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May 16, 2002

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* British spokesman?

If any body other than Persians writes such an article [The Queen Bum] especially using foul language, we Iranians cry load & clear, that it is interference into our internal affairs. But we allow ourselves to make such a grotesque out burst about other nations. By doing so we alienate entire British Nation.. As if we have not enough enemies, we want to include the British as well.

One has to remember that due to this kind of unnecessary enemy making our beloved Clergy Government is doing a good job. The individuals should not add gravy on it. It is not enough that we have problems with the Americans, so much so that they enacted special restrictions for us to go to America, we want to add the British government to do exactly as Americans are doing.

How is it that we allow ourselves to be the spokesman of the British Nation? Is it due to the fact that we Iranians do not understand moderation? Fair enough, some of us have chosen to be Republican, very well, but that does not mean that we have to go so far out of our way to abuse other nation's choice of Head of State.

If the British want to do away with their system of Head of State, they have all the legal ways & means at their disposal to do so. Who are we, Iranians, to tell them what is good or what is bad for them? Another question, how is it that we Iranians are always on the extreme side?

Our communists are more communists than, Stalin, our Maoists are more Maoists than Mao, our Marxists are more Marxists than Marx himself, our intellectuals are far ahead of Berterand Russell & Jean Paul Sartre. And now our Republicans are more Republican than J. W. Bush or Dick Cheney. Congratulations!



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* Gained an unbiased view

I am a 23 year old American. I was saddened after reading your article, "Today, I am a Palestinian". You brought up a lot of interesting points. I feel I have gained an unbiased view of world events by staying away from American "News" programs and sticking to newspapers or the internet. Albeit most of these news sources do originate from America.

One viewpoint I did not understand from your article is your feeling that the American government has strongly supported Israel's latest tirade. I have no reason to believe that stance. I leave the possibility open of my ignorance to this subject but at least publicly the American government has condemned the Israeli government more so than ever before.

I am aware of the countless atrocities the American government has commited in the past and continues to commit. But in this current Palestine/Israel conflict I do not believe the American government has acted unjustly or favored one side. Could you please inform me as to why you feel this way? I will not be surprised if I have been blinded by American media and you can change my mind.

Thank you for the insightful article,

Scott E

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* You failed to acknowledge


I read your article on your outrage at our recent support for Israel [Today, I am a Palestinian], and I was struck by the fact that you are as biased towards Palestineans as you say we are for Israel.

Americans know about the 2nd-class status of Palestineans, the humiliations, the checkpoints. We know this! Don't insult Americans by accusing us of ignorance. We don't like it either, and this is why our administration has been working with Israel and Palestineans to resolve the issue for over 20 years now.

We've done far more to promote peace than any Muslim country, including Iran, who are playing the Palestineans for chumps, using them to fight a proxy war with Israel. Do you actually believe the mullahs of Iran give a damn about the Palestineans? If so, where is all their humanitarian aid to help them build schools, roads, infrastructure? We kick in 10 times more than all the Arab countries combined to help the Palestineans. You failed to acknowledge that, or are YOU ignorant of that fact. We don't talk the game, we back it up with action. Iran only sends bullets and bombs to get more Palestineans killed.

You claim terrorists are "freedom fighters". I disagree, because Israel has ALREADY AGREED to the creation of a Palestinean state. How can they be fighting for freedom when their oppressor has already agreed to what they want? The hard details have to be worked out now, which is what Clinton tried to accomplish at Camp David. Arafat walked away and started an uprising. Is that Sharon's fault?

My outrage at your article is your complete support for the killing of innocent Israeli civilians. You claim it's justified. I say the reason we don't have a Palestinean state right now is BECAUSE OF THE TERROR. No government is going to allow their citizens to be blown to peices on a daily basis without acting. Every suicide bomber they send into Israel drives them farther from their goals.

The unprecidented escalation by Hamas completely destroyed the position of the Israeli's who wanted to make peace and stop the occupation. They now support extreme measures to protect their society. Palestineans are not innocent victims as long as they resort to violence. They are responsible for the consequences of their actions.

Suicide bombers represent a descent into madness and depravity equal to ancient child-sacrificing pagan societies. How can you call yourself civilized and support their slide into barabarism?

We are committed to the creation of a Palestinean state, but as Mr. Bush stated, we will not allow Israel to be crushed. It's as simple as that. If you don't like it, there are planes leaving for Iran every day. We reject your support of terrorism. Even Said Erekaat has stated publicly that no grievance justifies it. When the terror stops, the Palestineans will be able to get on with building their future.

Craig L.

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* How difficult it is to retain human faith

This long and unedited story is tragic [The story of Djalal ]. It shows how difficult it is to retain human faith. Money becomes the enemy of family and friendships. Money becomes the tool to destroy, discard and disown.

Indifference in and to humanity is one of the major problems throughout the world, but there are still those who try to make a difference.

Shahla Samii

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* Do not be ashame

Dear friend, [Today, I am a Palestinian]

It looks like to me that you are not happy with anything you do,it was your choice to become a US citizen and not this country's to take you as one.

Please do not be ashamed, rather be proud,and use your freedom of speech and press to express your feelings.

I am proud to be a US citizen because since I became one, I have had much more luck and opportunities to help my fellow Iranian people, and yes I do take advantage of my constitutional rights to express my thoughts and ideas.

I wish you more luck and success in your future decision makings.

Fellow Iranian,

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* Just wish to mention the facts

My native language is not English and I don't live in an English-speaking country. So it is difficult for me to respond to this article [Explosive, yet futile]. However, considering my tendency to procrastinate, I'll do my best to put an answer together spontaneously. I am not going to try to explain the reasons for suicide-bombings. I just wish to mention the facts that there have been many other occasions of such "amaliaat entehary" self-sacrificing suicide operations.

The Japanese did it in WW2 as Kamikaze pilots. The Chinese did it to clear the mine fields in the Korean war. On our side, Mojahedin members did that during the first couple of years, 1981/2, of their armed struggle in Iran, blowing up high-ranking clergy and themselves Intentionally giving up one's own life, so that the comrades, relatives, Fatherland/Motherland or whatever/whoever else has a better future, is by no means an "Arab" phenomenon, or a Moslem one for that. Isn't that exactly what the Vietnamese did against the Americans?

