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October 6, 2006

Who are we?
And what have we become?

Where is our benevolence to right our wrongs?
We search for answers to our struggles.

We listen to the whole world and argue for what we need to find.
Yet knowing all the answers lie within us.
Knowing we all have the key to unlock it from our minds

Oppression, War, and Corruption
We see our countrymen hurt and angered
Our generation lost and bothered

Our focus on the monetary
And only concerned with others' personal stories

Bitterness, resentment, and hate
We becomes so caught up in the things that shouldn't't matter
Wasting our time trying to make them relate

Fools and heroes
We will always see
And when we do
We constantly question: Which will we be?

We return to how we measure
This life and all that we endeavor

Perhaps we shall choose ignorance as bliss
Find our way through all that confronts us, like a goodbye kiss

Looking behind our shoulders to our past
We make eye contact with memories and tales of pleasure and pain
Reflecting on from it all, and asking what will we gain?
More confused now and desperate for an answer
Like a mouse running through a maze

Let us absorb the benevolence that we all innately have
Finding our way out of what will soon become a mental grave
Embracing our humanity and the beauty of our being

Today let's try to stop using medicine and materialism as a form of sedation
Try looking into a child's eyes instead, and see the beauty of pure hope & imagination

Confront our frustrations and end our distractions
Take the time to sit with an old woman, see the beauty of a life lived

And see all the grace that in her god has manifested
Realizing that something worth believing in

Turn our backs to where you left behind so many,
Humble yourself to Bend your knees to help them come up off from the ground
Find that voice in yourself that you thought you could not hear anymore of it's sound..

We are a generation,
Finding it's way….

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Niloofar Nafici