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Letter from upstairs

In response to Siamack Baniameri's "A letter to the woman upstairs":

Dear Siamack:

I don't make a habit of writing back, but you seem to have paid a bit much on the postage. Besides, your book [The Iranican Dream] gave me such a chuckle, I don't mind making an exception for writers for they are the most suffered of my creations.

You do realize I'm not going to reveal all the secrets of afterlife. That would be like the movie trailer they had for Free Willie where they shouted, "Go willie! Jump!" No, can't give away the ending. But let me just hint. It ain't as cut and dry as the books say. Yes there's heaven and yes, there's hell. But the way you're living is what decides where you go. Let's put it this way: Heaven is like Iowa and hell is Las Vegas. Take your pick!

Another little hint: There's a third place. I'm not going to talk about it, but let me assure you, there will be a choice, only you can't make that choice in the end. It's your GPA that determines where you go.

Yes, I'm fair, but I also reserve the right to have some fun.

Enjoy your few remaining days!


The woman upstairs!
(Zohreh Khazai Gharemani)


Dare to compare?

In response to Peyvand Khorsandi's "Beg to differ":

I simply do not understand the point that “Peyvand Khorsandi” is trying to make by comparing the Persian diva GOOGOOSH with a politician pres. Khatami and amateur actress Shohreh Aghdashloo. On the other hand the writer claims that since the era for Googoosh is over! So therefore it is OK to talk ill of her!

There are few aspects in the letter that are contradicting.

First of all it is exactly our point that Mrs. Aghdashloo has only stared her carrier at the age when she should be retiring and therefore is in no place to take a critical position in damning long highly performed Googoosh who has showed her highly admired acts and music within Iran as well as internationally >>> Full text

Ali Anari


Appreciate our superstars

In response to Peyvand Khorsandi's "Beg to differ":

Dear Peyvand,

I can't believe how you could use a few paragraphs completely irrelevant to each other to justify Aghdashloo's sick behavior on TV the other night regarding Googoosh. It does not matter if she had actually recieved that Oscar last year, but she has done something really below her dignity, totally irritating and on purpose to draw blood.

-First Googoosh has never wanted to be a God or anything that you may have in mind. Actually she has repeatedly said that "I am just a singer and actress and will always remain so." Her coming back to the stage back in the year 2000 was by no means "caving in to her craving for adoration" as you suggest. It was a long forsaken love for the stage and performing that had been suppressed for more than two decade. And in that wonderful adventure she was not alone. Thousands of Iranians who filled sport arenas embraced her with open arms. Crowds that no other artist could ever gather before. She did not want to live in her fans' imaginations, she wanted to be there with them, although people like Aghdashloo prayed day and night that she would never come out of isolations. But she did to major disappointment and chagrinof Aghdashloo and the like.

-Secondly Aghdashloo has been systematically attaching Googoosh for some unknown reason. She is just looking for something to pick on her whenever she is in front of Iranian TVs. No matter what has the interviewer asked her,she would always find a way to point her sward to Googoosh for a few minutes. If you had seen the interview that night you would see for yourself that the question put forward ot her was totally unrelated to the answer given by her. And what makes her behavior more disgusting was that the interviewer was the same guy who had inflicted so much pain on Googoosh. In fact she was interfering into a legal battle in which she had no authority but at the same time issues a verdict to please the other party.

And what is so irritating in it all is this word SAVAD. Oh my God, she never stops reminding us of all those class she has taken and the unknown degree she has. Just search for her interviews on the net or see some her talk show appearances. Almost in all of them she talk about her education. Ok Ms. BASAVAD. SO WHAT? >>> Full text

Gari Gardner


Divine pleasures of the flesh, Shiite style

In response to Sanaz Fotouhi's "Your loss":

While Sanaz was enjoying the Ashoora and Tasooa celebrations in Iran, I was enjoying the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. I thought about the religious roots of the Carnaval and I had a Eureka moment:

Perhaps someday the Tasooa-Ashoora procession in Tehran will compete with the Carnaval in Rio as the world's one-and-only gay sado-masochistic carnival of the world, drawing "fascinated" tourists from Tokyo to Amsterdam to lose themselves in the joy of life (actually more like joy of death!) and divine pleasures of the flesh, Shiite style ...

It's true that we Iranians should never give up on our "own" pure culture and history which only started when Hossein and Co gloriously tried to suicide-bomb (only without the bomb!) the desert of Karbala.

Omid Parsi
Rio de Janeiro


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