And such "martyrdom" is not just for the lesser men and/or women. Wouldn't the world be much poorer, without the brave souls resisting the likes of Hitler, even though they knew damn well, they have nary a chance against Gestapo? Or the French resistance? Need say more? What is new in Palestine, is targeting the civilians. Yes, "Something more than illegal settlements, poverty and arrogant Israeli soldiers are at work here."

This something more is the hatred directed against every individual member of the opposite group. The Kurds did not blow themselves up killing Arabs, because most of them consider Saddam their enemy not the Arabs as such. Whereas in Palestine, every Jew, civilian or otherwise, IS the enemy. Over there, the war rages not between two governments, rather between every single Palestinian and every single Israeli and Jew by extension. We must not forget the fact that all Israelis must serve in the armed forces and are also on the military reserve list. That makes ALL Israelis a military target.

One last word: comparing the situation in Palestine and the situation with South America or Tibet or Bosnia is ignorant if not mischievous. There's no denying that the Israelis have achieved a lot; and that Israel is a true democracy for its own people. But why should Palestinians pay the price for the European Anti-semitism, i.e. the Holocust?

Saeed Mahmoodi

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* I hope to go to Palestine to help

Dearest Sister,

I read your good article on the web in solidarity with Palestine [Today, I am a Palestinian]. It mirrors much of our own thinking -- and to the extent that, God willing, I hope to go to Palestine to help in December.

Anyway, we still hope that you will write for our newsletter and we are jealous of because they get your words and we can only advertise you and them, as we did in our last issue. Please consent to write for us about Palestine, feminism, your life or some cultural theme soon. We share your views and your outrage.


Bob R

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* As soon as possible

It is easy for you to give up your American Citizenship [Today, I am a Palestinian]. I suggest you do so as soon as possible so that you will no longer have guilt feelings about being an American. Rather than remaining in the USA, you should get on the first plane available and return to the country of your birth so that you can be happy again. Maybe even going to the Gaza Strip and really doing something for the Palestinians to help your cause. I too am extremely unhappy with my country's unbalanced attitude about the middle east, and I feel the same as you do about Israel's actions and the plight of the Palestinian people.

But there is one big difference, I am a real American who will work within the system to try to make a difference and to create a change in our foreign policy concerning the middle-east. Israel is an albatross around my country's neck. Israel is doing many of the same things to the Palestinians that the Nazis did to them back in the '30s and '40's. But real Americans don't run away from a problem, they fight for what they feel is right and moral and work within the system to make needed changes.

You are not a real American and therefore you should leave as soon as possible and fight for your beliefs while residing in another country. I lived in the middle-east a number of years, and I also lived in Iran for more than 6 years. I do have a good feel for the problems in that part of the world. It is stupid on your part to whine and run away from the battle. Please let us all know when you have given up your American citizenship and departed America so we no longer have to feel sorry for you.

Jim B

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* But is it a practical solution?

It was a very powerful article [Today, I am a Palestinian]. I was rather impressed by your ability to put to words all that we feel in our hearts. However, the biggest issue that we Muslims face is that over the years we have become very eloquent in our expression. Yet, there is very little in terms of practice.

Your idea that we should burn our passports and refuse to pay taxes sounds very enticing given our rage over what is happening in Middle East. But is it a practical solution that you are proposing. Or are you simply venting on paper our feelings and emotions, with little practical value.

As for getting the US citizenship, this is a dilemma we all face. I have deliberately kept myself to simply a green card which gives me a way to live and work in this country. I shudder at the thought of having to go, or to send my children (i am still single) to unjust wars on behalf of a super power. So perhaps what you are suggesting to the new immigrants is to to hold on to green cards and not go for citizenship?

A separate question, out of my own curiosity. You seem to be persuing PhD in a rather interesting, yet little known area. How do you think you will be able to use this PhD in future? Would it be teaching?


Muhammad M

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* Specially valuable

I just wanted to let you know how much I admire the fact that you have written and printed this story [Aghaye Hosseini]. I encourage you to publish it in more than just the Iranian. It is a story that all parents and children, from any culture or background should read. It is specially valuable to Iranians because it is such a taboo subject in our culture.

I thank you for sharing your experience.



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* You forgot

Salam Ali, [Salam Aghaye Mohandes!]

You forgot to talk about office politics and backstabbing, setting up others and framing them. That is what really turned me off as an engineer. Also all the mass layoffs reminds me of the mass layoffs in the manufactoring sector around 40 years ago.

Maybe today's engineers are the equivalents of the manufacturing workers of the 50s and 60s. They were physical workers and we are mental workers. The difference ends there.

Behzad Yamini

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* Like it or not

Unfortunately, domestic abuse is so common in Iran, and among Iranians at large, that is become a way of life [I'm not his slave]. I know of educated, non drug abusers, who beat their wives after 20 years of marriage.

Like it or not, it's part of the culture. Not all Iranian men beat their wives, but majority do. No offense for those bringing their wives from Iran, but their intentions are quite suspicious. Exactly, why do they want to travel across the planet for a wife? Especially for those who've lived here for decades!


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* Widely diverse

Do you web-advertising clients know how many people visit you site everyday? Do you keep not only a record of number of hits per day but all the IP addresses to demonstrate to your web-advertising clients not only how many people visit your sight but also how each, on average, repeats visiting your sight per day, week, or month? [Editor: YES!]

If not, you should do that! And your website audience is not mono-ethnic as one would suspect. From responses I get whenever one of my articles [My eyes adored you] or "letters to the editor" is posted in your website, I can easily conclude that not only you have a very large audience (visitors) but also that they are widely diverse, even along the ethnic and national lines, from Americans, to Arab nationals, to Israelis, to a few Europeans, to Indians and Pakistanis, and even as far as South East Asia (specifically Malaysia and Indonesia).

For example, I have received so many emails in the past two days that my 4 MB yahoo inbox is near full (88% full) and I worry that it might get full and some of the incoming emails may bounce back. I might consider asking you a favor to add my other email addresses at the bottom of "[My eyes adored you]" but first let me think if I really need that.

Should my request for vacation time in the first week of June be approved, I plan to visit Washington D.C. and should that come about I will certainly make an effort to attend your show and meet you in person.

Best regards,


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* Think before you speak

DR. Eslami,

I have to ask, what the hell is your problem? [Popular for the wrong reasons]

Some of the comments you made in your letter are just as hipcritical as the the ones you critiqued. Personally, I don't like the Iranian TV shows. But thats not my problem with your comments. It's obvious to me you are as polarized as any other fundamentalist Muslim or Royalist that is or was in control of our country. The fact that you have ventured west and likely prospered hasn't changed that.

