.

Would you let me know where I can find/buy the notes for the full orchestra. My instructor is also interested in this piece and in playing it in future concerts at our school.

I really appreciate it if you can help me.

Shahin Mehrabanzad

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Flower delivery in Iran
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