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June 26, 2004

* Lady, get real

Reply to azam nemati's piece "Americans can tell the difference": Once more, this public and very well-respected forum has turned into a medium through which we the readres could learn, yet again, about your exceptional qualities and virtues and wonderful attributes, or are they so wonderful after all?

while you take pride in your marketting and excellent buisness acumen and talent,your sharp and impeccable vision for the future of iranians living abroad at the same time you are dishonoring and humiliatig small buisness owners.

sure, arabs may have an stronger accent that most iranians in general, men or women and seem more rough and cold at times but i assure you that on that particular instance you mentioned in the letter I don't think it was the romantic eyes or the "are you ladies coming on to us" look, those arabs were giving you, and one would only arrive at this conclusion based on certain incorrect images that one has of oneself, or overconfidence. A persian princess? hardly. a Queen? lady, get real. you and us both know that it is just your ego talking and you are not princess or queen.

why the guy appologizes? because he wants to reserve the right to flirt the next time he runs in to you. why do you acceopt the appology? because you would love seeing a highly educated colleague's attention being focused on you. what persian queen would allow herslef to insult and degrade a race with centuries old traditions? what gives you the right to say something in persian while conducting buisness directly with an american buisness ownenr,or anyone else for that matter whether he speake english or not? have you created your own bill of rights and your own constitution? i sure wish that he had taken legal action against you on that one.

that action speaks vlumes on what kind of person and woman you are deep inside, no matter how well-polished you would try to portray youself. Presenting yourself as the champion of the good cause for your community, yet practically deepening the rift of inequality, by proudly claiming to be a favorite to a blonde hair, blue eye, DmV cleck, while degrading a latino gentleman as a low class, low -educated, olagh? and it does not take a latino man or woman who has dated an iranian to write a nasty letter to you, to point things out and make you see things clearly.

have you no reasonable understaning of principles of moral decency when you take the liberty of telling everyone about it? Forgiveness and understanding are two of the greatest virtues of being an iranian, specially when it comes to personal matters, when you feel you are being offended, which you clearly do not possess. so much for your High moralistic values in your life and being a good samaritan and generous contributor to the Iranian Cause! the one you are married to, and constantly mention in your articles.what Iranian cause are you exactly promoting here anyways????

No matter how culturally and professionally accomplished you are, what you did in that store and what you said to him, under the cover of "Refusing to give your buisness to ignorant people", would be considered a disgrace to your culture and you are the one who is being ignorant here worst yet, disrespectful. you have to work very hard to earn back your credibility, i guarantee you that.


Dariush Abadi


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