Your comment that: "the Revolution was a necessary popular cleansing process that went wrong" seriously belittles the significance of what happened. It wasn't necessary, popular cleansing of any sort imparts misery and injustice to all. The fact is that both regimes were not ideal, the fact is that the country is much worse off today that it was before. But most importantly, the fact is MANY people have died without just cause and you seem to obsure that in your commentary.

I think your oppinions are offensive, though I think you have the right to make them public. But you should be called on them. Next time think before you speak.

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* Mix of understanding and irritation

Dear M. H. Eslami, MD,

I read your article "Popular for the wrong reasons" with interest and also with a mixture of understanding and irritation. Understanding when you critisize the quality of some of the programs broadcasted by Pars TV or NITV which at times may indeed sound and look old fashioned or poor fashioned reminiscent of a 70's look.

Yet your article deeply irritated me and as I expected it this came from an educated M.D. Not that I disregard your profession but that your deep patriotism and concern for Democracy is inversly proportional to your own personal commitment to having things change in Iran. I don't necessarily like everything that is shown on these stations or should I say the way they are shown, yet I respect the people working for these californian based stations because they try at least to do something for their countrymen.

Your systematic critisisms of "Alahazrat" which I think on the contrary has the merit of having a clear political agenda is typical of so-called californian patriots who having benefited from the privilages of the previous regime ended up by being the first revolutionaries. This is not an accusation but you have the oppurtunity to visit your uncle in Spain but deny the right for "Alahazrat" to live in Maryland who you unjustly and hypocritically accuse of having plundered Irans money. You are a typical Namak Nashnas.

What have you done for the good of your countrymen apoart from sitting in a comfortable seet and probably puffing smoke from a pipe and critisizing some of your countrymens efforts to establish a dialogue with their countrymen with the little means they have. And don't tell me the C.I.A is funding them. Let me remind you that NITV took the risk of defending Reza Pahlavi when everyone was critisizing him for his campaign before even listening or reading what he was to say. NITV was going through financial difficulties and are still struggling to make ends meet.

That you are not a monarchist be it, its your right but that you claim to know what Iranians want is another. I am not saying that These Californian TV Channels are not politically oriented or are perfect in style, or content but these people are doing their best and often at their own financial expense.

What I don't like is hearing fellow compatriots boasting about patriotism, the struggle for Democracy and not doing much about it. I hear people still critisizing Reza Pahlavi for taking a stand against the IRI. Ten years ago when he had organized a rally that gathered more than ten thousand people many were glad that a clean shaved well dressed Pahlavi stand against the tyrannical Islamic regime.

Today the people who you so easily disregard as "Alaahazrat"in America and his "nochehs" are doing what they consider is their duty. I respect them for that at least. Let me tell you that the "Alaahazrat"in America and his "nochehs" have always tried to do their best in not only helping their compatriots but also in waking the world to the predicament of their compatriots in Iran. This has only been more obvious since September 11th but be it Reza Pahlavi or the Empress Farah both have tried through their conduct interviews to draw attention on the harsh realities of life in Iran.

The problem was that for years the press in general was ignoring them and considering them as relics of the Past. Reza Pahlavi never tried to put in danger the lives of his compatriots by asking them unlike the mujahedins to take arms against the IRI. He never provoked them nor encouraged them in getting into a guerrilla fight against the regime.Reza Pahlavi who you so irrespectively refer to as the"'Alahazra' , who isn't qualified to run a Dairy Queen Dairy Queen" has done more than what people like you are capable of recognizing.

The Iranian Times given its open and systematic critisism of anything Royal (such as [Shah bee Shah] the critisism of an article "We are awake" without even reading its content) has never commented on Reza Pahlavi's campaign except through caricatures and humour. Reza Pahlavi's speaches or comments were from the very begining deformed by some readers purpously to disqualify him from any form of debate. I invite you to read Reza Pahlavi's book.Winds of Change. is a free tribune but has its own editorial policy but it cannot claim to total objectivity either.

However to come back to the main issue and that is the quality of the Californian TV stations well they are trying their best to give hope to their compatriots back home despite their pseudo-Santana, and what the typical republican chauvinist you are likes to claim "he mirage of the past 2500 years of despotism". If these programs have a popularity is that the alternative state owned "Jameh-Jam" (which when not propagandic is watchable) and national tv refuse to show anything but Islamic rhetoric.

If Iranian expatriots have a better solution why don't they participate financially and humanly in making these programs better? Why just sit and critisize. This is an iranian disease "critisism", "wishful thinking" and then being so proud to have been open-minded but as usual not making the slightest effort in changing things and expecting others to do their patriotic duty.

With regards to you "Agayeh Doktor"


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* Touching love story

Mr. Ahangar,

Thank you for sharing. [My eyes adored you]

Young people need to know the ideals, struggles, and sacrifices of the last generation that helped bring about the Revolution in order to better understand its history and better plan for the future. Indeed the history of any struggle is written in the lives and actions of individuals who dare stand up for what they believe in, and sometimes fall and inspire others.

More than a revolutionary story, yours is a touching love story -- richly expressed in your tender words and delicate recollections. Though it may have taken you 25 years to realize it WAS love at first sight, it is clear to me, at least, that you tasted a love that is short-lived but everlasting -- and it grows with every passing year.

Reading "how dare," the tape, the scarf, the smile .... I couldn't but think of my own lost love which still preoccupies my every hour a year and a half later, and will for the rest of my life. I sometimes think perhaps you and I remained to tell our stories -- their stories. So thank you again for sharing your Shohreh with us. Perhaps someday I'll be able to share my Sarah with you.

All the best,


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* Samovar (electric)


Where can I purchase an excellent samovar (electric) to be used in the U.S. at the very best (lowest) price?

Thank you for your help.

Andrew Valas

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* Abysmal quality of TV programming

I wholeheartedly agree with the Dr Eslami's opinion regarding the abysmal quality of Iranian television programming [Popular for the wrong reasons]. The entire content or lack of is nauseating to watch, especially for those living outside large Iranian concentrations. Those who live in California , DC as I once did have become desensitized to the mediocrity of it all . I have often thought that some of these shows are almost like comic parodies of themselves.

Bad programming aside, there is one underlying and unprecedented positive however; for the first time in the history of Iranian broadcasting someone has risked his entire personal wealth by investing millions of dollars in service to other Iranians and not for personal gain.

Thousands of lonely Iranians all over the globe, especially the elderly are now in touch with the rest of the world in a language they can understand.

Had Zia Atabai and his wife had invested the same millions in Land, real estate or any other investment, they would have made millions more, all without the abuse and aggravation that Zia Atabai has to endure on a 24/7 basis.

May be if as a nation we thought more like Mr. Atabai, we would have had thousands of Iranians making such risks for purely patriotic reasons. If such ideal was to become a reality, NITV could well afford to have a staff of fulltime writers, producers, technicians and programmers so that after almost twenty five years of Iranians living in the Land of TV technology, we would have Persian language programming that is worthy of its ancient culture and heritage.

Sadly, Persian language television is a mirror to the state of our culture as Iranians living outside Iran, confused and disunited. Even more sad is the confusing messages projected by all of these satellite programmers ( of which I believe NITV to be the least guilty) to those beleaguered souls whose only wish is to put their misery behind and leave Iran.

Faryar Mansuri

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* Please understand

Hello! I am a third generation American of Norwegian and Irish descent. I have read some of your letters on this website.

Please understand that the vast majority of Americans do not hate Iranians. Of course there are some crazy people in the U.S that hate people that are different from them, but they are just afraid of different cultures. I think your culture is beautiful and exciting. I have seen on T.V here the "call to prayer" and was so moved by the beauty of it.

Please understand that most Americans are ordinary people just trying to get through life. We do not wish any harm to Iran. Unfortunately some Americans are very fearful of Iranians and Arabs because these Americans are not well versed in mid-east politics and think that you all want Americans harmed.

Please understand that were not all bad and most of us do want peace and understanding. Thank you for reading my letter.

Best wishes,


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* Primal Cause

Dear Friend,

Please forward this to Ostad Bijan Mortazavi.

Thank You

Larry Robinson

Dear Ostad Mortazavi ,

I am an African American . I have been studying Kamananche with Ostad Varzi in traditional Iranian method. My favorite melodies come from Qajar Period. I also play modern traditional persian music. If you have time please visit my address: //

I love your music , especialy because I believe in the Unity of Mankind and the art you create is truly a expression of a New Spiritual World based on peace and harmony and togetherness.

This is also the reason I play Kamancheh. It is my hope to increace the love between the African American , Persian American , Anglo American , Iranian , and all peoples of the earth.

Forbid me for being audacious. But this Cause of unity is the Primal Cause. I would like to offer a short 8 minute Kamancheh solo in traditional Qajar style at the start of your concert and say a word or two about the Light of Unity.

It will also let the young generation of Persians see the instrument that was mother to Persian violin. Thanks for your deep consideration and spiritual understanding ,


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* Words of wisdom

Let this be words of wisdom to the Palestinians:

"If you are constantly being mistreated, you're cooperating with the
treatment. " -- Dr. Robert Anthony

Beverly Pogreba

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* NOT a high point in your history

In John D Stempel's book The Iranian Revolution, It states on page 160 that the Ayatollah Khomeini pronounced on January 10,1979 that he would have NO HOSTILITY to any Western Country who granted The Shah assylum.

This greatly angers me about your government because the revolutionary elements were pushing the U.S. to take the Shah from Teheran, which facilitated the revolution. For this we were rewarded with the murder of our citzens. This is NOT a high point in your history.

I C Pruitt

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* Of course Betty Mahmoody was unhappy in Iran

I just read your letter on that website by East Syracuse and I have to tell you that I think you'retotally nuts. Of course Betty Mahmoody was unhappy in Iran, it's a primative barbaric country. The laws of that country prove it. She didn't like being treated like an animal, a piece of property by her husband and his family, just because she was female. Here in the U.S we don't treat women like chattle.

A Woman can go where ever they want when ever, and not think twice about it. Of course Betty Mahmoody wanted to come home to the United states and expressed her desire emotionally, she was minipulated and tricked into going there by her husband. She didn't want to be there.

It was totally discusting the way he treated her, especially the way he cut her off from her family, and he hit her and treated her like an animal. Judging by the letter you wrote, I'm making the assumption that you are Iranian or a muslim from one of those other barbaric middle-eastern countries, especially because of your last paragraph.

Once again Betty was her own person, and she wanted to live in a country that was evolved with rights and freedoms where human beings weren't treated like chattle and acted like drones programmed by a religion, and she wanted the same for her daughter. Even if her husband did put out a so called warrent for her arrest, it wouldn't mean anything in here in the U.S, because unlike Iran, women in this country aren't treated like property.

Frodis Girl

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* Not surprising

Mr. Baker,

I would like to ask you where you get the following impression or underlying assumption as laid out in the very first paragraph of your article [Who's a Nazi?]: "Setareh Sabety provides a representative example when he says in "Today, I am a Palestinian" that Israel has "turned into Nazi Germany..."

This is perhaps not surprising given the high degree of sympathy that many Iranians seem to feel for Palestinians, combined with the apparent assumption in Iran that Israel constitutes a fatal security threat."

I assure you the vast majority of Iranians in exile or at home have nothing against Israel nor do they perceive Israel as a security threat. Of course, like all human beings, we Iranians condemn atrocities committed by anyone: Israelis, Palestinians, Indonesians, Serbs etc. but that is where it stops.

There is a good reason for that, Iran is to a minimum two countries away from Israel and Palestine. Iran does not have any history of occupation or agression from Israel.

There is of course the non representative government of Iran, the Islamic Republic who has an anti Israeli and anti Jewish policy for the sake of diverting attention away from its own tragic shortcomings but they do not speak for Iranians. They are a non elective government.
One month ago, young Iraninans took to the streets of Tehran and chanted: "Felestin-o raha Kon--- Fekri be hal ma kon" That means: "Leave Palestine alone, think about us Iranians.

They had a good reason. In a country with an estimated oil income of 16-18 billion dollars a year, there is over 30% unemployment. They therefore could care less about some other countries problems when they are going hungry. You may ask why does "", an American based web page reflect the same opinions as the Islamic Republic's official rhetoric.

An indisputable fact is that on a weekly if not daily basis one member of the editor's family i.e his sister in law (Mrs. Setareh Sabeti Javid), his mother (BurnToast) or himself write the features. The result is that "" despite its name is representative of one family's views not the Iranian community's.

"'"s editorial policy like the Islamic Republic's foreign policy is however not shared by the majority of Iranians.

For example , you can just flip to the "moderated" and not "censored" forum of "", the most popular Iranian webmagazine , you will see that for every 1 Isarel bashing or Islamic Republic praising opinion there is at least five to seven dissenting views.


Kerman Zero 1

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* Nasim Khaksar

Dear Sir /Madam

I' m writing this to ask you about an author called Nasim Khaksar. I'm looking for his email address and i searched the web and found your site,,his name was mentioned but there were no email address from him,,,would you please inform me if you know anything about it?

I'm looking forward recieving your prompt reply.

Yours sincerely

Mahdis Aghazadeh

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* Questions about "Mrs Homeyra"

Thank you for your best site. My name is Golala that I live at present in Iran. I have a few questions about "Mrs Homeyra". What is her housband's name and her sons and daughters? And what is her full name?

Please reply to my email. Thank you very much and good luck.


Taher Lawjeh

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* Email addresses of successful Iranians

I'm one of the students of A.I.T. (Abadan Institue of Technology) in Iran . I need to know the email addresses of successful Iranians living abroad (in different professions ). Me and my friends have an international program. We'll thank the person who helps us in this program.

Student Reza barghikar
and his friends

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* No place in Iran's future

Why have you called your webbside the Iranian? YOU are nothing but a bunch of traitors who are everything but Iranians.You will not have a place in Iran's future! That I promise YOU!

Arya Sasani

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* Real person behind the mask

I've always enjoyed your writing, laughed sometimes till I fall off my chair. And laughed also at the way some readers take you so seriously, can't laugh at themselves a little.

But this is mind-blowing, to see a glimpse of the real person behind the mask [I'm not his slave]. Thank you for the good work you are doing, for your trouble and your caring... and for finally blowing your cover!

Zara Houshmand

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* Apathy is the sorriest excuse

Nothing is more disheartening than apathy. The other is how much of the American naivity has rubbed on the Iranians there. '"Axis of Evil" to skewer Iran' smacked of both. Apathy is the sorriest excuse for not putting in the largest community wide effort to lobby in the US.

Harold Bates

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* Love affair with titles

I love Mr. Khlili's hones and very insightful article [Salam Aghaye Mohandes!]. I find it appalling that after almost 24 years of living in a society that is saturated with engineers and doctors, we still have a love affair with titles.

I laugh so hard when people ask me what I do for a living. When I give them my actual title, you should see the puzzled look on their faces because, they have never hear of such title. I immediately proceed to explain that I prepare the legal contracts for 3 of the five regions in the US. Their eyebrows go up in surprise and I can see the admiration as I tell them I am the only Iranian in the US headquarter. Their whole attitude changes.

I find it truly sad because my job does not represent who I am and the type of person that I am. It simply provides a comfortable lifestyle and gives me a chance to enlighten minds about Iranian people in general but more specifically about Iranian women. I rarely tell people what I do or what type of degree I have because I want to be judged based on my character.

It is unfortunate that sometimes I have to correct some of these Mr. Mohandes's business statements and stick it to them that I have a graduate degree. If he insists on his title then I go for the kill and would say, I was attending graduate school in 1978 at the age of 23 and I bet you were just a dish washer then trying to learn English by befriending some of the waitresses.

I know you may find my statements rude and uncalled for. Then again you should pay attention to how far some of these people go to make us think they are better. It is about time we respect people's chosen professions if they are happy with their choices. Warning to the parents not to force their kids the way parents in Iran used to.

I know of an Iranian lady that forced her son to go to law school (by telling him that she will disown him if he did not do so). Once he became a lawyer he was miserable for six month and now is back in school to study business which is what he likes. All those years wasted. My sixteen year old recently asked me if Iranian community will be disappointed in him if he becomes a music producer (he loves music) instead of a surgeon which he had always said he wanted to be.

I told him to do what makes him happy and I could care less about what the Iranian people thought. He refused the opportunity to go to college this year (had he accepted he would have an Associates degree by the time his friends graduate from high school) and I supported his decision despite the fact that he would have been two years ahead in life. I do as I preach. Good for you Mr. Khalili because you are much happier than some of us who may make more money but do not love what we do.


Azam Nemati

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* Laughing all the way

"Salam Aghaye Mohandes!" is a great story. I loved it. I am 55 years old and being an engineer. I have experienced engineering environments both in Iran and in the US.

I was laughing all the way when I was reading this short story. It gives a true picture of most of the engineering environments both in Iran and US. The story also shows how most of us middle-age engineers, chose to be an "engineer" back in Iran.

Houshang Jam
QA lab manager
Standard Communications

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* Funny how misguided you could be

In reference to the article "The Queen Bum" by Sana Aryamehr. 2nd May 2002.

As a British subject I found it hilarious what you wrote about the late queen mother. It's so funny how misguided you could be. Of course there is much idiocy in relation to the royals. However not all of the entire population are being fooled. The passing of the her majesty the queen mother was not a time for tears. It was marked as a passing of the old order. In modern Britain one has as much democracy as anywhere else. Indeed more than most countries.

The monarchy do not rule us. The monarch herself is not even allowed to vote. Purely symbolic. Just another symbolism of our nation where other nations wave their flag or religion. We as a nation do not employ patriotism we detest it. It is true that we have much in our history to be shameful of.

It is also true that we have much to be quietly proud. For instance being the leading nation in the abolition of world slavery that you spoke of. Little in taxes go to the royal purse. The queen and her family are indeed large tax payers themselves. If we were to have a crummy presidency surely that would cost just as much to fund. No really, most of us are content with our socialist government and constitutional democratic system.

In Britain today there is much pity for the royals. After all, who in their right mind would choose a vocation of life in a gold fish bowl, with no retirement only death as a way out. Not even allowed to speak out against criticism such as your own.

As far as the queen mother, her duty was to give service and for 70+ years she was a servant to the people. Patron of hundreds of charities. She never tired of her duty even to the end.

Old hag she may have been. But she would have at least shown you respect. Even if I think you would not be worthy enough to be the unfortunate soul employed with the task of wiping her royal arse.


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* It's my wife's birthday

Salaam Aliekum,

Ok you are my last recourse i found your address on "The Iranian" website I was wondering if you can help me... It's my wife's birthday and and I want to get her a really nice prsent so that means i need to engrave it aswell, I know what to engrave the problem is that i do not know how to write in Farsi...

You see I am lebanese and she is Iranian and I don't know how to write in Farsi, this is what I want to write: baraye sanaz, tavalodet mobarak,shayad khodahameye arezoohaye to ro baravarde tarafe akhlaq (Sanaz is her name, and Akhlaq is mine) all i want is someone to translate it into farsi for me using farsi fonts if you can do this i will be very grateful!

Shukrun Jazilan


Editor's reply: Here you go,

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* Overlooked the main point

While fully agreeing with the points made by Mrs Samii, Mr. Kadivar, and the learned writer who signed simply as 'P', I wished to add, that the so-called Sana Aryamehr (or is it Aryashir - either way tasteless joke) has overlooked the main point completely [The Queen Bum].

The British Parliamentary democracy is TIED firmly to the British monarchy. These two bodies are not independent of each other but symbiotically related to one another. Without one, the other ceases to exist.

No matter how much misgivings we may have against the British foreign policies throughout the centuries, their system of government has provided the best balanced combination of preserving their national heritage and identity, upholding the will of the people and defending the faith of their subjects, the very three elements that are embodied in the British monarchy.

The British monarchy is the British history and identity. Those of us who may find time to follow the events surrounding the Queen Elizabeth's Golden jubilee celebrations this year which officially started last week, should use this unique opportunity and study the psychology of the people of Great Britain, which is not a third world country kingdom, as some scornful critics often thinkof kingdoms, but one of the greatest, mightiest and, by all accounts, most civilised nations on earth and seek to answer a single question:

How is it that the British, this most evolved and progressive of nations - politically, socially and economically - are still firmly adhering to their monarchy as a system of government and yet there are some of us Iranians, such as Sana Aryashir, with one the most disastrous and shameful of political systems on the record ruling their country today, see it fit to criticise other nations such as Britain and insist they (the British) have got it all wrong and we (the Iranians) know better?

Quoting from Aryashir's own article: "I wonder if education is the answer."

Parviz Khashaki

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* Ignore butt heads

Dear Setareh,

I am fairly new to the web side and have not had the pleasure of reading more of your work. However, I did get the chance to read your "Today, I am a Palestinian" and I enjoyed it tremendously.

This wasn't just due to the fact that I am outraged by the Israelis killing of innocent Palestinians, but by your honestly and passion and the willingness to go out on the limb to express your feelings.

In all fairness, I can't imagine anybody in the fair mind, specially from middle-east, would be willing to support and defend the actions of Israel, but I guess every one is entitled to their opinion no matter how stupid it is.

So, I hope you won't allow butt heads like the lady who had been calling you to discourage you of expressing your opinion


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* Absolutely amazing

Hey there,

I came across your pieces of writing [Sarvenaz] when one of my friends forwarded one to me.

I just wanted to drop you a note to say that your pieces of prose are absolutely amazing, the way you describe things at times makes one want to cry.

I can only compare you to the likes of the Bronte and as another iranian woman i am proud of you.


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* Americans stab everyone in the back for their own interests

I read Mrs. Sabety's article "Today, I am a Palestinian" with interest. I am surprised however that it took Mrs. Sabety the current Israeli/Palestinina conflict for her to realize why she doesnst feel like an American any more. It is surprising that it has taken an educated scholar like herself so long to realize that one should not be proud of being an American.

All she has to do is look at how Americans stab everyone in the back for their own interests. They have destroyed nations i.e Chile by bringing Pinochet and killing thousands as a results. They have killed millions of Iraqis as a result of Embargos etc. Mrs. Sabety, may be before waving another country's flag as if it was your own, you should give it a bit more thought.


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* Chaining himself to a UN bench

This is neither a long love-letter nor one of those "you said what I said what". This is about Roozbeh Farahanipour. He is one of the students who took part in the uprising a few years ago, he was arrested, jailed and tortured. He and some others including me belong to an organization called MarzePorGohar known as MPG.

Roozbeh will be chaining himself to a bench at the United Nation protesting the recent decision made by the UN to remove the government of Iran from the list of the worst human rights abusers. The following is the press release that I would like to post on the site. Will you do it?


MPG Press Release:

On Friday, 19th April this year, the United Nation's main human rights body decided to un-list the Islamic Republic of Iran from its list of Human Rights abusers. The decision by a vote of 20-19 with 14 abstentions means that for the first time after 19 years, the clerics in Iran will be spared the token gesture of having to report to a Human Rights investigator.

In short it means a free hand for the Ayatollahs to CONTINUE torturing, maiming and executing Iranian political prisoners. Freedom loving people of the world! This UN decision is a mockery of all the values that this organization is supposed to stand for.

Roozbeh Farahanipour, himself a victim of torture by the clerical dictatorship in Iran, will be staging a protest to condemn this insane decision. Join him in solidarity on Monday May 13th, 2002 between 11:00am and 2:00pm outside UN buildings at the Ralph Bunche Park (43rd Street and 1st Avenue).

Do not let a state that sponsors terrorists get away with it. Support our protest. 'Evil Only Prevails When the Good Stay Silent'

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* Mihan parast or Mihan foroosh?

Dear Mihan parast,

I read your article [Enemy of my enemy] and wondered if you really put any thoughts to this before writing it or simply copied it straight from some lobbyist in US. Here are some of your points:

Mihan parast: "Israel WON real estate in a fair and square war started by Arabs"

Mihan foroosh: I beg to differ on this. You want to make it fair and square, give the Arabs (in today's events of course, the Palestinians) the same amount of arms and support and then let them go at it. That resembles more of a fair and square in my book.

Mihan parast: Can we not conclude that these pro-Palestinian rallies are tainted with prejudice?

Mihan foroosh: I can also agree that you are also guilty of the same prejudice only towards the other side. Your obvious hatred and prejudice towards Arabs and the current regime (Akhonda) in Iran has blinded you to see what is happening to the Palestinian PEOPLE . Emphasizing so much about the Israeli's victim without mentioning any of the recent war crimes and atrocities committed by Israeli military against Palestinian people clearly shows this. Mihan parast: The "massacre of thousands" they yelled so loudly about, proved to be false accusations, as determined by the UN inspectors.

Mihan foroosh: You are simply wrong on this too. For one thing, the number was never claimed by Palestinians to be in thousands, rather about 500 and the UN inspectors were never allowed to go and see who was right and who was wrong. If they had nothing to hide, then beats the heck out of me why they didn't want it to be investigated. You might have heard this saying "kone gozo az khodesh badgamone".This is what I think.

Mihan parast: A look at 18-months of terrorism in Israel, and attacks of September 11 on the U.S. and of other U.S. Embassies world-wide, numbers in the thousands, all inflicted intentionally.

Mihan foroosh: Two things, 1- if you are going to add all their victims on the Israeli side and American side together, then lets add up all the Arabs and non-Arabs that have fallen victim to the Israelis and Americans and their policy. Then we will see which number is higher.

2- I think when a bulldozer demolishes your house or a helicopter fires missiles to ones house, we can safely say that the killings are intentional.

Mihan parast: Who do you think are assisting the Akhunds to stay in power in Tehran?

Mihan foroosh: Now this is what I call hypocrite or "besheeny kenare gowd o begi lengesh kon". If it bothers you so much about the Akhund and the influence of Arabs in Iran, then why don't you go back and fight. This is some thing that the very Arabs that you hate so much are at least are doing, fighting, not like you and I running with our tails between our legs and keep nagging about the Akhond. It was after all you and I that allowed it and still allowing it.

Mihan parast: Unfortunately, there are many Iranians who, as children, exposed to brain-washing by Islamists (and possibly Nazi propaganda during WW2) amongst us, without any logic, dislike Jewish people, thus allowing any move by Israeli government hit the wrong cord in their emotions.

Mihan foroosh: Now this is so dumb founded that I don't even want to respond to. As it says "Javabe ablahan khamoshist".

Now having said all of this, I agree with you that the self-sacrificing bombing (you call it suicide bombing) against civilian Israelis are not justified and ought to be condemned. That also goes for the occupation and the treatment of Palestinians by Israelis.


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* Bahai informartion

Can you send me information about the Bahai faith?


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* What history are YOU reading?

Yek Jaan, [Enemy of my enemy]

The 1967 War began with a massive assault by Israel on Arab forces on June 5th! What history are YOU reading?

Brad Hernlem

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* Sacrificed all sense of history

In "Enemy of my enemy" (5/7/02), all sense of history has been sacrificed in the name of blind nationalism (the author's pseudonym, "Yek Mihan Parast," is telling).

Mihan Parast calls the Palestinian land confiscated, bulldozed, and "cleansed" by the Israeli military "real estate," and the current Israeli-Palestinian-US conflict a war "started" by Arabs. What is lost completely in such an argument, if it can be called that, is any sense of the history of the region.

It was the British Mandate that promised areas of historic Palestine to Jews fleeing Nazi Germany. In the process, thousands of Palestinians--now estimated at 800,000 to be the largest refugee population in the world--were transferred from their homes and land to make way for settlers.

Mihan Parast goes on to paranthesize Arabs as "akhunds." This label is disturbing not only because of its racist, xenophobic connotations, but because the author is once again overtaken by historical amnesia: Arabs and Jews constitute the Semitic people, therefore, his comment connoting all Arabs as "akhunds" is anti-Semitic.

Furthermore, the author is stung by the mainstream and Congressional falsehood that equates criticism of the Israeli regime with "anti-Semitism." I cannot think of anything in current political propoganda that lacks more common sense and logic than this. "Rallying for the Palestinians and the Arabs," he says, "is purely an anti-Israeli move." An anti-Israeli move? I suppose rallying for the cause of black South Africans during the 1980s would have been looked down on as an "anti-Boer" move.

One cannot deny the right of the oppressed to resist the oppressor. The Israeli military occupation will in a few short years become the longest occupation in modern memory. "Unintentional casualties"? Israeli soldiers admitted in Ha'aretz last month to using Nazi tactics of torture against Palestinian civilians.

Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu have stated that not even South Africans endured "F-16s and helicopter gunships" at the hands of their oppressors. The "phenomenon" of suicide bombings is a symptom--not a cause--of Israeli occupation. They are acts of pure desperation in the face of pure terror.

Before 1948, Jews, Muslims, and Christians lived side-by-side in an area conceded as holy to all three religions. Now, Israeli law designates "Jew" or "Other" on license plates. Israel controls bypass roads, systematically demolishes houses, blocks medical aid from reaching wounded Palestinians, and uses molotovs, F-16s, M-16s, Caterpillar tanks and gunships against an already devastated and virtually defenseless Palestinian population. Israel remains the most powerful army in the Middle East (and the only nuclear power), backed by the tax dollars of the richest nation in the world.

In regards to Mihan Parast's objection to calling Ariel Sharon a war criminal, I suggest boning up on the 1982 Sabra and Shatila massacre, not from the Palestinian "side" but from the meticulous documents dispatched by virtually every single human rights organization in the world.

Maryam Gharavi
Berkeley, CA

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* Excellent essay

My thanks to the editor for publishing this excellent essay by "Yek Mihan Parast". [Enemy of my enemy]

David Zohar
Jerusalem, Israel

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* The same applies to Israel

Dick Platkin writes:

One can only wonder how truly free and liberated Palestine would be when:

It is politically dominated by theologically based parties, in particular Islamic Jihad and Hamas.

It has 12 separate security forces, almost of whom are trained and closely linked to the CIA.

It has a government, like the Palestinian Authority, which has been notoriously corrupt in skimming aid and grants from the EU and various Arab states.

It has a government, like the Palestinian Authority, which has so tightly controlled the press and other forms of political expression that individual FAX machines required an approval.

It has an approach towards its own working class which dealt with the Palestinian teachers strike by jailing the union leaders.

It has a maquiladora economic policy of promoting nonunionized, low wage piece work for foreign companies setting up shop in the West Bank or Gaza.

Clearly, it will take much more than formal political independence for Palestine to be free. A repressive state dominated by religious parties and linked to the CIA whose primary economic strategy is to furnish low paid labour to foreign investors -- while political officials somehow thrive -- has a very long way to go. Advocates of two state solutions, like Women in Black, and one state solutions, like the IAC, should not stray far from this obvious truth.

The same questions about the dubious liberating quality of the expected Palestinian state also applies to Israel. While Israel has had political independence since 1948, it is quite another thing to think of Israelis as truly free and liberated, especially in the year 2002.

1. The country has a much greater index of income and wealth inequality than other advance industrialized countries.

2. The cradle to grave approach of the early Labor governments has been wiped out.

3. The power of the the theocrats in daily life grows all the time.

4. The treatment of Israeli Arabs is getting worse than better.

5. The role of foreign investment looking for low wages and cheap costs subsidized by the public sector increases from year to year.

6. The morally corrupting role of maintaining an oppressive military occupation over about one-third of the population only grows over time.

7. Likewise, Israel's alignment with and dependency on U.S. foreign and military policy in the Middle East only isolates the country and its citizens from the region.

This list could go on and on, but the point is straightforward: It takes much more than political independence for a country's residents to be liberated.

Azita N

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* Our prime objective

Finally someone had the guts to spell it all out [Enemy of my enemy]. I have said it before and this time "Yek Meehan Parast" said it so elequently.

Our motherland more than ever needs our help. As "Yek Meehan Parast" put it, the Akhund's goal is to destroy Iran. This is clearly indicated in their anti Iranian, pro Arab policies. Let's not follow them like sheeps. We should not forget where Arafat stood when we were fighting Saddam. Palestinians have 300 million Arabs to defend them. Iran has nobody.

Let's focus on the issue at hand. Our prime objective should be the removal of the regime in Iran. There are just too many conflicts in the world for us to worry about. Let's worry about the one issue that concerns all of us greatly, our motherland.

Ali Sarshar


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* Iranians know everything

I am eighteen years old and writing has always been a great passion for me. When other kids used to skip class and go joyriding, I would sit there, journal in hand, writing poems and stories of worlds and emotions that I had never experienced before. Some time in my first semester at college, I fell in love with the world of satire. Satire is the literary use of irony or wit to expose or attack wickedness (This is satire defined by Webster, but I am sure most Iranians already knew what it meant. They know everything~).

Well, my last article for, "Help your hamvatan" was a real hot topic I guess because never before in my life had I been sent so many strange and spiteful emails. You people made me feel like a celebrity! What surprised me most were people with anonymous email addresses who called me bitchy and one who addressed me as a (bebakhshid) "koon goshod".

I sat amazed at my computer screen wondering, "Do you people realize it was all a joke or not?" Words are very powerful and beautiful things. When people don't understand them and just take them at face value, they are destroying the wonderful system of linguistics that has developed in this country over time. satire is meant to be funny, that's it. But it's also made to made you think.

What I had hoped to do was to make people realize that there are a lot of worries out there in this world. There are women who get into cars with strange and rancid-smelling men in order to put food on the table at night. There are men who sdell body parts, and blood, who work all day and all night in order to save their families some self-respect. There are children who know more about pain and blood and death than most American soldiers will ever know.

But instead of trying to save the most in need, there are people with little and petty problems who choose to go on air on some tv programs and try to milk the system and our faint Iranian hearts for all it's worth. I don't want a Benz. If I did, I could buy one for myself. I wish you people would lighten up, let some sunshine in through your cloudy hearts, and read into the deep of things.

Thank You Very Much

Assal Badrkhani

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* %100 wrong

To Mr. Vahid Isabeigi for his article "The rest" at I have to say he is %100 wrong... every single language which WE speak such as Faesi, Kurdi, Lori, Qashqaee, Turkish and even Arabic came from Pure Persian language that categorized as Indo-Iranian language.


Nader Sharifi

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* Wasn't Hitler elected too?

this is regarding "Black vs Red ants". mr kazemi you forgot to read the other sides of the story. you may not believe in the koran but most jews believe in thiers. here is a quote from torah:

A non-Jew's entire reality is only vanity. It is written, 'And the strangers shall guard and feed your flocks'. (Isaiah 61:5). The entire creation [of a non-Jew] exists only for the sake of the Jews.

so according to the torah, mr kazemi was ONLY created to serve the jews (it's a miracle! the bible's prophecy came true). check out this link.

you said we iranians think jews are ingesting human blood? i have never been told nor ever heard such a thing in the 25 years that i spent in iran. but then my parents were not uneducated ignorant bigots. on the contrary, my teacher in iran said jews are people of the book, thus respected. i was born and lived in the jewish neighborhood in shiraz. even during the revolution jews were never harmed while bahaiis suffered so much.

jews and arminians got their schools in iran while kurds and azaries are not allowed to. now look what isreali leaders are saying and the worst thing is these guys are elected by thier people, (wasn't hitler elected too?) ok but i am blameless as what khamenei or other akhounds say and do because they are not elected by us iranians, almost all iranians condemning our akhounds.

"We shall use the ultimate force until the Palestinians come crawling to us on all fours."
-- Rafael Eitan, chief of staff of the Israel Defense Forces, quoted in Yediot Ahronot, April 13, 1983, and The New York Times, April 14, 1983.

"[The Palestinians] are beasts walking on two legs."
-- Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, speech to the Knesset, quoted in Amnon Kapeliouk,

"Begin and the 'Beasts,"'
-- New Statesman, June 25,1982.

"We must do everything to ensure they [the Palestinian refugees] never do return."
-- David Ben-Gurion, in his diary, July 18, 1948, quoted in Michael Bar Zohar's "Ben-Gurion: the Armed Prophet," Prentice-Hall, 1967, p. 157.

"We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population."
-- Israel Koenig, "The Koenig Memorandum."

"We shall reduce the Arab population to a community of woodcutters and waiters."
-- Uri Lubrani, Israeli Prime Minister Ben-Gurion's special adviser on Arab Affairs. Source: "The Arabs in Israel" by Sabri Jiryas.

"...the need to sustain the character of the state which will henceforth be Jewish...with a non-Jewish minority limited to 15 percent. I had already reached this fundamental position as early as 1940 [and] it is entered in my diary."
-- Joseph Weitz, head of the Jewish Agency's Colonization Department. From "Israel: an Apartheid State" by Uri Davis, p. 5.

"Everybody has to move, run and grab as many (Palestinian) hilltops as they can to enlarge the (Jewish) settlements because everything we take now will stay ours...Everything we don't grab will go to them."
-- Ariel Sharon, Israeli Foreign Minister, addressing a meeting of the Tsomet Party, Agence France Presse, Nov. 15, 1998.

"Spirit the penniless population across the frontier by denying it employment... Both the process of expropriation and the removal of the poor must be carried out discreetly and circumspectly."
-- Theodore Herzl, founder of the World Zionist Organization, speaking of the Arabs of Palestine, "Complete Diaries," June 12, 1895 entry.

btw dont call me anti-semite because i am half semite (i am a seyed) and we dont need your western defined dictionary to tell as what semite means. arabs are semite according to both bible and science. check this out.

Resa Sejjadi

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